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In an effort to encourage EVERYONE to try Heirlooms, I am offering the following “dibs and dabs” to try….most can be grown in containers (no excuses that you don’t have the room!). I’ll be trying them myself, so make sure to touch base and let me know what you think and what interesting things you’ve thought to do with them! They all sound extremely intriguing, so what’s to lose??!

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Plant Name Habit/Size Container Price
Extra Dwarf Pak Choy dwarf Various Various
Extra Dwarf Pak Choy (photo courtesy Baker Creek)I’m not sure exactly what the difference is between “Pak Choy” and “Bok Choy”, but suffice to say this tiny baby is delicious and adorable! Pick it when just a few inches tall, and use whole in salads or stir fries. Tender, delicious, and enjoys cooler weather!
Eggplant ‘Casper’ 24” ht 3½” pot $3.95
Eggplant Casper (Photo courtesy Baker Creek)(75 days) A beautiful AND  tasty Eggplant, this one has medium sized ghostly-white fruit in abundance! (photo courtesy Baker Creek)
Eggplant ‘Japanese White Egg’ 24” ht Various Various
Eggplant Japanese White Egg (Photo courtesy Baker Creek)(65 days) A word about eggplants….the plants themselves are VERY ornamental, having velvety foliage and showy purplish-white blooms. That being said, this one is doubly adorable as it produces 2-3” round white fruits that are rich and not at all bitter! Pick them before they turn yellow; heavy yielders! (photo courtesy Baker Creek)
Eggplant ‘Rosa Bianca’ 24” ht Various Various
Eggplant Japanese White Egg (Photo courtesy Baker Creek)(80 days) I can be a tad obsessive, and after discovering Ratatouille last year (I know, where have I been??!) I figured this would be perfect for it! Beautiful marbled pink/violet and white fruits are produced in   abundance; described as “creamy” and holding up very well on the grill (doesn’t fall apart!) A real gourmet treat! (photo courtesy Baker Creek)
Eggplant ‘Ronde de Valence’ 24” ht 3½” pot $3.95
Eggplant Ronde de Valence (Photo courtesy Baker Creek)(80 days) A French heirloom that is mandatory for ratatouille! Also great for stuffing, this one has nearly round deep purple fruits the size of grapefruits. I can hardly wait! (photo courtesy Baker Creek)
Eggplant ‘Thai Lavender Frog Eggs’ 24” ht 3½” pot $3.95
Eggplant Thai Lavender Frog Eggs (Photo courtesy Baker Creek)(80 days) So hold up your hand if you are surprised that Contrary Mary would grow this one….bet no one’s hand is up, right?! How could you resist this darling that bears fruit the size of cherry tomatoes that is lavender and cream. Very high producer too! Even if you don’t like eggplant this one needs to be in a pot on your patio! (photo courtesy Baker Creek)
Eggplant ‘Violette Longue Hative’ 30” ht Various Various
(65-70 days?) This is the Historic Eggplant grown in France and Europe since at least 1880! “Early Long Purple” produces elongated fruits, pretty and delicious!
Melon ‘Rich Sweetness’ vine Various Various
Melon Rich Sweetness (Photo courtesy Baker Creek)(75-80 days??) O.K, so I probably wouldn’t try growing this in a container; however, I WILL be making room for her in my garden! This heirloom from the Soviet Union produces tons of red striped melons that weigh about ¼ lb! PERFECT for single servings, the flesh is white and very sweet (melons are very fragrant too!) What a beauty! (photo courtesy Baker Creek)
Melon ‘Sakata’s Sweet’ vine Various Various
Melon Sakata's Sweet(Photo courtesy Baker Creek)(85 days) The Tomato Guru that I always reference, Amy Goldman, is apparently also a Melon Guru! She wrote “Melons for the Passionate Gardener” (which I guess I’m gonna HAFTA buy!), and this one is a favorite! It is an Asian variety that has EDIBLE skin! The melons are 3-4”, are crispy and crunchy, and have a high sugar content (are VERY sweet!) I can hardly wait for this one!!!!
Melon ‘Vert Grimpant’ vine Various Various
This is a French Heirloom whose name means “Green Climbing”….yes, you can grow this one on a trellis as it has rather small (1-2lb) fruits! The flesh is green, crisp and juicy; a great keeper too!

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