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Woo hoo.....yet ANOTHER Contrary obsession are way-cool succulents and bizarro related creatures! We have a wide and varied variety of interesting and sometimes downright odd Echevarias, Agaves, Aloes, Manfredas, Sedums, and other "gotta-haves"! I'm always looking for unique and rare newbies to propagate, so ya just NEVER know what you may discover here! Here are some pictures of some of my "babies" that you just MAY be able to adopt.... Come on out and see 'cause there's new ones available all the time!

Mother of Thousands Manfreda Chocolate Chip Manfreda Chocolate Chip
Mother of Thousands Manfreda 'Chocolate Chip' Kalanchoe 'Fantastic'
Mother of Thousands Manfreda Chocolate Chip
Agave 'Shira' Echevaria 'Little Blue' Ghost Plant
Mother of Thousands
Hawathoria Manfreda 'Bloodspot' Agave 'Cornelius'
Echevaria 'Topsey Turvey' Agave Kisso Kan Agave Pink Blush
Echevaria 'Topsey Turvey' Agave 'Kisso Kan' Agave 'Pink Blush'




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