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Cucumbers & Squash

We have some delicious (and often adorable) cucumbers, plus a few squash, this year! I’ve been trellising mine against the house and they really grow great (and take up lots less space too!) I’ve even tried a few in containers which worked reasonably well. Go ahead and experiment!

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Plant Name Habit/Size Container Price
Cucumber ‘Armenian’ (AKA Snake Melon) Vining 4” pot $2.95
(50-70 days) This striking Eastern European heirloom produces distinctive light green fruits best eaten when 12-18” long; tender and yummy! Botanically it is a melon but it tastes tender and crisp and like a cucumber! When trellised it will grow straight, otherwise it will curl.
Cucumber ‘Diva’ Vining 4” pot $2.95
Cucumber Diva (photo courtesy Totally Tomatoes)(58 days) This hybrid was the 2002 AAS winner, so ya know it’s awesome! A quintessential seedless and burpless cuke, they are best harvested at 4-8”. Ideal fresh eater/slicer! (photo courtesy Totally Tomatoes)
Cucumber ‘Dragon’s Egg’ Vining 3½” pot $3.95
Cucumber Dragon's Egg (photo courtesy Baker Creek)Doesn’t this just SOUND like a Contrary veggie?! A unique AND yummy cuke that kids will ADORE, it is creamy white and the size of a large egg---sweet tasting and mild! An heirloom from Croatia, and VERY limited! (photo courtesy Baker Creek)
Cucumber ‘Early Spring Burpless’ Vining 4” pot $2.95
Cucumber Early Spring Burpless (photo courtesy Totally Tomatoes)(58 days) A delicious hybrid with 10-12” burpless, bitter-free fruits; no need to even peel! Early and a heavy yielder. (photo courtesy Totally Tomatoes)
Cucumber ‘Miniature White’ Bush-like various various
Cucumber Miniature White (photo courtesy Baker Creek)(50 days) An EXCELLENT bush-type baby cuke, adorable and delicious! Great as a pickler or fresh eater, very productive, and can even be grown in containers! Did I mention how cute it is too?! (photo courtesy Baker Creek)
Cucumber ‘Muncher’ Vining various various
Cucumber Muncher (photo courtesy Baker Creek)(60 days) A Burpless tender variety that you can pickle with (pick when 4-6” long) or us as a fresh eater (pick at 6-8” long). Great producer, non-bitter! (photo courtesy Baker Creek)
Cucumber ‘Sikkim’ Vining 3½” pot $3.95
Cucumber Sikkim (photo courtesy Baker Creek)Geography lesson—do ya know where Sikkim is?! I didn’t, but do now; it is on the slopes of the Himalayas, between India and Tibet. This odd creature was first discovered in 1848 by Sir Joseph Hooker (you know, the English Botanist!). This one can reach several pounds in size, and is a pretty rusty red. It is great eaten raw OR cooked (yes, in Asia cukes are often stir fried….try it, ya know I will!) VERY unique and a conversation starter; as yummy as it is weird looking! (photo courtesy Baker Creek)
Cucumber ‘Snow’s Fancy Pickling’ Vining 3½” pot $3.95
(55 days) This one is actually from the Famous Snow Pickle Farm in Rockford, Illinois! (o.k., so it WAS famous in 1905!) Produces longish skinny fruits (5” x 1½”), thin fleshed and crunchy.
Cucumber ‘Suyo Long’ Vining various various
Cucumber Suyo LongCucumber Suyo Long(65 days) This is hands-down my absolute FAVORITE cuke EVER! Produces long skinny fruits in abundance that have a very rich taste (no blandness or bitterness!). I would advise peeling them as they have lots of spiny bumps, but you will thank me for recommending this one!
Squash ‘Crookneck Early Golden Summer’ Vining various various
Squash Crookneck Early Golden Summer (photo courtesy Baker Creek)(50 days) This is one of the oldest Heirloom Squash, from pre-Columbus times, so ya KNOW how great this one is! Prolific and yummy and VERY good for you! (photo courtesy Baker Creek)
Squash ‘Patisson Panache Jaune Et Vert Scallop’ Vining various various
Squash Patisson Panache Jaune Et Vert Scallop (photo courtesy Baker Creek)(55 days) Whew, what a name! Anyway, this is an outstanding French scalloped squash that is beautifully striped (as it gets older). Delish eaten as a summer squash, or left on to mature and be baked in the fall! (photo courtesy Baker Creek)
Zucchini ‘Costata Romanesco’ Vining 3½” pot $3.95
Zucchini Costata Romanesco (photo courtesy Baker Creek)(52 days) This is the famous ribbed Italian Zucchini! Great gourmet variety (it is scalloped when sliced), and perfect for cooking whole when small! Harvest early and often!! (photo courtesy Baker Creek)
Zucchini ‘Golden’ Vining various $3.95
Zucchini Golden & Tondo Scuro Round(55 days) I do believe that this one is my favorite zucchini… has long, slender, beautiful bright golden fruits in abundance on a smaller, compact plant…..mine were always yummy! Great in a mix with green or round ones!
Zucchini ‘Lungo Bianco’ Bush-like various $3.95
Zucchini Lungo Bianco (photo courtesy Baker Creek)(60 days) a bush type zucchini that won’t take nearly the amount of space, this one has mild and sweet light green fruits! (photo courtesy Baker Creek)
Zucchini ‘Striate d’ Italia’ Vining various $3.95
Zucchini Lungo Bianco (photo courtesy Baker Creek)(50 days) A very early Italian zucchini that got great reviews! It produces 8-9” striped light and dark green fruits that are adored in Italy. (photo courtesy Baker Creek)


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