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Baby hostas!
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Welcome to Contrary Mary’s! We are a small, family-owned greenhouse located southwest of Chicago, and we specialize in unusual perennials, hostas, peonies, and unique fruits and vegetables that you won’t find at big chain nurseries. We can help you find the perfect plant for your sunny (or shady, damp, dry, etc.) spot to provide color and texture. Our plants are perfectly suited to our Midwest environment in Chicagoland; all of our perennials are hardy to at least Zone 5, and are plants that I think are excellent additions to everyone’s garden (gotta haves!)

Fear not, Spring will (hopefully) soon be here!!!

Peony Victorian Blush
Rosie taking a break after all
her greenhouse work

Winter Sure did come upon us with a vengeance…..I guess that just means we will be doubly appreciative of balmy spring weather! As all of us Grubby Garden Geeks know, this is secretly the time we guiltily enjoy---our gardens are weed-free (snicker snicker), perfectly tended, and this is the time we get to make PLANS, GLORIOUS PLANS!

And speakin’ of schemin’ and dreamin’, I’m in the midst of figuring out what my “gotta-have” offerings are going to be for spring. THIS is the time my Loyal Plantheads shall be contacting me (hint, hint) with suggestions,  feedback and pics of all of our plants including Heirloom Tomatoes, Pepper, and other veggies. I had lotsa promises from people (and you know who you are), so step on up, time’s a-wastin’! I ALWAYS appreciate great thoughts from my Plantheads!

In the meantime, we have a limited amount of our Nectar from the Bee Gods (aka raw Honey) for sale. They are all in one pound jars, so get ‘em while we still have ‘em! Just give me a call (815) 521-9535 or email me to make arrangements.
Be sure to keep checking back for our opening date (mid April 2017) and lists of our newbies. Keep Warm, Dream Big, and I’ll see ya soon!!!

Check out our Helaciously Hot Hostas that can be viewed in our display and propagation beds, and then freshly dug for you (no stale Hostas at Contrary Mary’s!) Our collection of Daring and Dramatic Daylilies continue to grow, as do our Contrary and Unusual Perennials.

Farm Hours

* Closed for the 2016 season
Looks like our opening day will be in April 2017 so see ya then!

We’re located near the intersection of I-80 and I-55 (see us on a map!) To get to our farm and nursery from Chicago and suburbs, take Interstate 55 south to the Route 52 exit and go west (towards Shorewood). We are approximately 7 miles from that point. Once you reach the intersection of Route 52 and Ridge road (a 4-way stop), keep going straight. We are exactly 1.7 miles west, on the north (right-hand) side of Route 52. Our phone number at the Farm is (815) 521-9535.

As always, we are grateful for your loyalty, support, and patronage—we sure couldn’t do it without you!   We can’t wait to visit with you at the Farm … see ya soon!!! Enjoy life, keep smilin’, and think green!

Jamie & Lexie Jamie & Lexie Duncan Mickey
Jamie & Lexie
taking a break
always rarin' to go
Lexie and Duncan
helping out
Always in our hearts
Contrary Mary

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