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Hostas A-G

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(7” ht x 16” w – $7.00) This sport of ‘Gold Drop’ is green centered and darling. We have a nice one in the display bed to look at!

‘Abiqua Blue Crinkles’                            

(28” ht x 40” w – $10.00) A lovely pale blue wrinkly creature that has nice cupping as it matures and white flowers.

‘Abiqua Drinking Gourd’                     

Hosta Abiqua Drinking Gourd

(20” ht x 48” w  – $12.00) Deeply cupped & heavily corrugated blue-green foliage, near white flowers in June/July. A Contrary Mary Top 10 pick! 2014 Hosta Grower’s Hosta of the Year!




‘Abiqua Elephant Ears’                           

(29” ht x 60” w – $22.00) This big beautiful beastie is aptly named! Its a bodacious Brobdingnagian, arching long green leaves can measure 17” x 13”…yowza! I’m thinking it would be cool to plant a Mouse Ear family member near it to see what happens….! Pale lavender flowers.

‘Abiqua Recluse’                                     

(23” ht x 48” w  – $10.00) Brilliant gold, corrugated & slug resistant, outstanding specimen plant! Pale lavender flowers in June/July. See pictures at Hosta Library!

‘Abiqua Trumpet’                                   

(9” ht x 18” w  – $7.00) A nice small, solid hosta with great substance and blue-green leaves. Also has nice light purple flowers in July.

‘Abraham Lincoln’

Hosta Abraham Lincoln

(16” ht x 36” w – $20.00) We here in the “Land of Lincoln” are proud of “our” fabulous President, and this handsome devil deserves to be inaugurated into your Hosta collection! Sporting very corrugated, thick blue-green foliage that is robust and dependable, he makes a great medium-sized anchor. Pale purple flowers. Photo courtesy Q & Z Nursery.


Hosta Afterglow

(24” ht x 30” w – $20.00) This provocative sport of (what else!) ‘Climax’ has green heart-shaped foliage with very wide yellow margins. An eye-catching, impelling specimen plant with pale lavender flowers! Photo courtesy Walters Gardens.

‘Aladdin’s Lamp’                                    

Hosta Aladdins Lamp

(20” ht x 40” w – $18.00) This treasure has cupped and corrugated BRIGHT gold foliage that reaches upward and outward; slowish growth rate but oh-so-worth the wait! Lavender flowers. Photo courtesy Q & Z Nursery.


Hosta Alakazaam

(5” ht x 14” w            – $19.00) A smashing new mini with long narrow, ruffley foliage that is green with yellow margins; forms a horizontal, distinctive little mound. Would look INCREDIBLE with a hosta like ‘Maui Buttercups’ or ‘Lettuce Salad’ for contrast! May not be ready until late summer. Photo courtesy Walters Gardens.

‘Alex Summers’                                       

Hosta Alex Summers

(22” h x 41” w -$12.00) ‘Alex Summers’ is a way-cool sport of ‘Gold Regal’ that boasts bright golden margins surrounding lush green centers; a great specimen! Lavender flowers.

‘All That Jazz’

Hosta All That Jazz

(23” ht x 48” w – $16.00) A nice large hosta from Olga Petryszyn that has slightly shiny, very large, heart shaped foliage that is medium green with creamy yellow edges. Horns will be tootin’ for this beauty (oh, has pale lavender flowers too!) Photo courtesy of Shady Oaks Nursery.

‘Allegan Fog’

Hosta Allegan Fog #1

Hosta Allegan Fog #2

(18” ht x 40” w – $13.00) A sensational new misted hosta! This plant has misted green foliage with a white center-foliage is slightly twisted. Pale lavender flowers in July. Wow!

‘Alligator Alley’                                       

Hosta Alligator Alley

(18” ht x 36” w – $22.00) Having driven through Alligator Alley several times, I can attest that anything named for it would have to be exceedingly tough, and this baby is no exception! A sport of ‘Dick Ward’, it has pebbled, very heavily corrugated nearly round foliage with yellow centers and wide blue-green margins. A slug would definitely chip a tooth if he chews on this one! Near white flowers. Photo courtesy Walters Gardens.


Hosta Almost

(?15” ht x 28” w? – $32.00) This jaw-dropping Hosta has glossy green leaves with red pets stretching ALMOST to the center of the leaf!!! VERY limited and a Collector’s “gotta-have”!

‘Amazing Grace’                                      

(20” ht x 48” w – $15.00) How sweet the sound…oh, sorry! She IS a sweetie, though, with dark green foliage that has white margins; a nice grower, with near white flowers too!

‘American Gothic’

Hosta American Gothic

(27” h x 52” w – $20.00) This beauty was introduced at the 2010 Midwest Hosta Convention and is destined to be a classic! It has a blue-green center and wide creamy margin; great substance and is quite civilized! Pale lavender flowers. Photo courtesy Q & Z Nursery.

‘American Hero’

Hosta American Hero

(12” h x 16” w- $18.00) ‘American Hero’ is a rough and tough ‘Revolution’ sport with wide, deep green margins and a white to cream speckled center. Its foliage has great substance and twists slightly which makes it a real standout in the garden! Walters Gardens donates a portion of the proceeds to Greencare For Troops, which provides landscape services to families of those deployed in the Armed Forces. A great plant and a great cause! Lavender flowers. Photo courtesy Walters Gardens.

‘American Icon’                                       

Hosta American Icon 1

Hosta American Icon 2

(22” ht x 60” w  – $16.00) An outstanding specimen that’s a sport of ‘Choo Choo Train’ with green leaves and a wide gold margin. Pale lavender flowers. Can form a massive clump!

‘American Sweetheart’

Hosta American Sweetheart

(20” ht x 30” w  – $16.00) This Hosta was named in honor of Mildred Seaver and is a tetraploid version of ‘Sea Thunder’ with much wider green margins, thicker leaves, and a more upright habit than its parent. Lavender flowers top it off in August. A beauty!


Hosta Andrew

(21” ht x 28” w – $20.00) A lovely tri-color sport of ‘Blue Mammoth’, he has blue foliage with creamy white centers and a streak of green between the center and margins. Becomes very corrugated and puckered with age; rather a slow grower but definitely worth it! Pale lavender flowers. Photo courtesy Walters Gardens.


Hosta Android

(7” ht x 12” w – $28.00)An out-of-this-world sport of ‘Stitch in Time’ that feels almost rubbery due to his awesome substance! The color subtleties are very unique and hard to describe (and I don’t say that very often ‘cause ya know I’m never at a loss for words!) He has 3-4 shadings of yellow to chartreuse to cream….VERY awesome and limited!

‘Ann Kulpa’                                            


Hosta Ann Kulpa

(20” ht x 40” w – $13.00) This striking specimen hosta has a dark green leaf that has a creamy yellow center that changes to a clean white mid-season. A vigorous grower with great substance and pale lavender flowers. Photo courtesy Walters Gardens.

‘Aomori Gold’                                         

Hosta Aomori Gold

(18” ht x 30” w – $26.00)A BRILLIANT golden beacon, especially in the spring—found wandering the wilds on Honshu Island! A great grower and EXTREMELY limited! (photo courtesy Q & Z Nursery)

‘Arc de Triomphe’                                   

(21” ht x 50” w – $14.00) This piece de resistance has comely blue-green leaf centers (changing to dark green) with yellow margins that turn pure white in summer. Foliage is wavy and interesting; pale lavender flowers.

‘Arctic Blast’

Hosta Artic Blast

(20” ht x 30” w – $14.00) This vase-shaped hosta has frosty blue foliage with wavy margins and twisted leaf tips; also has cool white undersides and lavender flowers. Shiver me timbers, this is a cool one! Photo courtesy of Monty Carlson.







‘Atomic Elvis’                                          

Hosta Atomic Elvis

(15” ht x 30” w – $18.00) This one has blue-green undulating leaves (you would expect nothing else!) Bbbbaby what a hosta! Lavender flowers. (photo courtesy Naylor Creek)

‘Autumn Frost’                                       

Hosta Autumn Frost

(12” h x 12” w – $18.00) ‘Autumn Frost’ is an awesome new sport of ‘First Frost’ with bright yellow margins surrounding frosty blue centers. Margins may lighten to cream in the summer; has the incredible substance you would expect coming from such great parentage! Lavender flowers. Photo courtesy Walters Gardens


Hosta Avocado

(20” h x 48” w – $16.00) ‘Avocado’ is a real treat for your garden! It has very wide deep green leaf margins that are striking and showy (much more vivid than its parent ‘Guacamole’!) Oh, did I mention its fragrant showy pale lavender flowers too?!


Hosta Atlantis

(28” ht x 60” w – $16.00) This awesome tetraploid sport of ‘Abba Dabba Do’ has long, dark green, ruffled foliage with a limey margin and light lavender flowers. Paradise is found with this dramatic specimen plant! May not be available until late summer. Photo courtesy Naylor Creek Hostas.

‘Baby Blue Eyes’

Hosta Baby Blue Eyes

(Mini – $14.00) This little cutie from Bob Solberg has very blue heart shaped foliage with a compact growing habit and lavender flowers. What can I say…awww! Photo courtesy of Green Hill Nursery.

‘Baby Booties’

Hosta Baby Booties

(Mini – $16.00) This little darlin’ is a “gotta-have” for your mini collection, with precious bitsy leaves that are deep green with streaky white margins. A copious producer of precious pale purple flowers; may not be ready for adoption until late summer! Photo courtesy Q & Z Nursery.

‘Baby Bunting’                                        

(7” ht x 16” w – $8.00) Although certainly not new, I keep forgetting to include this little cutie! Everyone should have this little darling in their collection—she has foliage that starts blue and morphs into dark green by summer, a very tight growth habit with nearly round foliage, and masses of DARK purple flowers! LOTS of awww factor here!

‘Band of Gold’                                        

Hosta Band of Gold

(22” ht x 30” w – $13.00) A nice grower that is a seedling of ‘Dorothy Benedict’ x hypoleuca with broad green leaves edged with a wide gold margin that change to creamy white mid-summer. Pure white flowers late June.


Hosta Bashful

(?8” ht x 18” w? – $20.00) This little cutie is a seedling from ‘Blue Cadet’, and has creamy mottled spring foliage, becoming greener as the season progresses. New growth still has that mottling effect, so it looks neat all season! White flowers. Photo courtesy Naylor Creek Hostas.

‘Beach Party’

Hosta Beach Party

(924” ht x 50” w – $18.00) This one’s a beautiful blue sport of ‘Lakeside Beach Captain’; thick- substanced and loads of fun with pale lavender flowers. Another limited one! (photo courtesy Q & Z Nursery)


Hosta Beckoning

(21” ht x 40” w – $22.00) Can’t you hear this large sport of ‘Blue Angel’ calling to you.! A beauty with heart shaped leaves that emerge green and then turn gold with wide blue-green margins. Near white flowers too!

‘Becky’s Choice’                                      

Hosta Becky’s Choice

(16” ht x 28” w – $20.00) This medium-sized beauty has very powdery blue somewhat slender undulating foliage; great form and substance….a great choice! Photo courtesy Q & Z Nursery.

‘Beet Salad’                                             

(12” ht x 24” w – $24.00) This Bob Solberg intro is HOT! It has shiny foliage that has very beet red legs (all the way up!) AND a very narrow band of red edging on the leaves and on the underside of the leaf tips. The purple flowers are fertile (someday we WILL have a red Hosta!) A VERY distinctive Hosta!

‘Bill Brincka’                                           

(24” ht x 48” w – $13.00) This opipara cultivar has intensely shiny, dark green elongated foliage with yellow margins that turn creamy as the season progresses. A rhizomous spreader, he forms an eye-catching groundcover and has neat purple flowers with stripes!

‘Black Beauty’                                         

Hosta Black Beauty

(22” ht x 45” w – $13.00) I just LOVE dark green hostas for their ability to play off of brightly colored foliage—they really make a statement and allow your eyes to focus and rest to be able to take in the whole garden picture. This one is no exception as it is very dark green and forms a distinctive mound of unruly foliage. Pair her with ‘Key West’, ‘Blaze of Glory’, ‘Madam’, or ‘Fat Cat’ for a show-winning combination!

‘Black Jack’                                            

Hosta BlackJack

(22” ht x 40” w – $17.00) This heavily substanced hosta has very dark green, corrugated foliage and makes an outstanding foil. A real knockout!

‘Blaze of Glory’

Hosta Blaze of Glory

(21” ht x 30” w – $15.00) A very flashy looking hosta with bright yellow foliage and lavender flowers. Hot!

‘Blue Cadet’                                            

Hosta Blue Cadet

(20” w x 30” w – $5.00) This old favorite forms a dense blue clump with heart-shaped leaves-very slug resistant. Lavender flowers in July.

‘Blue Dolphin’                                         

(24” ht x 42” w – $14.00) This seedling of ‘Sea Mermaid’ is a unique, blue-green color with rounded, veiny, heart-shaped leaves and near white flowers. A real catch that may not be available until late summer!

‘Blue Flame’                                            

Hosta Blue Flame

(18” ht x 38” w – $14.00) A yellow-edged sport of ‘Fragrant Blue’ (a Contrary Mary fave!) with fragrant pale lavender flowers…very hot! Photo courtesy Naylor Creek Hostas.

‘Blue Haired Lady ’                                 

(12” ht x 34” w – $14.00) A hybrid of ‘Sum & Substance’ x yingeri with an almost plastic substance—very shiny, smooth, dark green leaves that really attract attention! Lavender flowers n tall scapes in July add to its allure!

‘Blue Hawaii’                                          

Hosta Blue Hawaii

(32” h x 78” w – $14.00) ‘Blue Hawaii’ evokes its tropical paradise namesake with its intensely blue, immensely thick foliage; rather torturous as I’m writing this as the snow is coming down! Foliage becomes slightly cupped, and it is one of the BEST hostas for vivid blue coloration. Very limited; get her before paradise is lost! Pale purple flowers. Photo courtesy Q & Z Nursery.

‘Blue Ivory’                                             

Hosta Blue Ivory

(16” ht x 20” w – $18.00) A precious sport of ‘Halcyon’ with creamy white centers and blue margins in spring, morphing to bright white margins and blue green center in summer. Great texture like its parent; lavender flowers too! Photo courtesy of Walters Gardens.

‘Blue Jay’                                                

Hosta Blue Jay

(10” ht x 24” w – $13.00) A remarkably blue hosta (the bluest?!) with heart shaped leaves of great substance; it forms a neat mound that stands out in the garden. Lavender flowers in July. Photo courtesy of Shady Oaks Nursery.

‘Blue Mammoth’                                      

Hosta Blue Mammoth

(30” ht x 70” w – $12.00) Huge mound of slug-resistant, deep blue foliage-slowish growth rate. Near white flowers mid-June/July-wowzers!

‘Blue Mouse Ears’                                    

Hosta Blue Mouse Ears

(8” ht x 19” w – $14.00) One of the very best small hostas (and how could you resist the name!), it has very good substance and almost round leaves. It forms an adorable little mound and has pale purple flowers in July and a medium to slow growth rate (so be patient!) 2008 Hosta Grower’s Hosta of the Year!




‘Blue Wu’

Hosta Blue Wu

(36” h x ? – $28.00) ‘Blue Wu’ is a sport of the GARGANTUAN ‘Empress Wu’, and is clearly destined to become another big, impressive mama! With HUGE blue green leaves and great substance ya just KNOW I’m classifying this one as a “gotta-have”; need I even say it is VERY VERY limited?! Pale lavender flowers, ?36” ht (or more?) Photo courtesy Naylor Creek Hostas.

‘Blueberry a la Mode’                              

Hosta Blueberry a la Mode

(?24” ht x 36” w? – $21.00) As yummy as it sounds, this newbie is a sport of ‘Abiqua Drinking Gourd’ (long a Contrary fave!) with very cupped and distinctive foliage that has white borders. Great substance and yet another “100 yard” Hosta that will zip outa here fast! Near white flowers. Photo courtesy Naylor Creek Hostas.

‘Blueberry Muffins’

Hosta Blueberry Muffins

(13” h x 18” w – $18.00) ‘Blueberry Muffins’ is a delicious new addition (I’m even making myself hungry!) with nearly round, very puckered and very blue foliage that is held aloft by red petioles! Don’t worry though, the slugs won’t find this one appetizing! Lavender flowers. Photo courtesy Walters Gardens.

‘Blueberry Tart’

Hosta Blueberry Tart

(10”? ht x ? – $16.00) A BRAND NEW intro by the Solbergs that is a cross of ‘Blue Cadet’ and ’ Fall Bouquet’ with very blue foliage that is uniquely folded and forms a tight adorable mound. Purportedly holds its color magnificently!  Pinkish flowers in July. Photo courtesy Green Hill Nursery.

‘Blueberry Waffles’                                 

Hosta Blueberry Wafffles

(30” ht x 60” w – $23.00) A hybrid out of two of my FAVES, ‘Spilt Milk’ x ‘Abiqua Drinking Gourd’….this one is AWESOME in its contraryness!!! Starts very blue, eventually turning very dark green, has GOBS of substance and is very crinkly and unruly; near white flowers too! (picture courtesy Bob Solberg).

‘Blushing Blue’

Hosta Blushing Blue

(?16” ht x 36” w? – $24.00) This one is fantastic! A lance-shaped blue leaf with very thick substance gives a great surprise—red veining that goes WAYYYY up into the foliage and reportedly stays for several weeks!!! I’m afraid another Collectors “gotta-have” in VERY limited quantities!

‘Bodacious Blue’                                      

Hosta Bodacious Blue

(32” ht x 50” w – $16.00) Want something tall and stately for your hosta bed? This is it! It has long pointed blue green leaves and near white flowers in July. Gnarly dude! Duncan likes it too!

‘Bogie and Bacall’                                    

Hosta Bogie and Bacall

(13” h x 30” w – $20.00) ‘Bogie and Bacall’ has medium green foliage with a sexy white margin; great growth rate too, sweetheart! VERY limited engagement. Lavender flowers. Photo courtesy Q & Z Nursery.

‘Boyz Toy’                                               

Hosta Boyz Toy

(Mini – $14.00) ‘Boyz Toy’ has it goin’ on….foliage emerges bright chartreuse with red (yup, that’s what I said) leaf tips! The red will fade, and the foliage turns bright yellow and glossy–this is one sassy mini! Vivid purple flowers. Photo courtesy Naylor Creek Hostas.

‘Bridal Falls’                                           

Hosta Bridal Falls

(28” ht x 38” w – $18.00) This sport of (you guessed it!) ‘ Niagara Falls’ forms a gorgeous mound of piecrusted dark green foliage with white edged that streak into the leaf centers. Great substance and veination too; light lavender flowers. A perfect specimen! Photo courtesy Jan van der Top.


Hosta Bridegroom

(8” ht x 16” w – $12.00) A distinctive small hosta with dark green leaves that twist and curl upward at the tips (very Contraryish!) Lavender flowers. Photo courtesy Shady Oaks Nursery.

‘Brother Stefan’                                      

Hosta Brother Stefan

(22” ht x 40” w – $18.00) A phenomenal specimen that has very corrugated gold leaves with a wide green margin. Great substance and a moderate grower; near white flowers.


Hosta Brutus

(36” ht x 60” w – $22.00) This Titan becomes a humongous mound of deep green, heavily piecrusted and veined foliage that cups distinctively downward; this is one that will DEFINITELY be noticed at maturity! Grows somewhat slowly; may not be ready until mid-summer. Pale lavender flowers. Photo courtesy Q & Z Nursery.


Hosta Bulletproof

(16” ht x 34” w – $19.00) This sport of ‘Halcyon’ has blue-green foliage that is so thick it’s almost rubbery! This is definitely one that will be an unusual standout for texture! A somewhat slow grower, it may not be ready until late summer. VERY limited!

‘Buttered Popcorn’

Hosta Buttered Popcorn

(?15” ht x 24” w – $20.00) This yummy one starts a light apple green with yellow margins, then morphs into light yellow with white margins….sweeet (and salty?)! Give her some protection from the sun (photo courtesy Naylor Creek)


Hosta Cameo

(5” ht x 14” w – $13.00) A darling new mini that is the reverse of ‘Pandora’s Box.’ Lavender flowers in July.

‘Candy Dish’                                           

Hosta Candy Dish

(?16” ht x 24” w? – $19.00) Now THIS is a tempting hosta! She has dark green ruffley leaves (piecrusted) that have a glassy texture, purple petioles, and purple flowers…yum! May not be ready until late summer and in VERY limited quantities.

‘Captain Kirk’                                        

Hosta Captain Kirk

(15” ht x 28” w – $13.00) This sport of ‘Gold Standard’ has heavy substance and bright gold foliage with very wide dark green margins and pale lavender flower. A fast grower too!

‘Carolina Sunshine’

Hosta Carolina Sunshine

(14” ht x 28” w – $15.00) A T. Avent intro, this beauty has a dark green center with light green edges and lavender flowers. Very limited quantities!

‘Cat’s Eye’

Hosta Cat’s Eye

(Mini – $12.00) This little charmer is really the cat’s meow of minis! She’s got golden centers and dark green margins; great substance too! May not be ready for adoption until late summer! Photo courtesy Shady Oaks Nursery.

‘Cathedral Windows’

Hosta Cathedral Windows

(18” h x 38” w – $18.00) ‘Cathedral Windows’ is a tetraploid sport of ‘Stained Glass’ that surpassed its parent regarding vividness and distinction! It pass the “Ten Yard” test (does it stand out from afar?!) with its gold center and very wide dark green margins and great substance. This beauty even has pale lavender FRAGRANT flowers!

‘Celtic Uplands’                                       

Hosta Celtic Uplands

(20” h x 36” w           – $22.00) ‘Celtic Uplands’ has dark green, shiny foliage (inherited from its yingeri parent) held aloft by red petioles, and forms a distinctive vase shaped mound. You’ll be saying gosh and beggora when you see its unique spider shaped dark purple flowers that appear late; also sets viable seed!


Hosta Centerfold

(21” ht x 42” w – $18.00) This doll’s a REAL looker, with BRIGHT gold, very corrugated and unruly foliage; would REALLY pop paired with dark green Hostas! Very pale lavender flowers.

‘Cheatin’ Heart’  

Hosta Cheatin’ Heart

(8” ht x 18” w – $10.00)An adorable little mound of light gold foliage that is oval-shaped and slightly wavy, it has pale lavender flowers in July—a real cutie!  Photo courtesy Shady Oaks Nursery.

‘Checkered Cab’                                      

(13” ht x 50” w – $18.00) This newbie is a medium sized Hosta with very bright gold, crinkly, wrinkly, and rumpled foliage that produces purple flowers on eye-catching red scapes. Catch her before she zooms away; may not be ready until late summer!


Hosta Cherish

(4” ht x 10” w – $15.00) An absolute precious mini that is a sport of ‘Baby Bunting.’ She has roundish yellow leaves that streak into the dark green edges. Center turns to near white by midsummer. As if that wasn’t enough for the cute-o-meter, she has tiny very dark purple bell shaped flowers in July. Say it together: AWWWW! Photo courtesy Shady Oaks Nursery.


Hosta Cherokee

(18” ht x 36” w – $18.00) A great new sport of ‘Moonlight Sonata’ with creamy white centers and variable blue-green margins; awesome substance like his parent too! (photo courtesy Q & Z)

‘Cherry Flip’

Hosta Cherry Flip

(16” ht x 28” w – $18.00) This seedling of ‘One Man’s Treasure’ has very distinctive foliage that is wide, deep green, heavily veined, slightly rippled and open facing atop VERY deep red petioles. The foliage forms an upright mound so its red legs are very visible! Purple flowers; may not be ready until late summer!

‘Cherry Tart’                                          

Hosta Cherry Tart

(9” ht x 15” w – $16.00) A VERY bright eye-catching hosta that starts chartreuse and changes to a glowing yellow in summer; also has bright shocking red petioles that make an awesome contrast to the bright foliage. Likes morning sun and may not be ready until late summer!

‘Chesapeake Bay’                                    

Hosta Chesapeake Bay

(24” ht x 50” w – $14.00) This intensely blue and deeply cupped Hosta forms a large vase shaped mound; perfect as a focal point! Somewhat slow grower and has near white flowers.

‘Chief Sitting Bull’

Hosta Chief Sitting Bull

(? 34-44” ht x 75-90” w? – $20.00) This GIANT behemoth has huge deep green unruly foliage of awesome substance; you’ll definitely need to make room for him! A slow mover with pale lavender flowers; not available until late summer, but sure to ride outa here fast!

‘Childhood Fantasy’                                

Hosta Childhood Fantasy

(?16” ht x 28” w? – $18.00) This dreamy guy has long, pointed, wavy blue foliage that has a distinctive leaf tip twist….an upward reaching, dynamic Hosta that is in VERY limited supply; don’t let this fantasy pass you buy (get it?!)


(14” ht x 20” w – $16.00) This new beauty has uniquely shaped green foliage held upright by long red petioles and lavender flowers. Another collector’s hosta sure to garner attention!

‘Chorus Girl’                                           

Hosta Chorus Girl

(11” ht x 20” w – $20.00) A VERY cupped, very corrugated bright gold hosta….she forms an extremely distinctive showy mound, and is a PERFECT foil for a very dark Hosta! (photo courtesy Bob Solberg). I ADORE this one!


Hosta Chromoshpere

(14” ht x 28” w – $20.00) An ‘Ogon tachi’ x ‘English Sunrise’ hybrid that forms a vase-shaped bright golden mound that is smooth and distinctive! (photo courtesy Q & Z)

‘Church Mouse’                                       

Hosta Church Mouse

(Mini – $18.00) This precious little pixie has blue, wavy and VERY thick foliage topped by an abundance of lavender flowers. Great contrast to some of the rounder foliaged mice! Not ready for adoption until fall. Photo courtesy Walters Gardens.


Hosta Clausa

(10” ht x 10” w – $12.00) An oddity from Korea with stiffly erect, straplike green leaves that form a stoloniferous groundcover. Its flowers are unique in that they remain permanently closed and are deep purple.

‘Clear Fork River Valley’

Hosta Clear Fork River Valley

(26” ht x50” w  – $22.00) This beauty has intensely corrugated, puckered, thick deep green foliage that is highly slug resistant and pale lavender flowers…a real standout; might be one of the most “puckery” there is! May not be ready until late summer, but well worth the wait! Photo courtesy Q and Z Nursery. This one has become one of my absolute FAVES!

‘Clifford’s Stingray’                                

Hosta Clifford’s Stingray

(16” h x ? – $16.00) ‘Clifford’s Stingray’ is a bold, brazen, eye-catching hosta with wide dark green margins and  bright white centers that feathers down the leaf. Great substance too! Pale lavender flowers.


Hosta Climax

(24” ht x 36” w – $14.00) This eye-catching sport of ‘High Noon’ has apple green leaves with bright gold margins and great corrugation. A specimen hosta for sure!


Hosta Cloudburst

(15” ht x 30” w – $15.00) This ‘Glory’ seedling has thick, blue-green foliage reminiscent of angry storm clouds that turn shiny and dark green in summer and pale purple flowers. This is one beautiful storm you’ll want to weather! Photo courtesy Q and Z Nursery.


Hosta Clovelly

(18” ht x 18” w – $18.00)This is a REAL stunner and immediately recognizable—with apple-green leaves that show dimpling at maturity and fantastic pie-crust edging, it creates an open clump due to its foliage being held horizontally. Pale lavender flowers in summer…get this one fast as it’s rare and in very limited quantities! A Contrary Mary Top 10 pick!




‘Coast to Coast’                                       

Hosta Coast to Coast

(30” ht x 36” w – $18.00) A gold to yellow beacon in the garden, this vase-shaped beauty is VERY textured and slug resistant! (photo courtesy Olga Petryzyn)

‘Coconut Custard’                                   

Hosta Coconut Custard

(9” ht x 15” w            $18.00) This Solberg Hosta has heart shaped yellow foliage overlaid with white wax to give it a creamy look. Also has bright purple petioles and orchid colored flowers…yummy!


Hosta Cody

(5” ht x 12” w – $10.00) A great dwarf with heart shaped, shiny green leaves. Great grower! Lavender flowers.

‘Cold Heart’                                            

Hosta Cold Heart

(?16” ht x 24” w? – $18.00) This glacial hosta has frosty lime foliage that is heart shaped, rippled and serrated with icy white backs. Very distinctive and definitely a collector’s plant! A Contrary FAVE!


Hosta Corkscrew

(9” ht x 18” w  – $16.00) A real bizarro, worthy of collectors and Contrary Mary customers! It features dark green, highly twisted upright leaves. Guaranteed you won’t confuse THIS one with any others! Blooms very late (September) with pale purple flowers. A gotta have and a Contrary Mary Top 10 pick!




‘Corn Belt’

Hosta CornBelt

(22” h x ? – $13.00) ‘Corn Belt’ is another one of those “10 yard” Hostas…we have an AWESOME specimen in one of our display beds that ALWAYS elicits comments! It forms a mound of bright gold centered, dark green margined, slightly rippled foliage; a bright beacon aptly named for our area! White flowers.

‘Cotton Candy’                                       

Hosta Cotton Candy

(14” ht x 30” w – $20.00) This unique ‘Pathfinder’ sport has heavily freckled and misted green and white foliage, changing to bright green by late summer. A definite “gotta-have” for all you Contrary Hosta Collectors and very limited to boot! Lavender flowers.

‘Cracker Crumbs’                                    

Hosta Cracker Crumbs

(5” ht x 16” w – $12.00) ANOTHER NEW mini, this one is a sport of ‘Shiny Penny’ with slightly wavy, gold-centered leaves with a ½” wide green margin. Great edger, trough plant, or for your fairy garden! Photo courtesy Green Hill Nursery.

‘Cranberry Wine’                                    

(10” ht x 18” w – $22.00) Yes, Contrary DOES love her wine, and this baby’s no exception! This is another “100 yard Hosta” that is distinctive and a “gotta-have”, with VERY shiny, VERY pointed, VERY waxy bright yellow leaves with purple petioles and DEEP cranberry colored scapes; I REALLY love this one! Again, oh, so limited!!!

‘Cream Cheese’

Hosta Cream Cheese

(7” h x 18” w – $15.00) ‘Cream Cheese’ is as delectable as it sounds; with its VERY bright variegated edges (changing from cream to white) and deep purple flowers, you’ll NEED this one to add some zip to your small guys collection! Pair her with ‘Designer Genes,’ ‘Cherry Tomato,’ or ‘High Society’ for stunning combos!

‘Crumb Cake’                                         

Hosta Crumb Cake

(Mini – $16.00) This little gem is a cross between ‘Cinnamon Sticks’ and ‘Cracker Crumbs’ and has honey gold round shiny and waxy leaves that form a cute little mound. Very slug resistant and a great grower (and yummy to boot!)

‘Cup of Grace’

Hosta Cup of Grace

(19” ht x 40” w – $18.00) I REALLY love Hostas with round, cupped, distinct Contrary foliage, so this one is a definite new Fave! A very deep green, she looks as if she’s holding her foliage out to you (??”more please”??!). A real charmer in short supply; white flowers.



Hosta Cupatini

(12” ht x 24” w – $17.00) Another distinctive “cupper,” this one has nearly round, blue, small cupped foliage and near white flowers. Nice!





‘Cutting Edge’                                         

Hosta Cutting Edge

(20” ht x 30” w – $20.00) A real eye-catcher with ruffled arched blue-green foliage that folds to reveal its white leaf backs! Lavender flowers. Photo courtesy Shady Oaks Nursery.

‘Curly Fries’                                            

Hosta Curly Fries

(8” ht? – $20.00) Talk about a distinctive hosta…wow, this is it! A seedling of ‘Pineapple Upside Down Cake’ from Bob Solberg, this one will jump out at you from afar! It has chartreuse narrow curly foliage that lightens to near white in summer. Did you know that hostas have a common ancestry with Yuccas and Agaves? I didn’t, but after viewing this guy I can sure see it! Good sun tolerance; has purple scapes that produce lavender flowers. VERY, VERY, VERY limited and not available until late summer; collectors only!!!

‘Cutting Edge’                                         

(16” h x 34” w – $15.00) ‘Cutting Edge’ truly is an avant-garde creature; with narrowish dark green foliage that begins to fold inward and phenomenal pie-crust edging, this one’s a “gotta-have”! A great Hosta for contrast with bright or more rounded leaved hostas like ‘Rainforet Sunrise,’ ‘Autumn Frost,’ and/or ‘Tropical Storm’! Pale lavender flowers.


Hosta Cuyahoga

(20” ht x 38” w – $22.00) This is another distinctive one with nearly round blue-green foliage with gold margins that change to dark green centers with white margins in summer. Pair her with an elliptical-foliaged one like ‘Chopsticks’, ‘Dragon Tails’, or ‘Praying Hands’ for an AWESOME contrast in leaf-shape and texture! May not be available until late summer.

‘Dance with Me’                                      

Hosta Dance with Me

(18” ht x 28” w – $14.00) A NEW hosta that is the reverse of ‘Last Dance!’ Very eye-catching with light yellow, heart shaped leaves that have a wide light green margin. Has great texture and pale lavender flowers; likes morning sun for best coloration.

‘Dancing Mouse’                                      

(Mini – $18.00) ‘Dancing Mouse’ is another new ‘Mouse ears’ sport with VERY thick blue foliage and a wavy edge that changes from yellowish to pale green. Another cutie that I won’t have for long (and I’ll have to keep away from Joey, our new greenhouse cat!) FANTASTIC lavender flowers.

‘Dancing Queen’                                      

Hosta Dancing Queen

(26” ht x 38” w – $16.00) This frolicking beauty starts out a bright yellow, turning to pale yellow later in the season. MAGNIFICENT pie-crusted edging and an upright grower with pale lavender flowers will have you singing for joy!

‘Dark Shadows’                                       

Hosta Dark Shadows

(20” ht x 40” w – $16.00) This hosta has very thick blue foliage with an un-even yellow border that morphs to medium green by summer. A really unique combination that looks unbelievable with gold-centered hostas like ‘Rainforest Sunrise’, and ‘Stained Glass’! FRAGRANT pale lavender flowers too!

‘Dawn’s Early Light’                               

Hosta Dawn’s Early Light

(20” ht x 30” w – $16.00) Talk about intensity in the spring! This one is brilliant lemon yellow with much ruffling and corrugation of its heart-shaped leaves. Foliage loses its intensity in summer; lavender flowers.

‘Days End’                                              

(25” ht x 60” w – $12.00) A sport of ‘Daybreak’ with medium green centers and gold margins. Good grower and great as a specimen. Lavender flowers.

‘Deep Blue Sea’

Hosta Deep Blue Sea

(13” ht x 38” w – $15.00) I absolutely LOVE this hosta! It has intensely blue very round, corrugated leaves and near white flowers. Another “gotta-have”! A Contrary Mary Top 10 pick!

‘Deep Pockets’

(19” ht x 30” w – $13.00) This hosta has great substance and is medium green and textured with pale lavender flowers. A good grower and nice contrast!

‘Deja Blue’                                              

Hosta Deja Blue

(12” ht x 18” w – $14.00) This sport of ‘Blue Boy’ has blue-green foliage with yellow margins and a cream “lightning bolt” dividing them! VERY unique! Pale lavender flowers too! Photo courtesy Walters Gardens.


(12” ht x 20” w – $16.00) Dah dah dah dah dah dah dah dah dah…..NOT a scary Hosta although I’m sure that song is in your head now!!! It has very twisty, riply, quirky, foliage that is blue with yellow margin. (photo courtesy Naylor Creek)

‘Designer Genes’                                      

Hosta Designer Genes

(12” ht x 30” w – $15.00) A brand new intro with bright gold linear leaves and strikingly contrasting rich red petioles. Purple flowers with red scapes. WOW! Photo courtesy Q and Z Nursery.

‘Devil’s Advocate’

Hosta Devil’s Advocate

(36” h x 48” w – $18.00) ‘Devil’s Advocate’ has immense blue-green foliage with margins that lighten up to a showy apple-green as the season progresses. He’ll be big like his mama ‘Blue Angel,’ and will form an upright vigorous mound. White flowers. Photo courtesy Walters Gardens.

‘Devon Green’

Hosta Devon Green

(12” ht x 25” w – $15.00) All green form of ‘Halcyon’ with VERY shiny dark green foliage and pale lavender foliage. Great as a foil. Photo courtesy Q and Z Nursery.

‘Dew Drop’                                              

(7” ht x 12” w – $7.00) A darling baby (see it in the display bed!) with dark green leaves that have a smidgen of white at their edges.

‘Dick Ward’                                            

(24” ht x 50” w – $15.00) A stupendous sieboldiana-type that does not experience spring burn, this classic has nearly round, heavily substanced, cupped and wavy gold foliage with dark green margins. Magnificent and should be in everyone’s Hosta collection! Very pale lavender flowers.

‘Dinner Mint’

Hosta Dinner Mint

(7” ht x 12” w – $15.00) This little refreshing sport of ‘Lemontini’ is a real doll, with perky bright yellow foliage and very intensely dark green margins! Vigorous and outstanding for your mini/small collection, and VERY LIMITED!


Hosta Dino

(?30” ht x ??? giant! – $22.00) Get a load of the awesomeness of the picture—now THAT’S an impressive leaf! A sport of T-Rex (of course!) that will form a huge beastie! (photo courtesy Naylor Creek)


Hosta Dracula

(?8” ht x 15” w – $22.00) Bwahaha….a sport of ‘Volano Island’ that is very dark (of course!) and very thick….(blood) red pets too! Purple flowers. (photo courtesy Naylor Creek)

‘Dragon Fire’                                          

(24” ht x ?w – $15.00)A BRAND NEW ‘Riptide’ seedling with very large blue-green waxy coated “wing-shaped” leaves with red petioles. Lavender flowers have purple scapes. Very limited!

‘Dragon Tails’  

Hosta Dragon Tails

(5” ht x 12” w – $16.00) A darling mini with long narrow yellow leaves with a teensy wavy edge. Bet your garden fairies would like to take a ride on this one! Lavender flowers. Photo courtesy Green Hill Nursery.

‘Dragon Warrior’

Hosta Dragon Warrior

(?15” ht x 28” w? – $20.00) Out of ‘Red Dragon’, this tough fella has long, strong, pointed foliage with white borders and red legs; very dark lavender flowers too! (photo courtesy Naylor Creek).

‘Dragon’s Eye’                                         

Hosta Dragon’s Eye

(22” ht x 36” w (maybe bigger?!) – $18.00) This great Beastie is a ‘Riptide’ seedling with frosty grey-green foliage with waxy white backs and purple scapes with lavender flowers. Undulating– looks almost in flight! AWESOME collector’s hosta and great for breeding programs! Photo courtesy Green Hill Nursery.

‘Dream Queen’                                        

Hosta Dream Queen

(24” ht x 48” w – $13.00) A sport of ‘Great Expectations’ with showy regal foliage that is yellow with very wide, blue/green margins; white flowers too! (photo courtesy Q & Z)

‘Dylan’s Dilly’

(13” ht x 24” w – $12.00) This very nice chartreuse centered-green margined medium sized Hosta remains lovely all season…..see our great specimen in one of the display beds! Pale lavender flowers.

‘Earth Angel’                                          

Hosta Earth Angel

(30” ht x 80” w – $15.00) An AWESOME sport of ‘Blue Angel’ , this beauty has HUGE heart-shaped blue-green leaves with a creamy white border. Lavender flowers top it in early summer..a MUST as a specimen! 2009 Hosta Grower’s Hosta of the Year!

‘Ebb Tide’                                               

(20” ht x 40” w – $13.00) This Montana ‘Aureomarginata’ sport forms a vase-shaped mound of very wavy and crinkled large narrow foliage that is green centered and gold margined. Very attractive, with near white flowers.

‘Edge of Night’                                        

(24” ht x 40” w – $10.00) A VERY dark green leaved plant with an erect growth habit and mauvish flowers.

‘El Dorado’                                             

Hosta El Dorado

(20” ht x 40” w – $20.00) This very rare gem has rippled, bright gold foliage with AWESOME substance and pale lavender flowers…may be the “gold standard” of yellow hostas! A Sieboldiana type, so is a slowish grower.

‘El Nino’                                                 

Hosta El Nino

(18” ht x 40” w – $18.00) This is one phenomenon you’ll welcome to your garden! It is a sport of ‘Halcyon’ with the same powdery blue, thick substanced foliage with the addition of a pure white margin. Lavender flowers in summer.


(From 31-43” ht x 74-90” w – $14.00) Possibly a hybrid between nigrescens and Montana, it is a magnificent arching, vase shaped mound of light green shiny foliage…lotsa wow-factor! Great for breeding work as it forms many seed pods on its towering scapes (near white flowers). A “gotta-have” for all Hosta collectors!


Hosta Electrocution

(13” ht x 15” w – $18.00) This high-voltage baby is sure to shock your senses with twisted upward facing elongated dark green leaves that have yellow borders. Lavender flowers…a collector’s oddity! A Contrary Mary Top 10 pick! Photo courtesy Walters Gardens.

‘Emerald Ruff Cut’

(?16” ht x 40” w? – $16.00) A sport of ‘Sea Angel Wings’ with foliage that is bright gold centered and has dark green rippled margins—VERY bright and eye-catching! Good grower with pale lavender flowers; very limited!


(16” ht x 40” w – $13.00) A splendid plant with long pointed wavy foliage that has rich green centers and white margins; pale purple flowers with some seed pod production too!

‘Empress Wu’                                          

Hosta Empress Wu

(4½’ ht x 4½’w (maybe bigger!) – $22.00) This is one gigantic girl!!! MAY be the biggest hosta in cultivation with humongous dark green leaves that have groove-like veining and pale lavender flowers. Outstanding!!!


Hosta Enterprise

(20” ht x 40” w – $16.00) This sport of ‘Captain Kirk’ (what else!) has white centers with dark green foliage…seems as bright and eye-catching as its parent, and good substance and growth rate too! Lavender flowers; may not be ready until late summer. Photo courtesy Q and Z Nursery.

‘Erie Magic’                                            

(25” ht x 50” w – $11.00) A bewitching specimen hosta with apple green leaves and a gold margin. Lavender flowers.

‘Essence of Summer’                                

Hosta Essence of Summer

(23” ht x 40” w – $16.00) A tetraploid sport of ‘Warwick Essence’ with rounded very thick medium green foliage and gorgeous FRAGRANT white flowers!

‘Eternal Flame’                                       

(14” ht x 30” w – $14.00) A terrific sport of ‘Whirlwind’ with twisted white speckled foliage and very dark green feathered margins….unique!

‘Exotic Presentation’

Hosta Exotic Presentation

(16” ht x 36” w – $15.00) A nice upright forming, vase-shaped, sensuous clump of deep forest green with vivid yellow turning to cream borders….classy! Lavender flowers. (photo courtesy of Naylor Creek)

‘Eye Declare’                                           

Hosta Eye Declare

(14-16” ht x 20” w – $17.00) This sport of ‘Sea Fire’ has glowing yellow center with thin deep green margins…very pebbly and great substance, y’all! Lavender flowers. Photo courtesy Walters Gardens.


Hosta Faith

(16” ht x 24” w – $18.00) This is a “gotta-have” (EVERYBODY’s gotta have faith right?!) that has huge nearly round leaves that are a glowing yellow and have so much puckering/bumpling/warting that it looks like the colors are forever changing and are in motion! Near white flowers too! Best in morning sun.

‘Faithful Heart’                                       

Hosta Faithful Heart

(10” ht x 22” w – $15.00) ANOTHER new cutie, this is the green-edged sport of ‘Cheatin’ Heart’ (gotta have one to balance the other!) It has pale lavender flowers in July.

‘Fallen Angel’                                          

(24” ht x 48” w – $17.00) This sport of ‘Guardian Angel’ is a real temptress with misted gray and white foliage that persists until mid-season, finally fading to blue. With wavy leaf edges and white flowers, she’s a vixen ya gotta have!

‘Farewell Party’

Hosta Farewell Party

(?16” ht x 28” w? – $18.00) This upright grower has BRILLIANT yellow foliage that has lotsa character! Near white flowers too. Photo courtesy Q & Z Nursery.


Hosta Fashionista

(14” ht x 30” w – $16.00) This is a real diva! She is a sport of one of my all time FAVORITE Hostas, ‘Designer Genes’, with brilliant gold centers, white margins, and BRIGHT red legs and scapes….great contrast! Purple flowers; not ready until late summer! Photo courtesy Q & Z Nursery.

‘Fat Cat’                                                 

Hosta Fat Cat

(22” ht x 52” w – $14.00) Yep, we’ve got a couple of these around here that AREN’T in pots! As to the ones that are in pots, they have lovely rounded very corrugated bright yellow foliage and an upright growth habit that she inherited from her parent ‘Sagae’! She’s one cool cat! Photo courtesy Q & Z Nursery.

‘Final Summation’                                   

Hosta Final Summation

(20” ht x 60” w – $20.00) This NEW sport of ‘Sum & Substance’ introduced by Bob Solberg has remarkable GIANT leaves of bright chartreuse with dark green edges. Pair him with ‘Lady Isobel Barnett’ for a Jaw-dropping combination. Glossy and with great substance, lavender flowers….in VERY limited quantities! Photo courtesy Green Hill Nursery.

‘Fire Island’                                            

Hosta Fire Island

(11” ht x 30” w – $14.00) Brilliant yellow spring foliage has great texture and red petioles that extend up into the base of the leaves. Foliage becomes chartreuse in mid-summer. Lavender flowers. Photo courtesy Naylor Creek Hostas.

‘Fire Opal’                                              

(?20” ht x ?40” w – $15.00) A ‘Gold Standard’ sport with apple green white edged foliage that eventually develops a thin dark green zig-zagged line between the two; give her some morning sun for best parchment-color effect! (see fantastic photo on Hosta Library)

‘First Frost’                                             

Hosta First Frost

(14” ht x 36” w – $18.00) Another lovely sport of ‘Halcyon’ with foliage changing from a blue center with a gold margin in spring to dark green center with a creamy white margin in summer. Great substance and pale lavender flowers. American Hosta Grower’s Association Hosta of the Year 2010!




‘First Mate’

Hosta First Mate

(9” ht x 18” w – $15.00) A tetraploid sport of ‘Kabitan’ that is more upright and vigorous than its parent. It has long wavy yellow leaves with wide dark green leaf margins. Purple flowers. Photo courtesy Naylor Creek Hostas.

‘Forest Shadows’                                     

(9” ht x 18” w  – $12.00)A sport of ‘Gumdrop’ with smooth heart shaped green leaves that are edged and streaked with dark blue-green. Lavender flowers; very limited!

‘Fog Light’                                              

Hosta Fog Light

(?16” ht x ??? – $22.00) This hybrid out of ‘Cold Heart’ from Alttara Scheer is amazing! Has a frosty bluish cast over yellow, gradually attaining an almost orange phosphorescence if given some sun….zowie!!! Has white leaf backs and lavender flower….need I say that this Contrary Hosta is VERY limited??? Not sure of its eventual size other than it is a medium Hosta. Photo courtesy Naylor Creek Hostas.

‘Fort Knox’                                             

(24” ht x 60” w – $13.00) A hybrid of ‘Aspen Gold,’ this has great gold color and fabulous substance—great background or specimen plant! Lavender flowers mid summer. See pictures at Hosta Library!

‘Fragrant Blue’

Hosta Fragrant Blue

(18” ht x 45” w – $10.00)This great hosta has frosty-blue foliage and fragrant pale lavender flowers in July.

‘Fragrant Bouquet’

Hosta Fragrant Bouquet

(22” ht x 48” w – $11.00) A Contrary Mary favorite! This plant has it all—very fragrant flowers Aug-Sept, brightly variegated foliage, a fast grower, 1998’ s hosta of the year. Another must!

‘Fragrant Queen’                                    

Hosta Fragrant Queen

(16” h x 24” w – $18.00)‘Fragrant Queen’ is a sport of (you guessed it!) ‘Fragrant King,’ but of course improved with a much wider bright white margin surrounding a deep green, glossy center. Very large, near white fragrant flowers too! Photo courtesy Walters Gardens.

‘Fragrant Star’                                        

(15” ht x 24” w – $13.00) This is a cross between ‘Invincible’ and ‘June’ (two of my faves!) with VERY shiny blue leaves that are the same glassy texture as ‘Invincible’ and fragrant lavender flowers. A real superstar in very limited supply!

‘Frank Lloyd Wright’                              

Hosta Frank Lloyd Wright

(?30” ht x 50” w? – $22.00) As you would expect, this newbie makes an OUTSTANDING architectural presence in the garden, with huge, very steel blue   foliage that forms an arching vase shaped mound. VERY unique and truly another “gotta-have”! Near white flowers. I’m unsure of his final size, but large! Photo courtesy Naylor Creek Hostas.

‘French Quarter’                                     

Hosta French Quarter

(17” ht x 36” w – $18.00) Ooh-la-la! This sport of ‘Cajun Sunrise’ has unusual color changes; starts gold in spring, then evolves into a rich orange-gold that gets her noticed from across the garden! Smooth, great substance, and pale lavender flowers make this enticing creature a “gotta-have”! Photo courtesy Q and Z Nursery.

‘Fried Bananas’                                       

Hosta Fried Bananas

(23” ht x 53” w – $11.00) Another great combo—a sport of ‘Guacamole,’ very fragrant flowers, bright gold foliage—a great specimen hosta.


Hosta Friends

(?10” ht x 18” w? – $15.00) This ‘Spritzer’ seedling has shiny, rippled bright yellow foliage with a twist at the tip of the leaf…cool! Lavender flowers too…we ALL need more friends! May not be ready until late summer. Photo courtesy Shady Oaks Nursery.

‘Frisian Pride’                                         

Hosta Frisian Pride

(?16-18” ht x 30” w?? – $22.00) This medium Hosta is a standout and a must for all collectors! It has cascading, ruffled, brilliant gold foliage with pointed tips; this one will not be ignored! Needs some sun for best coloration; lavender flowers and VERY limited! Photo courtesy Naylor Creek Hostas.

‘Frisian Waving Steel’                             

Hosta Frisian Waving Steel

(?18” ht x 36” w? – $26.00) This cutting edge, outstanding hybrid of ‘Grand Slam’ x ‘Sky Dancer’ (fantastic parents!) has VERY sturdy and thick blue rippled foliage, with a growth habit that jumps out at you and sez “en guarde” ! VERY limited! (photo courtesy Naylor Creek)

‘Frosted Frolic’                                       

Hosta Frosted Frolic

(8” h x ? – $12.00) ‘Frosted Frolic’ has nearly round blue-green foliage with wide creamy edges–the foliage has thick substance and are held rigid and somewhat upright, and some streaking of the border occurs. A merry little guy with lavender flowers. Photo courtesy Naylor Creek Hostas.

‘Frosted Mouse Ears’

Hosta Frosted Mouse Ears

(7” ht x 15” w – $16.00) Okay, everyone knows how I LOVE ‘Blue Mouse Ears’, and this one’s his little cousin! A little squirt with the same unbelievable thick substance and blue-green to dark green foliage with a wide white margin. A slow grower, and won’t be ready until late summer, but I’m afraid (yup), another “gotta-have”! Oh, and dense clusters of purple flowers too! Photo courtesy Q and Z Nursery.

‘Fruit Punch’

Hosta Fruit Punch

(?15” ht x 22” w? – $18.00) I REALLY love this one as it for sure is another 100 yarder! VERY bright and vivid, especially in spring/early summer, with bold citron yellow piecrusted and wavy foliage held by vivid cranberry red petioles; also has marvelous bright red scapes topped with deep purple flowers. Forms a dense compact mound too! VERY limited and a Contrary fave! Photo courtesy Naylor Creek Hostas.

‘Funky Monkey’                                      

Hosta Funky Monkey

(?16”h x 20” w? – $20.00) This is a real STANDOUT…the foliage starts out bright chartreuse in the spring with deep red, almost black petioles with the color extending up into the leaf undersides. As the season progresses, some leaves turn all gold and some are gold with irregular green leaf margins; VERY unique! Foliage is also very shiny and of good substance; deep purple flowers produce fertile seeds. VERY, VERY limited!

‘Funny Mouse’                                        

Hosta Funny Mouse

(Mini – $20.00) ‘Funny Mouse’ is another new mini that is the reverse of ‘Snow Mouse.’ She has blue green centers and wide white margins, and is gonna squeak outta here quickly (VERY LIMITED!), so trap her while you can! Charming thick lavender flowers. Photo courtesy Naylor Creek Hostas.


Hosta Gemstone

(7” h x 20” w – $16.00) ‘Gemstone’ is a ‘Venusta’ hybrid, and has rich blue foliage and a great growth rate; definitely one for your collection! Light purple flowers. Photo courtesy Q & Z Nursery.

‘Gentle Giant’                                         

Hosta Gentle Giant

(40” ht x 60+” w! – $22.00) Most aptly named, as this great one has VERY blue VERY cupped VERY corrugated foliage that is upright and vase shaped. Pale, fertile, pretty flowers too….need I say limited?! Photo courtesy Naylor Creek Hostas.

‘Gentle Spirit’

Hosta Gentle Spirit

(9” ht x 28” w – $20.00) This subtle sport of Hosta yingeri has shiny dark green foliage with a very narrow white edge…different! Also has cool spider-shaped purple flowers. Photo courtesy Q & Z Nursery.

‘George M. Dallas’

Hosta George M. Dallas

(20” h x 40” w – $18.00) Betcha don’t know who THIS one was named after! History lesson….it was our 11th Vice President under James K. Polk! Now if any of you make it on ‘Jeopardy’ and this comes up, feel free to give Contrary Mary credit for reminding you! (We are entertaining AND educational!) Anyway, ‘George M. Dallas’ (the Hosta, not the VP) has sharply contrasting variegation with dark green centers and gold margins, and just for fun the leaf tip has a distinctive twist! Lavender flowers. Photo courtesy Q & Z Nursery.

‘Ghost Spirit’                                          

Hosta Ghost Spirit

(20” ht x 42” w – $17.00) A spectacular new hosta that has blue-green leaves with misted green and white centers that change to green in mid-late summer and pale lavender flowers in July.

‘Giantland Sunny Mouse Ears’

Hosta Giantland Sunny Mouse Ears

(Mini – $20.00) This is the FIRST of the gold leafed Mouse Ears….yeah! Precious little rounded medium gold leaves of terrific substance, this little baby also has perfectly proportioned pale purple flowers. Not available until late summer, and sure to scamper outa here fast (?maybe with Rosie chasing behind???!) Photo courtesy Q & Z Nursery.

‘Ginsu Knife’

Hosta Ginsu Knife

(14” ht x 28” w – $19.00) A very new, very unusual sport from Solberg that has arching, serrated foliage that is irregularly edged with cream. Very cutting edge! Collectors only! Fragrant white flowers too!


(?10” ht x ?18” w – $18.00)

‘Golden Anniversary’                              

(22” ht x 50” w – $10.00) This is one of the earliest cultivars developed in the United States (1959) and is the mother to many hostas that have golden foliage as their springtime color. This one emerges a startling chartreuse in spring, then darkens to a deep dark green for the rest of the season. The foliage is very shiny and pie-crusted, and shows downward cupping…nice!

‘Golden Bullion’                                      

(16” ht x 40” w – $8.00) Heavily corrugated, slug resistant mound of gold foliage, near white flowers July. Nice contrast to ‘Tok. Flavocircinalis.’ See photo at Hosta Library! 

‘Golden Delight’                                      

Hosta Golden Delight

(24” ht x 50” w – $14.00) A charming Hosta great for contrast, with cupped, dimpled, gold foliage of great substance and form; pale lavender flowers.

‘Golden Needles’                                      

Hosta Golden Needles

(Mini – $16.00) An enchanting streaky mini which forms a nice clump that is slug resistant. Cute as a button, with lavender flowers! Photo courtesy Walters Gardens.

‘Goodness Gracious’                                

Hosta Goodness Gracious

(20” h x 24” w – $20.00) Oh me, oh my, ‘Goodness Gracious’ is a flashy sport of ‘Satisfaction,’ with heart-shaped foliage that is dark green with very wide yellow margins; deeply veined and great substance too! Would look outstanding paired with ‘Fragrant Queen,’ ‘Vulcan,’ Golden Meadows,’ and/or ‘Prestige and Promise.’ Lavender flowers. Photo courtesy Walters Gardens.

‘Gosan Gold Mist’                                   

(9” ht x 20” w – $12.00) A lightly streaked golden hosta. Very different and hard to find!

‘Gosan Leather Strap’                             

(7” ht x 15” w – $10.00) This is a very eye-catching small hosta that is aptly named….strap-like shiny very dark green leaves look leathery and substantial. VERY limited!

‘Grand Slam’                                          

(10” ht x 24” w – $14.00) One of the best ever greens, with very glossy, leathery, heart shaped foliage with serrated edges and red petioles and lavender flowers.

‘Great Arrival’                                        

Hosta Great Arrival

(26” h x 50” w – $14.00) Although ‘Great Arrival’ is a reversed sport of ‘Great Expectations,’ it does not have the abysmal growth rate of its parent, nor does it experience spring desiccation burn (whew!). It has very large, thick margined foliage that morphs, from blue green leaf center in spring turning deep green, and bright gold leaf margin in spring turning creamy white. Great garden presence! Near white flowers. Photo courtesy Q & Z Nursery.

‘Great Lakes Gold’                                  

Hosta Great Lakes Gold

(24” ht x 60” w – $14.00) According to Hosta Guru Mark Zillis, this is one of the BEST gold leafed cultivars with piecrust edges, so ya KNOW ya hafta have this one! Very pale lavender flowers. Photo courtesy Q & Z Nursery.

‘Grecian Vase’                                         

Hosta Grecian Vase

(18” h x 50” w – $17.00) ‘Grecian Vase’ is a lovely chartreuse foliaged hosta that is a vigorous grower and makes a bright beacon in the garden. Foliage is slightly rippled and stays a nice limey-green. Photo courtesy Q & Z Nursery.

‘Green Mouse Ears’

Hosta Green Mouse Ears

(6” ht x 16” w – $14.00) An adorable companion to ‘Blue Mouse Ears’ (2008’s Hosta Growers Hosta of the Year), it has the same thick foliage and rounded, mousy-eared character but in a rich green! Photo courtesy Q and Z Nursery.

‘Gretchen’s Grace’                                  

(?18” ht x ?36” w – $20.00) A ‘Cinnamon Sticks’ seedling with flowing blue-green vase shaped foliage and red legs. Very classy!

‘Grey Ghost’                                           

Hosta Grey Ghost

(?22” ht x 50” w? – $17.00) This is one eerie and unique sport of ‘Blue Angel’; in the spring it emerges NEAR WHITE, gradually changing to a bright light yellow and then finally to blue-green! Not sure how big it’s going to actually get; has white flowers. Photo courtesy Naylor Creek Hostas.

‘Ground Sulfur’                                      

(8” ht x 20” w – $6.00) A great ground-hugging mound of narrow, golden leaves with pale purple flowers in July—a great small edger!  photos at Hosta Library



Hosta Guacamole

(24” ht x 54” w – $12.00) Another member of the ‘Fragrant Bouquet’ family, it has chartreuse/gold foliage with wide green edges, fragrant white flowers.

‘Guardian Angel’                                    

Hosta Guardian Angel

(28” ht x 58” w – $15.00) A striking sport of ‘Blue Angel’ with misted white and green leaf center surrounded by a blue-green margin and near white flowers in June/July—a showy specimen or background plant! Photo courtesy Walters Gardens.


(8” ht x 18” w – $5.00) A real cutie—a dense mound of green, interesting foliage. Great for your rock or fairy garden! See picture at Hosta Library!

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