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Sun Perennials

Baptisia 'Twilite Prairieblues'
Baptisia ‘Dutch Chocolate’
(photo courtesy Walters Gardens)

For a description of sun / shade conditions, see What is shade?

Be sure to look for the indicating Contrary Mary Favorites, and plants for this year! If you would like to print this complete list, our catalog is available in PDF format.

Just a reminder - not all varieties will be available at the same time and the size listed may not be available.

Special note - our baptisias are looking BIG and FABULOUS this year! These beautiful deer-resistant perennials are great for your soil (nitrogen fixers) and can tolerate light shade. Come take a look before they are gone!

Our complete selection of hostas, daylilies, and peonies are now available for mail order! However, because we sell larger, more mature plants, we are unable to ship plants on this page , so please come visit us our farm! Also, plant availability, sizes, and prices are subject to change, so check with us if you’re coming for something in particular.


Sun Perennials J - Z

Plant Name
Agastache ‘Apache Sunset’ 18-24” ht #1 $10.95
Agastache Apache Sunset; photo courtesy of Walters GardensThis cultivar of rupestris has the same silvery fragrant foliage but is much more compact; also has the incredible bi-color orange and lavender flowers that the Hummers and Contrary Mary so dearly love! Needs well-drained soil and some protection.
Agastache ‘Ava’ 4’ ht #1 $10.95
Now you just KNOW how enthralled I am with Agastaches (they belong in EVERYONE’S garden), and this one is a blooming machine on steroids! Deep rose-pink flowers with raspberry red calynxes put on an awesome show from July to October (just when the hummers REALLY need it!). Deer resistant too! As with all Agastaches, needs good drainage and do not cut back until spring!

Agastache ‘Bolero’

16” ht



Agastache Bolero (photo courtesy Walters Gardens)I think by now everybody knows how much I ADORE Agastaches (just like a hummingbirds in that respect!). Well this new one’s a little darling, with dark foliage and pinkish purple spikes. It OF COURSE has the great smelling foliage that is deer resistant; likes dryish soils as all of its brethren do also!

Agastache ‘Golden Jubilee’ 24” ht #1 $10.95
Agastache Golden Jubilee; photo courtesy of Walters GardensThis one we had a few years ago, and we brought it back due to so much excitement generated by our on the berm! It has lime green foliage and lavender-blue bottle brush flowers starting mid-summer, and sometimes reseeds (freebies!). Forms a nice dense clump and is attractive all season!
Agastache ‘Purple Haze’ 30-36” #1 $10.95
Agastache Purple HazeWe all know how Contrary Mary LOVES these butterfly (and people) magnets, and this one is no exception! Long racemes of smoky violet blue flowers waft above foliage and stems that turn a deep purple as cooler weather sets in. As with all Agastache, do not cut back until April, and well-drained soil is essential for survival!
Agastache foeniculum 36-40”ht #1 $9.95
Agastache foeniculumThis NATIVE Giant Blue Hyssop has huge, dense, showy purple-blue spikes of flowers from mid summer to early fall; luscious anise-scented foliage too! Yup, Hummers love it as do butterflies and Contrary Marys!
Top 10! Agastache Rupestris(Sunset Hyssop, Licorice Mint)

24-30” #1 $10.95
Agastache RupestrisThis hyssop is nicknamed the licorice plant due to its wonderfully scented, silvery foliage. Its rosy-orange flowers bloom from June til frost and butterflies and hummers adore it. Good drainage is a must! A Contrary Mary Top 10!
Agave ‘Cornelius’ 18” Jumbo $12.95
Agave 'Cornelius'Although this is NOT perennial here (only to zones 9 and 10) this makes an AWESOME container and house plant. Was in the California collector’s market as ‘Quasimodo’, ‘Incurva Marginata’ and ‘Marginata Aurea Monstrasa’, and has gorgeous wide creamy margins on blue-green undulating spidery foliage. Nice!
Agave ‘Cream Spike’ 12” Jumbo $12.95
Again, only hardy to zone 7 but great inside for the winter, this one has rounded foliage with black tips and wide cream margins on blue-green leaves. 
Agave ‘Jaws’ 20” Jumbo $12.95
Another tender perennial (cool name, huh!) with dark green, heavily “toothed” curved foliage!
Agave ‘ Kissho Kan’ 12” ht Jumbo $12.95
This translates from the Japanese to “happy” or “lucky crown,” and has blue foliage edged with cream and spines that are burgundy with maturity.
Agave ‘Mr. Ripples’ ?4’ ht Jumbo $12.95
Cool name, huh? Does what it says, with wide, blue, undulating foliage that is toothed at the margins and forms a snaky mound. If given enough room in a pot can eventually create quite a fantastic clump!
Agave ‘Porcupine’ 15” Jumbo $12.95
Another tender perennial, this plant looks like an artichoke carved out of green stone!! Awesome container plant!
Agave attenuate ‘Kara’s Stripes’ ? Jumbo $12.95
Boy, I’ve really gotten bit by the Agave bug! Although none are hardy to zone 5 (most just zones 8-10), they make AWESOME container plants that you can bring in and enjoy all year…a little taste of the tropics during our loooong winters! This one has smooth, wide yellow leaves painted with a green margin. This one likes light shade to partial sun (bright light).
Agave gem. ‘Spaghetti Strap’ 20” ht Jumbo $12.95
This one doesn’t look like the typical Agave, as it has 100+ (when mature) long, flexible, very narrow arching leaves of medium green…GREAT contrast to the spiny guys!
Agave parryi ssp truncata 18” ht Jumbo $12.95
This collector’s favorite forms symmetrical rosettes of blue with dark, pointy spikes at each leaf tip. Would look smashing with some of our Echeverias, and if you’re lucky enough to live in zones 7-9, hardy too!
Agave sch. ‘Shira Ito No Ohi’ 12” ht Jumbo $12.95
This one translates to “Queen of the White Thread,” and forms a dramatic and eye-catching mound of thick dark green foliage margined with a creamy white border and edged with curly wisps of filifers. VERY distinctive!
Agave schidigera ‘Black Widow’ ?6” ht Jumbo $12.95
(Watch out Contrary Charlie!) This diminutive darling has rigid very dark green leaves with silver markings, and hair-like filaments at each leaf tip. Thus far, though, nothing deadly about this one but her name!
Alium‘Rising Star’ 10-12” ht Jumbo $8.95
This lovely is ornamental AND edible! Known commonly as Chives, it has delectable oniony green foliage that is topped by balls of pink flowers in spring to early summer. Great for containers also!
Amorpha canescens 2-3’ ht #1 $12.95
Amorpha canescensThis NATIVE Leadplant is shrublike and produces 6” long spikes of purple flowers in summer. It is in the Legume family, so has attractive little leaflets as foliage and helps to fix nitrogen in the soil! Likes dry to medium moisture and yellow tea can be made from its foliage!
Amsonia Montana ‘Short Stack’ 10-12” ht jumbo $8.95
This little guy is perfect as an edger! Has dark green, moundy foliage and sky blue flowers in spring. A cutie!
Anchusa ‘Lodden Royalist’ 18-24” #1 $8.95
Anchusa Azurea Loddon RoyalA great new sun perennial with hairy texture and intense blue blooms from June to August…hard color to find! Great alternative to Delphinium and usually does not need staking!
Arabis ‘Variegata’ 6” Jumbo $7.95
Arabis Variegata; photo courtesy Bluebird NurseryThis new spreader features highly variegated foliage with irregular creamy white edges and fragrant white flowers in spring…needs good drainage! Great edger! Mine in the display bed looks awesome all year round, including in the winter!
The following milkweeds are a must for any butterfly attracting garden—they break dormancy late and like sun.
Asclepias Incarnata 3-5’ #1
Asclepias IncarnataThis native Swamp Milkweed has willow-like leaves and upturned pink flowers in June and July….another butterfly favorite!
Asclepias Tuberosa (Butterfly Milkweed)

24-30” #1 $8.95
Asclepias TuberosaNative, MUST HAVE for butterflies, showy orange flower (BREAKS DORMANCY LATE). Come see ours in the display bed!
Aster ericoides ‘First Snow’ 20” ht #1 $8.95
Aster First Snow (photo courtesy Walters Gardens)This Heath Aster has arching, finely textured foliage that produces dense sprays of tiny white flowers late summer thru fall. A VERY different aster!
Aster ‘Vibrant Dome’ 18” ht #1 $8.95
This relative of ‘Purple Dome’ has masses of vibrant hot pink flowers which smother the plant in the fall! Mildew resistant and tough…a real jaw-dropper in bloom and a butterfly fave!

Baptisia ‘Dutch Chocolate’ (Decadence Series)

2½-3’ ht



Baptisia Dutch Chocolate (photo courtesy Walters Gardens)Baptisia Dutch Chocolate (photo courtesy Walters Gardens)This NEW Baptisia is stunning….deep blue-green foliage, dark chocolatey-purple flowers, and dark decorative seed pods in the fall, all in a compact package! This plant generally gets to be 2½’ x 2½’, so all the Plantheads that wanted a Baptisia but didn’t have room now can get one! Deer resistant and adored by butterflies too! Remember, all Baptisias have deep taproots which means they are very drought resistant once established (the “yin”), BUT HATE to be moved (the “yang”!) Need I say this is a “gotta-have”??! (photos courtesy Walters Gardens)

Baptisia alba macrophylla 3’ ht #1 $16.95
Baptisia AlbaThis NATIVE White Wild Indigo has beautiful flower leaflets and has a mounding shrub-like habit. Pure white, pea-shaped flowers are produced in late spring to mid-summer, which then produce black seed pods in fall. It is in the Legume family (fixes nitrogen!) and has a deep taproot so does not like to be moved. See ours in our display bed and you’ll want one for yourself! All Baptisia’s are reputedly deer-resistant and will tolerate light shade. All our Baptisias are large and looking great this year; come in quick to grab some of these choice beauties!
Baptisia minor 30” #1 $16.95
Baptisia minorThis NATIVE is a dwarf wild Indigo that has full-sized spikes of blue flowers in May and June…perfect fit for smaller gardens! Not available until mid-summer. All our Baptisias are large and looking great this year; come in quick to grab some of these choice beauties!
Baptisia Starlite Prairieblues 2-3’ ht #1 $16.95
Baptisia Starlite Prairie BluesYet ANOTHER beautiful Baptisia from Chicagoland Grows, this one has bi-color flowers that are a soft blue with white at the base! Not available until mid-summer too! All our Baptisias are large and looking great this year; come in soon and grab some of these choice beauties!
Top 10! Calamintha ‘Blue Cloud’ 12-15” #1 $8.95
Calamintha Blue Cloud; photo courtesy of Walters GardensWe loved ‘Montrose White’ so much that we thought this one would be an AWESOME addition, as it has wispy soft blue flowers that waft above the foliage from July thru September. Can take partial shade and likes dryish soil. Heavenly!! A Contrary Mary Top 10 Pick!
Top 10! Calamintha ‘Montrose White’ 12-18” ht #1 $8.95
Calamintha Montrose WhiteThis great Calamintha has pure white flowers all summer and stays in a neat little mound without getting floppy. Also is self-cleaning (no seed heads are held!) so it always looks great! A Contrary Mary Top 10 Pick!
Calamintha ‘Variegata’ 18-24” #1 $8.95
Calamintha VariegataI have this darling plant by our display pond at the farm, and everyone remarked how great it looked all summer (even thru our 90+ degree drought summer of 2005!) Believe me, it got no special care, so you know this is one tough plant! It has brightly variegated foliage with yellow blotches, and rosy-pink flowers that bloom all summer and well into fall! Likes a well-drained soil and is a hummingbird and butterfly attractant (also reputedly deer resistant!)
Callirhoe Involucrata 6-8” #1 $8.95
Callirhoe InvolucrataA Midwestern native also called Wine Cups and Poppy Mallow, this low-growing groundcover behaves like an Ivy. It has deeply dissected deep green foliage and vivid purple upright-facing flowers from July to September. It requires good drainage and full sun, and looks fabulous draping over a pond or a low wall. Come see our by the display pond at the farm; also attracts roving Shelties (my Mickey thinks the flowers are a delicacy!)
Campanula ‘Beautiful Trust’ 24” (in flower) #1 $8.95
A totally different campanula from South Korea with lacy white chinese lanterns that are recurved over distinctive cut foliage—my favorite campanula!
Campanula glomerata ‘Freya’ 16”ht #1 $9.95
This stunning Bellflower is a real bloomin’ machine! Produces SCADS of lilac purple star-shaped flowers from spring to mid-summer. Deer don’t like her but hummers LOVE her; appreciates some afternoon shade (flowers hold up much better). Also, if deadheaded, blooms longer!
Top 10!Campanula puncata ‘Pink Octopus 10-15” #1 $12.95
Campanula Pink OctopusThis plant produces very unusual puffy pink flower buds that open to flowers that have narrow curving petals that are spotted pink…a definite wow-inducer that blooms from late spring thru most of the summer. Attracts hummers and is reputedly deer resistant! A Contrary Mary Top 10 Honorable Mention!
Caryopteris ‘Arthur J. Simmonds’
Caryopteris Arthur J. SimmondsThe hardiest of the bluebeards (trialed at Chicago botanical gardens), this great sub-shrub has silver-grey foliage and powder blue flowers from July to frost. Treat it like a butterfly bush and cut back hard in spring—butterflies and pollinators flock to it (full sun)! A Contrary Mary Top 10 pick!
Caryopteris ‘Blue Myth’ 2’ ht #1 $13.95
Caryopteris Blue Myth; photo courtesy of Walters GardensThis compact Blue Mist shrub has grayish foliage and vibrant blue flowers starting mid-summer. Flower clusters are VERY showy and attract butterflies by the score!
Caryopteris ‘First Choice’ 2-3’ ht #1 $13.95
Caryopteris First Choice; photo courtesy of Walters GardensThis one starts blooming a few weeks earlier than the other cultivars, extending the awesome flower display (to the delight of butterflies!) Needs some winter protection.
Caryopteris ‘Grand Bleu’ 24-30” #1 $13.95
Caryopteris Grand Bleu; photo courtesy of Walters GardensANOTHER great Caryopteris (and ya know how Contrary Herself RAVES about all of them!) that’s, yup you guessed it a “GOTTA HAVE”! A compact variety that looks AWESOME all season with glossy green foliage and deep violet blue flowers mid summer to fall. At trial gardens it was a customer fave…let us know what you think!
Caryopteris ‘Petit Blue’

2-2½’ #1
Caryopteris Petit BlueA NEW compact Bluebeard from Proven Winners, it boasts tight growth, deep blue flowers July thru September, and dark, glossy green foliage. Adored by butterflies everywhere AND it made the top ten Contrary Mary Favorites list! Available late summer.
Top 10!Caryopteris ‘Snow Fairy’ 3-4’ ht #1 $13.95
Caryopteris Snow FairyAh, be still my heart, we have a hardy VARIEGATED Caryopteris!! This magical plant has green foliage with irregular white margins and sky blue flowers late summer to fall! A Contary Mary Top 10 Pick!
Caryopteris ‘Sunshine Blue’

3’ #1
Caryopteris Sunshine BlueANOTHER new Bluebeard from Proven Winners, this one is like a compact ‘Worcester Gold’ with much darker, more vivid amethyst-blue flowers. Another Contrary Mary top ten! Available late summer.
Cassia Hebecarpa (Wild Senna) 4’ #1 $12.95
Cassia HebecarpaThis NATIVE Wild Senna loves clay and will take medium to wet soil! Again, it is in the Legume family so it has attractive foliage in leaflets and blooms yellow in July and August, getting black seed pods in the fall.
Centaurea ‘Amethyst Dream’ 14-16” ht #1 $9.95
Centaurea Amethyst Dream (photo courtesy Growing Colors)This Bachelor Button is a new cousin to a Contrary Mary fave, ‘Amethyst in Snow’! It has VERY deep purple flowers starting in late spring and continuing thru most of the summer; a butterfly favorite and deer resistant!
Top 10!Centaurea ‘Amethyst in Snow’ 15-20” ht #1 $9.95
Centaurea Amethyst in SnowThis new Bachelor’s Button has fuzzy foliage with a slight glaucous cast and flowers with pure white petals that radiate out from a deep purple center. Blooms in summer, and makes a great cut flower! A Contrary Mary Top 10 Honorable Mention!
Cerastium tomentosum ‘Yo Yo’ 4-5” ht #1 $8.95
Cerastium Yo Yo; photo courtesy of Walters GardensThis Snow in Summer is an easy groundcover of woolly grey foliage that forms a textured carpet. It blooms glowing white flowers in late spring and early summer. Reputedly deer and rabbit resistant! Likes good drainage.
Clematis heracleifolia ‘China Purple’ 30-40” #1 $14.95
Clematis China Purple; photo courtesy Bluebird NurseryAnother nice shrub-form clematis with deep purple flowers from July thru September. Pruning group 3.
Coreopsis ‘Crème Brulee’ 16” #1 $8.95
Coreopsis Creme BruleeA great new threadleaf Coreopsis that is similar to ‘Moonbeam’ but has larger flowers and better mildew resistance.
Coreopsis verticillata ‘Moonbeam’ 18” #1 $8.95
Coreopsis 'Moonbeam'Creamy yellow flowers all summer atop soft, needle-like foliage.
Coreopsis verticillata ‘Route 66’ 24”ht #1 $8.95
A stunning new threadleaf Coreopsis that has morphing flowers! The flowers are HUGE (2!”) and yellow with red eyes; in the late summer, the red blotches out toward the petal tips making the flower almost all red! Blooms from early summer to mid fall; butterflies love it and deer don’t!
Delosperma ‘Fire Wonder’ 8” ht #1 $10.95
Delosperma Fire Wonder (photo courtesy Growing Colors)This Hardy Ice Plant surely is a wonder with very large and bright flower “wheels” atop succulent foliage----she blooms from May until frost! Just give her dry soil and sun, stand back, and watch the show! Deer resistant, great as a groundcover, and even excellent in containers! (photo courtesy Growing Colors)
Dianthus ‘Black Cherry Wild’ 6” ht Jumbo $8.95
Dianthus Black Cherry Wild; photo courtesy of Walters GardensThis new intro has double, deep velvety red fragrant flowers with a very narrow picotee white edge. Blooms from late spring to early fall, and has very attractive grey grass-like foliage which often stays attractive thru most of the winter! Butterflies and hummers love it and deer don’t! A Contrary Mary Top 10 Honorable Mention!
Dianthus ‘Fire Star’ 8” ht Jumbo $8.95
Dianthus Fire Star; photo courtesy of Walters GardensThis one has flowers that looks like they’re on fire ‘cause they are such a bright, vivid red! Bloom all summer and have a spicy clove fragrance; very high flower count too!
Dianthus ‘Frosty Fire’ 6” ht Jumbo $8.95
Dianthus Frosty Fire (photo courtesy Walters Gardens)This one has icy blue evergreen foliage and vivid double red blooms; blooms early to mid summer and then again in fall. Very fragrant too!
Dianthus ‘Tiny Rubies’ 4-5” ht Jumbo $8.95
Dianthus Tiny RubiesThis spring to early summer bloomer is covered with tiny double rose-pink flowers over cute tufted, moundy foliage!
Dianthus ‘Very Cherry’ 12”ht Jumbo $8.95
A true plant for all seasons! This cutie has FRAGRANT flowers that start a deep black red and mature to bright red with burgundy eyes and streaked edges. The flowers bloom all summer too( best if deadheaded). The always neat and attractive blue-green grass-like foliage often persists into and through winter…AWESOME!
Dracocephalum ‘Fuji Blue’

12” #1 $8.95
Dracocephalum Fuji BlueA great Dragonhead with many spikes of brilliant blue flowers June to mid-August. It forms a nice clump and has needle-like, leathery foliage. A nice well-behaved dragon for your garden!
Dracocephalum ‘Fuji White’ 12” #1 $8.95
We all LOVE ‘Fuji Blue’, and when we saw there was a white variety available, we KNEW it was a “gotta-have”!!! Same AWESOME flowers and foliage except (duh) in white!!
Echeveria ‘The Rose’ 6” Jumbo $7.95
Echeveria The Rose; photo courtesy Bluebird NurseryAnother non-hardy plant that I felt was VERY tempting!! A true collector’s plant whose thick, rubbery foliage forms a purplish/pinkish/ghostly grayish ruffled “rose”…outstanding houseplant or in the rock garden! I will have many more varieties of these tender Echevarias, so come on out and see them before they find homes!
Echinacea ‘All That Jazz’ 30” ht #1 $12.95
Echinacea All That Jazz; photo courtesy of Walters GardensThis new hybrid has fragrant, lavender pink flower that have quilled ray petals…what a unique look! Strong stems; makes great cut flowers and bloom all summer!
Top 10!Echinacea ‘Big Sky After Midnight’ 12” ht #1 $12.95
Echinacea 'Big Sky After Midnight'; photo courtesy of Proven WinnersThis dwarf coneflower produces magenta-purple fragrant flowers that have overlapping petals and black cones with hints of red. Their stems are black too, resulting in a dramatic floral display like no other coneflower out there! I’m VERY impressed with all the flowers in the ‘Big Sky’ series (unlike a lot of new coneflowers introduced in the last few years!) A Contrary Mary Top 10 Honorable Mention!
Top 10!Echinacea ‘Big Sky Sundown’ 32-40” #1 $12.95
Echinacea Big Sky SundownA strong growing orange coneflower (improvement over ‘Sunset’) with fragrant tangerine flowers that have brown cones and overlapping petals! A Contrary Mary Top 10 Honorable Mention!
Top 10!Echinacea ‘Big Sky Sunrise’ 30-36” #1 $12.95
Echinacea Big Sky SunriseThis great coneflower has single, daisy-like blooms that are citron yellow with cones that start out green and turn gold. Flowers are fragrant and it blooms all summer…of course the butterflies adore them too! A Contrary Mary Top 10 Honorable Mention!
Top 10!Echinacea ‘Big Sky Twilight’ 24-30” #1 $12.95
Echinacea Big Sky TwilightA WOW plant with vibrant rose-red flowers with deep red cones. Very full flowers and great branching! A Contrary Mary Top 10 Honorable Mention!
Echinacea ‘Fatal Attraction’ 26” #1 $12.95
Echinacea Fatal AttractionThis vivid coneflower produces purple-pink flowers with a double row of petals atop strong dark red to near black stems…a real killer plant!
Echinacea ‘Green Jewel’ 20” ht #1 $15.95
Echinacea Green Jewel (photo courtesy Walters Gardens)This unusual gem has a compact growth habit and fragrant flowers that are green with a green cone! Bred out of the native Coneflower (purpurea) so she’s as tough as nails!Plant her with ‘Hot Papaya’, ‘Pink poodle’, and ‘Tomato Soup’ for awesome, jaw-dropping contrast!
Echinacea ‘Harvest Moon’ 24-30” ht #1 $12.95
Echinacea Harvest MoonThis fragrant coneflower has golden flowers with an orange center cone. Very full and vigorous!
Echinacea ‘Hot Papaya’ 32” ht #1 $15.95
Echinacea Hot Papaya (photo courtesy Walters Gardens)This smokin’ Coneflower has red-orange pom-pom flowers with papaya orange halo—has thick sturdy stems and great foliage too! A real winner!
Echinacea ‘Meringue’ 18-20” ht #1 $15.95
Echinacea Meringue (photo courtesy Walters Gardens)This new double pom-pom form has yellow centers with white outer rays and is compact and floriferous! Perfect with ‘Hot Papaya’!
Echinacea ‘Pink Poodle’ 30” ht #1 $17.95
Echinacea Pink Poodle (photo courtesy Growing Colors)This EXTREMELY LIMITED COLLECTOR’S Coneflower is a fluffy double pink with great branching. It’s so nice we may start calling it “Pink Sheltie”!!!
Echinacea ‘Pixie Meadowbrite’ 18-20” ht #1 $12.95
Ecinacea Pixie Meadowbrite; photo courtesy of Walters GardensThis Coneflower was developed by the Chicago Botanic Garden, and is a true dwarf with vibrant pink flowers that bloom July thru September. A tough cookie and prolific bloomer!
Echinacea ‘Razzmatazz’ 32” ht #1 $15.95
This one was the FIRST fully double coneflower! It has fragrant, VERY full large purple-pink flowers; snazzy!

Echinacea ‘Solar Flare’ (Big Sky Series)

28” ht



Echinacea Solar Flare (photo courtesy Walters Gardens)As you probably know by now, I LOVE the Big Sky series as they can be counted on to produce vigorous, floriferous, and gorgeous Coneflowers that are hardy and reliable. This new color is a STUNNING addition, as it produces HUGE (6”) fragrant, magenta red blossom with outstretching petals. The flowers are held on near black stems and age to a smoky rose color. After seeing this one I DARE you to tell me you have enough coneflowers!

Echinacea ‘Summer Sky’ 30-36” ht #1 $12.95
Echinacea Summer SkyThe first BI-COLOR Coneflower! It has huge (5”) flowers that are light orange with a rose halo and orange cones. VERY fragrant and a heavy bloomer.
Echinacea purpurea 36” ht #1 $8.95
Echinacea purpurea (photo courtesy Bluebird Nursery)This NATIVE Coneflower has showy purple flowers in July and August; butterfly and bird attracting. Leave seedheads up in winter for continued interest and bird attraction!
Echinacea purpurea ‘Doubledecker’

36” #1 $8.95
Ecinacea Double deckerA great, new, BIZARRE new coneflower which is TWO-TIERED! A small, “baby” flower is produced on top of the larger “momma” flower….Woo-Hoo! Occasionally, single flowers are produced the first year so be patient, it’s worth it!!
Echinacea ‘Secret Affair’ 20” ht #1 $12.95
Echinacea Secret Affair (photo courtesy Terra Nova)Another glorious new double cone flower! Very large poofy deep fuchsia FRAGRANT flowers bloom for MONTHS! Great bushy compact growth habit too! (photo courtesy Terra Nova)
Eryngium yuccifolium 3-5’ ht #1 $8.95
Eryngium yuccifolium; photo courtesy Bluebird NurseryThis NATIVE Rattlesnake Master has interesting yucca-like foliage and ball-shaped white flowers June thru August on long graceful stalks. Likes sand, loam or clay and dry to medium soil.
Euphorbia ‘Bonfire’ 18”ht #1 $10.95
Another phenomenal foliage plant! This beauty is on fire with red, orange, and deep purple leaves; bright yellow bracts are produced in spring. Fall color is a brilliant red. Makes a perfect little mound and always looks great!
Euphorbia polychroma 12-16” #1 $8.95
Euphorbia polychroma; photo courtesy of Walters GardensThis old favorite has dome-shaped light green foliage that turns red in the fall and chrome-yellow bracts in spring. Very drought resistant!
Gaillardia ‘Fanfare’ 18-24” #1 $9.95
Gaillardia 'Fanfare'; photo courtesy of Walters GardensA great NEW introduction, this Blanket Flower is another fantastic bloomer, starting in June and continuing thru frost. The flowers are upward-facing, scarlet with bright yellow ends that flare out and announce themselves!

Gaillardia ‘Lucky Wheeler’

12” ht



Gaillardia Lucky Wheeler (photo courtesy Walters Gardens)This little doll is like a miniature version of ‘Fanfare’, with 2” flowers that have fluted petals (perfect for the hummers!) and a mounded, neat habit. They bloom their little hearts out all summer into fall and fit in anywhere!

Geum Triflorum (Prairie Smoke)

12” #1 $8.95
Geum TriflorumA great native groundcover that produces unmistakable feathery silver and pink seedheads in mid-spring. Spreads nicely, and likes a dry to medium dry soil.
Gypsophila ‘Summer Sparkles’ 24” ht #1 $10.95
Gypsophila Summer Sparkles (photo courtesy Walters Gardens)An AWESOME new compact baby’s Breath, she is COVERED in dainty bright white sprays of blooms for MONTHS! Talk about a bouquet in your garden! Combine her with some Echinacea and long blooming daylilies and be prepared to be awed! Deer resistant and attracts butterflies too! (photo courtesy Walters Gardens)
Helenium ‘Double Trouble’ 30” ht #1 $9.95
Helenium Double Trouble (photo courtesy Growing Colors)This is the first DOUBLE flowered Helenium, and boy is she something! She has bright yellow flowers surrounded by frilly yellow skirts of petals; blooms all summer and is adored by butterflies! If you want to keep this plant more compact, pinch every two weeks from early May until early to mid-June; may delay flowering but you’ll have more compact plants with more flowers!
Helenium ‘Rubinzwerg’ 30” #1 $8.95
Helenium RubinzwergA very eye-catching flower that has burnt-red petals and a yellow and brown center, it is also a compact grower and great for cut flowers. Blooms very heavily from early summer to fall and is not picky about soil, although it likes full sun.
Helianthus occidentalis 30” ht #1 $8.95
This NATIVE Sunflower has bright yellow flowers starting in late summer; birds love the seeds! Likes dry to medium soil (no heavy clay).
Heliopsis Helianthoides ‘Loraine Sunshine’ (False Sunflower)

30” #1 $8.95
Heliposis Loraine Sunshine; photo courtesy of Walters GardensGreat foliage that is white w/ green veining, beautiful golden-yellow blooms summer.
Hibiscus ‘Cranberry Crush’ 2 ½-3’ ht. #1
Hibiscus Cranberry Crush (photo courtesy Walters Gardens)This is a new DWARF perennial hibiscus that will easily fit in most gardens! It has maple-like foliage that is deep green with purple overtones that forms a compact rounded clump. The flowers start as deep almost black buds and open to 7-8” flowers glossy deep scarlet –vivid and unusual! Don’t forget that Hibiscus are late risers and may not show themselves until June!
Hibiscus ‘Jazzberry Jam’ 4-5’ ht. #1
Hibiscus Jazzberry Jam (photo courtesy Walters Gardens)This one has huge 9” flowers that are magenta with red eyes and heavily ruffled—forms an upright, vigorous mound that makes a great focal point plant!
Hibiscus ‘Midnight Marvel’ 4’ ht #2 $18.95
An Absolutely FABULOUS perennial hibiscus that has HUMUNGOUS 9” scarlet red flowers atop DEEP wine maple leaf shaped foliage for a couple of months starting mid summer! You will be amazed! Attracts hummers by the herds!

Hibiscus ‘My Valentine’

40” ht



This new love is similar to ‘Fireball’ but improved, with HUGE 9” pure velvety red flowers that open from near black buds! The foliage is bright green and maple leaf shaped, and is more compact and mounded. WOWZWERS!

Hibiscus ‘Summer Storm’ 4’ ht #1
Hibiscus Summer Storm; photo courtesy of Walters GardensHibiscus Summer Storm; photo courtesy of Walters GardensThis more compact grower has 8” flowers that are pink with rose veining above intensely deep wine purple foliage…wowzers!
Top 10!Iberis ‘Alexander’s White’ 8” ht Jumbo $7.95
Iberis 'Alexander's White'This Candytuft has narrow evergreen foliage and bright white clusters of flowers in late spring…often reblooms in the fall! Great as an edger or filler between stepping stones. Drought tolerant and a butterfly attractor. A Contrary Mary Top 10 pick!
Iris ‘Clarence’ 32” ht #1 $10.95
Iris Clarence (photo courtesy Walters Gardens)This multiple award winning Bearded Iris has FRAGRANT pale icy blue standards, violet blue falls, and white beards…..VERY handsome! If that wasn’t enough, he is one of the most dependable REBLOOMERS! Yep, blooms in the spring, then probably again in late summer/fall! (photo courtesy Walters Gardens)
Iris ‘Immortality’ 28” ht #1 $10.95
Iris Immortality (photo courtesy Walters Gardens)Oh, such a lovely! Ruffled, pure white flowers with soft pale yellow beards; fragrant too! One of THE longest bloomers, she’s an EXCELLENT rebloomer too! Drop dead gorgeous with a near black one like ‘Night Ruler’! (photo courtesy Walters Gardens)
Iris ‘Night Ruler’ 38” ht #1 $12.95
Another multiple award winner, this tall dark handsome creature has deep, deep inky purple blooms with scads of ruffling….he shimmers in the sun! Yep, a “gotta-have”!
Iris ‘Poem of Ecstasy’ 36” ht #1 $10.95
Iris Poem of Ecstasy (photo courtesy Wild Iris Rows)A beautiful bi-color that has peachy pink standards and frilly lavender falls. Very high flower count too! (photo courtesy Wild Iris Rows)

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