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Clematis ‘Sugar Candy’

We are pleased to offer the following clematis and other vines, which are great additions for vertical accents in your garden—we are even offering a couple of non-climbers!! In order to maintain their shape and vigor, it is sometimes necessary to prune them. The problem is, you must know which group they belong to in order to prune them at the correct time (so you don’t prune off their flower buds). You can use the following as a guide; I also highly recommend the book Clematis For All Seasons by John Feltwell—it’s very informative and easy to read and gives you great suggestions for use (also has wonderful pictures).

Remember one more thing about clematis—they don’t like hot feet, so mulch around their base—they also love organic fertilizers, so I usually top-dress mine with some mushroom compost or aged manure. You can also use a balanced blend of time released fertilizer. Most like full sun, but some will take quite a bit of shade. Don’t be afraid to try them in different colors & bloom times in order to enjoy them all season.

Pruning guide:

Group 1: This group flowers on old wood—prune to shape or train only.
Group 2: Prune lightly in the spring and remove dead growth.
Group 3: This group flowers on the current year’s growth—remove dead wood in the autumn, prune hard in early spring (prune to pair of buds you’d like the plant to burst forth from)

Our complete selection of hostas, daylilies, and peonies are now available for mail order! However, because we sell larger, more mature plants, we are unable to ship plants on this page , so please come visit us our farm! Also, plant availability, sizes, and prices are subject to change, so check with us if you’re coming for something in particular.



Clematis ‘Arctic Queen’
10’ climber
Clematis 'Arctic Queen'This beauty has very large, DOUBLE, white flowers from late spring to fall. Pruning group 1.
Clematis ‘Blue Angel’ climber #1 $18.95
Clematis Blue AngelThis beauty comes from Brother Stefan Franszak, a renowned Clematis breeder from Poland. Ya KNOW his intros are great for our area ‘cause they have to survive Warsaw winters, and he tests them for 10 years before releasing them! This heavenly creature has pale lavender/blue flowers that recurve slightly and have delicately crinkled edges. Flowers freely from June to August; great as a cut flower too!
Clematis ‘Clair de Lune’ also called ‘Blue Moon’ climber #1 $18.95
Clematis Clair de LuneThis Evison/Poulsen intro has 6-7” flowers of the palest lavender with startling dark anthers. Best in a partial to bright shade area, it blooms from June thru July, takes a breath, then resumes again in late August…ethereal! Pruning group 2.
Clematis ‘Comtesse De Bouchard’ Climber #1 $18.95
Clematis Domtesse De Bouchard (photo courtesy Donahue's Greenhouse)This one won the Royal Hort. Society Award of Garden Merit, and you’ll see why! She’s a profuse bloomer, with large velvety rose pink flowers with yellow anthers; blooms July thru September! Was developed prior to 1900 and is a pruning group 3.
Clematis jackmanii Climber #1 $18.95
Clematis jackmanii (photo courtesy Donahue's Greenhouse)This one is THE standard for purple clematis! Bloom profusely June thru September. Pruning group 3.
Clematis ‘Mrs. N. Thompson’ climber #1 $18.95
Clematis Mrs. N. Thompson; photo courtesy of Walters GardensA real looker that is sure to turn heads, she is a bi-color with a deep blue flower and a bright scarlet bar. Blooms May thru June, and again in September; pruning group 2.
Clematis ‘Niobe’ Climber #1 $18.95
Clematis Niobe (photo courtesy Walters Gardens)This RHS winner has GORGEOUS, huge (6-7”) velvety-red flowers with white stamens…a real blooming machine from May thru September! Pruning group 3.
Clematis ‘Piilu’ Climber #1 $18.95
This Clematis is often said to be THE most heavily blooming clematis!!! It produces 4” light pink flowers with dark purple bars. The first rounds of blossoms are doubles, and the second rounds are singles; blooms Spring to mid summer, takes a short breath, then blooms into fall! Pruning group 2.
Clematis ‘Proteus’ Climber #1 $18.95
Clematis Proteus (photo courtesy Donahue's Greenhouse)This amazing variety was introduced in 1876 and has three distinctive flower forms! The flowers can be an astounding 8” across, and are rose purple to petunia purple to pink. It blooms semi-double to double in June and July, then single flowers in August and September! Can take bright shade; pruning group 2.
Clematis ‘Rouge Cardinal’ Climber #1 $18.95
Clematis Rouge Cardinal (photo courtesy Donahue's Greenhouse)This one has velvety crimson red flowers with beige anthers that change to purple red with age. Blooms July thru September and is a pruning group 3.
Clematis ‘Silver Moon’ Climber #1 $18.95
Clematis Silver Moon (photo courtesy Donahue's Greenhouse)This Clematis won the RHS Award of Garden Merit and has VERY large 6-7” unusual silvery-mauve flowers with white anthers; the petals overlap so the flower is very full and showy! Needs bright to partial SHADE and blooms from June thru September. Pruning group 2.
Clematis ‘Venosa Violacea’ Climber #1 $18.95
This beauty is a French heirloom, and has 4” deep velvety purple flowers with white bars from summer to fall. VERY hardy and disease resistant; lotsa flowers too! A Royal Horticulture Society medal winner; Pruning group 3.
Clematis ‘Wildfire’ Climber #1 $18.95
This one is HOT! It has HUMUNGOUS (7-8”) violet purple flowers with red bars….seemingly in bloom at all times (late spring to early fall); pruning group 2.
Clematis Paniculata (Sweet Autumn Clematis)   #1 $18.95
Clematis Paniculata; photo courtesy Donahue ClematisProbably my favorite ‘cause it’s so easy and such a profuse bloomer, it has MASSES of small white, sweetly scented flowers in Aug/Sept. and will grow in quite a bit of shade. (Group 1)
Hydrangea Anomala ‘Petiolaris’ (Climbing Hydrangea)

#1 $17.95
This climber has lush, dark green foliage, exfoliating bark, and sweetly scented clusters of white flowers early summer—it can take quite a bit of shade and is somewhat slow in establishing (but well worth the wait)
Ipomoea Cardinalis   4½” pot $5.95
This ANNUAL vine is a quick grower with luscious feathery foliage and scarlet tubular blooms all summer that the hummingbirds can’t resist! We always put two of them on one side of our arbor to our display bed, and as good as clockwork we get hummers visiting at least twice daily all summer to fall!!! Likes sun to partial sun and we sell out quickly (they’ll be ready the beginning of May!)
Lonicera ‘Dropmore Scarlet’ 10-15’ (climber) #1 $14.95
Lonicera 'Dropmore Scarlet'This climbing Honeysuckle was developed in Canada and has bright orange tubular flowers (adored by Hummers!) from June thru September. Full sun or bright shade.
Lonicera ‘Magnifica’ Climber #1 $16.95
Lonicera Magnifica (photo courtesy Bluebird Nursery)This glorious Honeysuckle has 2” red trumpet shaped flowers with  yellow interiors; blooms almost all summer and is a MUST for hummingbirds! VERY limited.
Lonicera ‘Major Wheeler’ #1 $14.95

Lonicera 'Major Wheeler'Lonicera Major WheelerThis NEW perennial Honeysuckle vine is an extra-long bloomer, sporting BRIGHT orangey red flowers from spring to fall (heaviest in late spring/early summer) that attracts HERDS of Hummingbirds! Sun to partial shade. May not be available until mid-summer.

Lonicera Per. ‘Harlequin’ (Variegated Honeysuckle)

#1 $14.95
Lonicera 'Harlequin'Very unusual foliage that is cream-edged with red highlights, it has fragrant pink and yellow flowers from summer to fall and Hummingbirds LOVE it. Not invasive like other Honeysuckles.
Schisandra chinensis (Magnolia Vine) Climber-10’ #1 $14.95
Schisandra chinensis; photo courtesy Bluebird NurseryThis vigorous (not invasive though!) twiner is dioecious, meaning that it needs both a male and female plant to produce berries. It has lovely white fragrant blooms that some describe as peony-like, with new leaves surrounding the blossom being variegated. Other foliage is heart-shaped and medium green and attractive. It likes its roots in shade but tops in sun or dappled shade (kinda like a clematis!). Prune to the second or third bud in early spring…try this rare and unusual beauty!
Wisteria ‘Blue Moon’
12’ climber
Wisteria Blue MoonA new Wisteria with very fragrant blue flowers that appear in flushes from June to September. Unusual flower color and a more compact grower than ‘Amethyst Falls’, it still needs a sturdy support.


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