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Daylilies Nosferatu & Star Struck


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2021 Annuals/Perennials

Daylilies are low-maintenance, adaptable, reliable perennials that come in astounding colors and forms. They are all reputedly rabbit resistant and are hummer and butterfly attractants. They can be grown in full sun to light shade (light colors do best in full sun, reds and purples benefit from morning sun and afternoon shade). Their seasons of bloom are early (June), mid-season (July), and late season (August), with many having extended bloom time and/or repeat blooming habits! Plant a number of varieties to have some blooming all season long! For more information, visit the American Hemerocallis Society at

ALSO – Be sure to check out some of these beautiful daylily combos!


Hemerocallis ‘Admiral’s Braid’ 

Daylilies Admiral’s Braid

(21” ht – $13.95) This commanding Daylily has FRAGRANT 5½” blooms that are a creamy yellow with hints of pink, a green throat, and scads of deep yellow piecrusted edges. A midseason bloomer.






Hemerocallis ‘Afternoon Tea Time’

Daylilies Afternoon Tea Time

(26” ht – $13.95)  An early to mid season bloomer that has 6½” flowers of soft and romantic orange tones with buttery yellow throats and tons of ruffles….very civilized! Would look spot on combined with ‘Entrapment’, ‘Pizza Crust’, ‘Larry Grace’, and ‘Romeo is Bleeding”.





Hemerocallis ‘Angel’s Realm’

Daylilies Angel’s Realm

(30” ht – $14.95)  Bred by Brother Charles Reckamp and Roy Klehm (Daylily Royalty!), this heavenly creature produces 6” blended peachy yellow very ruffled blooms mid to late season. This one’s said to be a “cornerstone of (Brother Charles) breeding program”, so ya KNOW it is a “gotta-have”!






Hemerocallis ‘Apricot Sparkles’

Daylilies Apricot Sparkles

(15” ht – $10.95) A wee wonder! From Daryl Apps, this dwarf darlin’ boasts diamond dusted apricot ruffley and frilly 3” blooms that seemingly bloom forever! Starts the show very early, and repeats until frost….a gazillion blooms too!







Hemerocallis ‘Barbara Mitchell’

Daylilies Barbara Mitchell

(20” ht – $10.95) This classic daylily was a winner of the Stout Medal THE highest Daylily Award!) in 1992, and she sure did deserve it! An outstanding pink, she has a 6” bloom with fluffily edges and a yellow throat. Starts to bloom midseason, and is a phenomenal rebloomer! Photo courtesy Oakes Daylilies.

Hemerocallis ‘Bela Lugosi’ 

Daylilies Bela Lugosi

(33” ht – $12.95) This monster of a Daylily has 6” true purple blooms with a lime green throat. A tetraploid mid-season bloomer; winner of the Award of Merit; also a popularity poll winner in our region from the American Hemerocallis Society!







Hemerocallis ‘Big Blue’ 

Daylilies Big Blue

(24”ht – $12.95) No, this one doesn’t really have blue flowers, but instead has HUGE (6.5”) diamond dusted lavender pink ruffled flowers with a yellow watermark. A tetraploid award-winner, the flowers are reblooming and fragrant.







Hemerocallis ‘Big Smile’

(22” ht – $12.95) This bright Daylily boasts a HUGE flower that is light yellow with faint streaks of dark pink…very noticeable from far across the garden! Blooms mid-season.



Hemerocallis ‘Black Arrowhead’

Daylilies Black Arrowhead

(34” ht – $14.95) I know I’ve mentioned on numerous occasions my love of the unusual, so it is no surprise that I ADORE this graceful and classy spider-form daylily! She is mauve with a deep purple eye and green throat….just reaches to draw you in with her elegance! A mid-season and nocturnal bloomer; VERY limited quantities too!







Hemerocallis ‘Bright Sunset’

Daylilies Bright Sunset

(32” ht – $11.95) Ahhhh, my favorite time of day, so ya KNOWN how nice this one is! Huge 6” flowers are a coppery orange color with lighter gold throats and midribs (think the glory of the evening sky!) VERY fragrant, has extended bloom time too!







Hemerocallis ‘Buddy’s Shaun’

Daylilies Buddy’s Shaun

(34” ht – $12.95) This wondrous daylily with LOTSA character  has TEN INCH blooms that have long and graceful CURLING deep red petals and huge yellow throats; what a statement he makes! An early season and repeat bloomer too!

Hemerocallis ‘Christmas Ribbon’

Daylilies Christmas Ribbon

(34” ht – $12.95) I just ADORE the spider varieties, and this one is a REAL beut! She has NINE INCH blooms of cheerful Christmas red with sunny yellow throats. Talk about a present in your garden….wowzers! Early to mid bloomer.







Hemerocallis ‘Colorado Moonfire’

Daylilies Colorado Moonfire

(22” ht – $12.95) This mid and repeat bloomer has 3½” flowers that are tangerine orange with hints of coral and yellow halos. A very bright and cheerful little guy!







Hemerocallis ‘Congo Coral’

Daylilies Congo Coral

(22” ht – $13.95) This one is a fully DOUBLE bloomer with flowers that are salmon with a red eye and yellow throat….ay carrumba! An early to mid rebloomer too! (photo courtesy Growing Colors)






Hemerocallis ‘Desert Flame’

Daylilies Desert Flame

(36” ht – $12.95) A HOT HOT HOT rebloomer with 6” fiery orange-red ruffled flowers that have chartreuse throats. Starts mid-season and keeps the show up with repeat blooms!








Hemerocallis ‘Divine Comedy’

Daylilies Divine Comedy

(30” ht – $13.95) This show-stopper is a very unusual dusty red with much crimping on its edges that stands out due to its silvery-yellow color. A mid-season rebloomer with flowers that are 5½ -6”….holy moly!







Hemerocallis ‘Double Old Ivory’

Daylilies Double Old Ivory

(30” ht – $13.95) I swoon over doubles, and this one’s a real looker! An early to mid-season extended bloomer, this puppy has fully double cream and powdery white 5” flowers! A show-stopper when combined with ‘Highland Lord’, ‘Indian Giver’, ‘Lavender Heartthrob’, ‘Nosferatu’ and ‘Stolen Treasure’!

Hemerocallis ‘Early Snow’  

Daylilies Early Snow

(29” ht – $13.95) This one has GIGANTIC (7”+) creamy white flowers with green throats; fragrant, ruffled, and a repeat bloomer too! Unbelievable and a “gotta-have”!







Hemerocallis ‘Entrapment’

Daylilies Entrapment

(25” ht – $13.95) This one is called a “super-bloomer” ‘cause a mature plant can have 32+ flowers per stem….I sure WOULD call that super!!! The flowers are 6”, ruffly, and purple tinged with blue tones and yellow throats. A mid rebloomer.






Hemerocallis ‘Flutterbye’

Daylilies Flutterbye

(26” ht – $13.95) Now ya KNOW I got the name “Contrary” for a reason, right?! Well, one of the reasons is ‘cause I like the odd, unusual and offbeat, hence my love of unusual shaped Daylilies! I just ADORE spider shapes, and this one is a real winner in my book. It has 6-7” blooms that are deep purple, with lighter lavender sepals (the bottom three petals); what a contrast! The edges are slightly lighter and somewhat crinkled, and it also has a pronounced green throat. Did I mention it was fragrant and a repeat bloomer too??!

Hemerocallis ‘Fooled Me’

Daylilies Fooled Me

(24” ht – $13.95) Yet ANOTHER Stout Winner (from 2005), this beauty is a study in contrasts! It produces a gazillion blooms that are 5-6”, BRIGHT golden yellow, with DEEP tomato-soup red eye zones and edges….bazinga! An early-mid tetraploid that would REALLY stand out with a double red like ‘Moses Fire’ and ‘Night Embers’! Photo courtesy Oakes Daylilies.








Hemerocallis ‘Forestlake Ragamuffin’

Daylilies Forestlake Ragamuffin

(28” ht – $13.95) Have I mentioned on NUMEROUS occasions how much I adore the crinkly, ruffley, fringy ones??! Well, this one is a STUPENDOUS example! She has 5½-6” pink with hints of lon flowers with tons of gold/peach/melon ruffles and a green throat. An early to mid bloomer that’ll knock yer socks off!






Hemerocallis ‘Fragrant Returns’

Daylilies Fragrant Returns

(18” ht – $10.95) This repeat, extended bloomer has very fragrant clear lemon, lightly ruffled flowers; very compact and blooms its little heart out!







Hemerocallis ‘Freedom Dove’

Daylilies Freedom Dove

(26” ht – $13.95) An early to mid long bloomer that has 6½” near white blooms with just the merest hints of the palest pink and a yellow throat. She’s got tons of character and makes a perfect contrast to the dark and handsome ones…she just glows!




Hemerocallis ‘Frosted Vintage Ruffles’

Daylilies Frosted Vintage Ruffles

(24” ht – $13.95) Did I mention how much I liked the unique and unusual??! I could hardly contain myself when this beauty started blooming….just take a gander at the picture! It is termed a “super bloomer” as a mature 3 year old plant can have over 300 flowers; talk about bang for your buck! And what blooms they are, as they are 5” pastel yellow and blush pink, with darker salmon edges that are crinkled and wavy; what texture! VERY fragrant and a repeat bloomer too…yep a “gotta-have”!





Hemerocallis ‘Golliwog’

Daylilies Golliwog

(25” ht – $13.95) Well, this one had me at his name! He is a mid to late season REBLOOMER and is a HUGE spider form, producing almost 9” flowers that are a very light pink tinged with yellow with green throats. Good Golly Miss Molly he sure is keen!






Hemerocallis ‘Highland Lord’

Daylilies Highland Lord

(22” ht13.95) This one is a bodacious bonny daylily that Robbie Burns would wax poetic o’er!!! A 22” ht with GINORMOUS 5”+ double red blooms that have lemony yellow throats; a mid to late and REPEAT bloomer! Did I mention he is a Hemerocallis Society award winner for best double also???! ‘Tis a Contrary “gotta-have” for sure and begorrah!

Hemerocallis ‘Indian Giver’

Daylilies Indian Giver

(20” ht – $15.95) A Winner of the Award of Merit, I hate to say it but this is yet another Contrary fave! REALLY unusual, with 5” blooms that are dark plum purple with thin white edges and some white bursting from its green throat. VERY floriferous, a repeat bloomer, and would REALLY stand out in your perennial bed!






Hemerocallis ‘King Creole’

Daylilies King Creole

(26” ht13.95) He is a midseason and extended blooming tetraploid that has medium gold flowers with faint red chevrons surrounding a green throat. Very regal!







Hemerocallis ‘Kings & Vagabonds’

Daylilies Kings & Vagabonds

(22” ht14.95) A STUPENDOUS Petit Daylily that is a tetraploid mid-bloomer with 6” pinkish orchid, VERY textured flowers that have creamy yellow watermarks and green throats. A new Contrary FAVE ‘cuz of all of his character and crimpiness and subtlety of shading. VERY LIMITED!







Hemerocallis ‘Larry Grace’ 

Daylilies Larry Grace

(21” ht – $14.95) A new Contrary Fave, and you’ll see why when this blooming machine produces his 6”+ yellow flowers with deeper yellow piecrusting (all the more to highlight it!); an early to mid rebloomer…..Larry’s my kinda man!






Hemerocallis ‘Lavender Heartthrob’ 

Daylilies Lavender Heartthrob

(22” ht – $14.95) This heart stopper produces FRAGRANT, HUGE 7” flowers that are deep lavender with golden piecrusted edges and green throats. Starts blooming VERY early and continues to bloom throughout the season. Yep, you guessed it, another Contrary “gotta-have”!

Hemerocallis ‘Mandarin Seas’ 

Daylilies Mandarin Seas

(25” ht – $13.95) A REBLOOMING tetraploid with 5” flowers that are described as having a lavender wash with an orange watermark and a greenish-yellow throat; lovely crimping also! All I can say is she’s a beaut! VERY limited so grab her up before she sets sail!!!



Hemerocallis ‘Marque Moon’

Daylilies Marque Moon

(24” ht – $13.95) You only have to take a look at our picture to know why I adore this beauty! It is an outstanding white daylily with deliciously ruffled creamy blossoms with yellow picotee edges; VERY fragrant, a heavy bloomer….she looks like she has her party dress on! Mid to late tetraploid that is a “gotta-have” combined with Moses Fire, Bela Lugosi, and Indian Giver!






Hemerocallis ‘Matt’s Gift’ 

Daylilies Matt’s Gift

(36” ht – $13.95) This is a gift that just keeps on giving, as he is a mid to late REBLOOMER with VERY FRAGRANT 7” clear bright yellow ruffled flowers with bold green throats! To die for when planted with ‘Lavender Heartthrob’, ‘Pizza Crust’ and ‘Roses in Snow’!







Hemerocallis ‘Mean As A Snake’  

Daylilies Mean As A Snake

(28” ht – $13.95) (not really though as snakes are nice!) This slick one’s early and a REBLOOMER, with 6” flowers of bright violet with white petal edges and white radiating from his green throat—he sssssure is ssssuper!







Hemerocallis ‘Mini Pearl’

Daylilies Mini Pearl

(16” ht – $12.95) A wee, adorable little lassie that has 3” petite blooms that are a romantic soft blush pink with buttery yellow throats. What she lacks in height she makes up for in blooming power as she starts early season producing scads of repeat and extended blooms. A bloomin’ machine!







Hemerocallis ‘Mississippi Red Bed Beauty’

Daylilies Mississippi Red Bed Beauty

(34” ht – $13.95) This midseason REBLOOMER has 6” FRAGRANT and VIVID red flowers with green throats….edges are gently crimped also. WOOO EEEE!








Hemerocallis ‘Monterrey Jack’   

Daylilies Monterrey Jack

(24” ht – $12.95) This award-winning early bloomer has open, ruffled flowers that are clear yellow with raspberry eyes….so impressive planted with ‘Nosferatu’ and ‘Bela Lugosi’!








Hemerocallis ‘Moonlit Masquerade

Daylilies Moonlit Masquerade

(26” ht – $13.95) This early to mid rebloomer has 5½” creamy vanilla flowers with deep wine purple eyes…striking and Contrary! Would look outstanding with a deep purple like ‘Nosferatu!’








Hemerocallis ‘Moses Fire’

Daylilies Moses Fire

(22” ht 13.95)This HUGE (6”) BRIGHT red double REALLY draws attention! Very ruffily and fluffily, the flowers even have a thin yellow edge to highlight their uniqueness! A very high bud count and an outstanding rebloomer too! I’m crazy about doubles!







Hemerocallis ‘Night Embers’

Daylilies Night Embers

(24” ht – $13.95) This deep red daylily has DOUBLE fragrant flowers and is a great rebloomer! She would look STUNNING paired with ‘Ice Carniva!’








Hemerocallis ‘New Clown Face’       

Daylilies New Clown Face

(24” ht – $ 13.95) An early bloomer that has 5½” bright yellow flowers with deep maroon eyes and lots of cheerful ruffling. Produces GAZILLIONS of flowers and is not at all scary as clowns can be! He REALLY stands out in your Daylily collection too!

Hemerocallis ‘New Falling Stars’   

Daylilies New Falling Stars

(30” ht – $13.95) A midbloomer that has 6” white to cream flowers with lots of ruffles and VERY wide petals….PERFECT for contrast!








Hemerocallis ‘Nosferatu’

Daylilies Nosferatu

(26” ht – $13.95) Bwahaha….this monster of a Daylily has won NUMEROUS awards, and is similar to ‘Bela Lugosi’ but shorter and with fragrant blooms. VERY heavy bloomer, with 6” deep purple, ruffled flowers with chartreuse throats. Yep, Contrary Mary sez it’s a “gotta-have”!







Hemerocallis ‘Now and Zen’

Daylilies Now and Zen

(25” ht – $13.95) This beauty will “center” your garden with her 4” deep yellow flowers with a deep maroon eye; flowers are also edged in maroon to give her an exotic look! A mid re-bloomer too!








Hemerocallis ‘Persian Melon Plus’

Daylilies Persian Melon Plus 1

Daylilies Persian Melon Plus 2

(34” ht – $13.95) Are ya looking for an unusual one? Well here she is! In the “Eyed” variety category, this one produces 6½” tan to cream to beige to ecru flowers with DEEP wine purple eyes and matching tips on her ruffled petals….very exotic! Put her with ‘Apricot Sparkles’, ‘Night Embers’, and ‘Scottish Fantasy’ for an unbelievable display! A mid to late long bloomer too!Here she is with ‘Siloam Double Fringe’ –>







Hemerocallis ‘Pizza Crust’

Daylilies Pizza Crust

(30” ht – $13.95) A ‘licious newbie that has 6” blooms of different blended shades of peach, cream, yellow, and light pink with pie-crusted edges. A mid to late long bloomer with MANY buds and scapes!








Hemerocallis ‘Primal Scream’

Daylilies Primal Scream

(34” ht – $16.95) This almost unbelievable Daylily was the winner of the Stout Medal (Hemerocallis Society’s highest honor!) and ya sure as shootin can see why! GINORMOUS 7½” blooms are a vivid stop-traffic orange; he blooms mid to late and ya sure won’t ever miss the show!








Hemerocallis ‘Red Pinnacle’

Daylilies Red Pinnacle

(28” ht – $12.95) Another showy, fantastic spider form that has ELEVEN INCH (no, not a typo!) blooms that are FRAGRANT and have long, garnet-red petals with humungo yellow throats! She faces upward and outward to really show off; blooms for a long time starting mid to late season. A MUST for your daylily collection!









Hemerocallis ‘Romeo is Bleeding’

Daylilies Romeo is Bleeding

(24” ht – $13.95) A bizarro name, right?! He boasts 6” HUMUNGOUS blooms that are VERY deep “blood” red (naturally!) and are highlighted with yellow piecrusting. Some yellow “bleeds” into the flower too! He is a mid rebloomer.

Hemerocallis ‘Rose Storm’

Daylilies Rose Storm

(22” ht – $12.95) Another beauteous early to mid-season REBLOOMER with 4½-5” DOUBLE deep rose blooms with lovely contrasting yellow throats. I just LOVE those doubles!!!

Hemerocallis ‘Roses in Snow’

(24” ht – $12.95) This one is an unusual combo of pinky-red with light pink to ivory edges and a soft chartreuse throat….lovely! An early to mid rebloomer.

Hemerocallis ‘Rosie’s Bright Eyes’ 

Daylilies Rosie’s Bright Eyes

(24” ht – $15.95) An unregistered seedling from my buddy Scott Lindberg (who allowed me to name her too!) She is gorgeous, with pumpkin orange 6” blooms that are very textured and ruffled and have bright orangey red watermarks and deeper orange throats; she is named after our equally gorgeous Greenhouse Greeter Cat Rosie. VERY limited and VERY special!

Hemerocallis ‘Rosy Returns’

Daylilies Rosy Returns

(15” ht – $12.95) This is a “shorty but sweetie” from Apps and was the FIRST “ever-blooming” pink daylily! The 4” FRAGRANT blooms are a strong pink with darker eye zones and will bloom from about mid-June on! Ya KNOW she’ll fit in anywhere!








Hemerocallis ‘Ruby Spider’

Daylilies Ruby Spider

(34”ht – $13.95) I just love the daylilies with unusual shaped petals! This one has HUMONGOUS (9”) ruby-red flowers with spoon shaped petals and large yellow throats and midribs. A multiple award winner, it is an early bloomer and a tetraploid.








Hemerocallis ‘Ruffled Apricot’ 

Daylilies Ruffled Apricot

(28” ht – $9.95) A multi award winner, including winning the Silver Stout Medal which is the highest award given by the American Hemerocallis Society! This tetraploid has 7” ruffled apricot orange petals with paler midribs and golden orange throats. Highly fragrant flowers, it blooms mid-season with extended bloom time! Photo courtesy Walters Gardens.







Hemerocallis ‘San Ignacio’

Daylilies San Ignacio

(28” ht – $12.95) Such a sweetie! VERY fragrant, she’s got large (6”) soft pink blooms with yellow throats that are frilly and girly. Starts early in the season, and repeats profusely! She looks sweet and delicate but is tough and long-lasting!

Hemerocallis ‘Scottish Fantasy’

Daylilies Scottish Fantasy

(28” ht – $10.95)  As you may or may not know, I ADORE all things “Scottish” (and who doesn’t love Shelties, Bagpipes, and men in kilts??!) O.K. maybe not so much Haggis, but pretty much all else, and this wee darlin’ in no exception! Very large (6”), FRAGRANT coral pink flowers with yellow watermarks are produced mid-season, and then are repeat bloomers! Robbie Burns would wax poetic over this one!

Hemerocallis ‘Siloam Double Classic’

Daylilies Siloam Double Classic

(26” ht – $9.95) Another multiple award winner (including the Silver Stout Medal!), this diploid has very sweetly scented 4½” flowers that are double and look to be diamond dusted with soft peachy pink piecrusted petals and yellow halos surrounding green throats. An early to mid season bloomer with extended bloom time!








Hemerocallis ‘Siloam Double Fringe’

Daylilies Siloam Double Fringe 1

Daylilies Siloam Double Fringe 2

(30” ht – $13.95)  The whole ‘Siloam’ series by Pauline Henry is wonderful, and this one gives you double the joy! A nice clear, soft, 5” yellow flower is fully double….blooms copiously mid-season and would be a knockout with a double red like ‘Night Embers’ and bright ones like ‘Starstruck’, ‘Bright Sunset’, and ‘Nosferatu’! Check it out –> with Persian Melon Plus (L)!









Hemerocallis ‘Starstruck’

Daylilies Starstruck

(26” ht – $13.95)  This one belongs in the “wowzers, THAT’S a DAYLILY???” category with 6-7” (yep, not a typo!) BRIGHT yellow piecrusted blooms with prominent ribs. VERY much a rebloomer and FRAGRANT too…..put her with a dark beauty like ‘Nosferatu’ and stand back to see the show!!!








Hemerocallis ‘Stephanie Returns’

Daylilies Stephenie Returns

(16” ht – $10.95) A short newbie in the “Happily Ever Appster” series, this cutie has peachy pink, ruffled petals with purple eyes and yellow throats….in bloom almost continually June thru August! LOTSA bang for your buck! Photo courtesy Walters Gardens.









Hemerocallis ‘Stolen Treasure’

Daylilies Stolen Treasure

(26” ht – $12.95) A Contrary bi-tone! A diamond-dusted mix of rose pink and pastel pink combine on this nearly 7” flower that also has yellow throats! A long bloomer early to mid-season….sweet!









Hemerocallis ‘Sun Dried Tomatoes’

Daylilies Sun Dried Tomatoes

(32” ht – $13.95)  A stunning Daylily with an irresistible name, this yummy one has 6” blooms that are deep deep velvety-red and sparkly, with yellow throats. VERY sunfast with a plethora of scapes/flowers, blooms for a very long time starting mid to late season. Ya GOTTA pair her with ‘Pizza Crust’!!!







Hemerocallis ‘Techny Spider’

Daylilies Techny Spider

(21” ht – $13.95)  Wowzers do I LOVE the spider forms, and this mid to late one produces FRAGRANT 7” blossoms that are yellow with peachy-pink highlight that really add texture and depth; piecrusted edges too! A DEFINITE “gotta-have”!








Hemerocallis ‘Water Dragon’

Daylilies Water Dragon

(28” ht – $12.95) This unusual beastie produces gobs of glorious 6” blooms that are a velvety burgundy with a triangular halo that is creamy white to green. A great landscape Daylily as it is a strong grower with lots of flowers; reblooms too!








Hemerocallis ‘When My Sweetheart Returns’

Daylilies When My Sweetheart Returns

(14” ht – $12.95) Considered an “everblooming Daylily”, this one from Darryl Apps produces copious amounts of 4” ruffled flowers that are peachy-yellow with sweet pink eyes and yellow throats. Blooms for months and months and is truly a “gotta-have”!







Hemerocallis ‘Woodside Romance’ 

Daylilies Woodside Romance

(27” ht – $12.95) Another extraordinary Daryl Apps intro that produces SCADS of 5” deep rose pink ruffled and FRAGRANT flowers starting midseason and repeating often. She sure is a sweetie!








Hemerocallis ‘Woodsman’ 

Daylilies Woodsman

(28” ht – $13.95) A mid blooming fella with robust and intense 6” flowers that are a deep purple-black with unique white edging on slightly ruffled petals; yep, another “gotta-have”!!!








Hemerocallis ‘You Angel You’

Daylilies You Angel You

(15” ht – $13.95) This diminutive darling with be a star in your garden with heavenly 2” blooms that are peachy cream, fully DOUBLE, and have a red eye. A true “gotta-have”; catch her before she flies away!