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Hostas H-O

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 ‘Hadspen Blue’

Hosta Hadspen Blue

(18″ ht x 43″ w – $15.00) One of the bluest and best; resembles ‘Elegans’ but smaller, bluer, and faster growing. Whitish flowers in July-August.

‘Half and Half’

Hosta Half and Half

(‘10” h x ? – $16.00) Half and Half’ is an AWESOME Hosta, and just so you know, I don’t say that about many white centered Hostas! It has the great, very thick texture of its parent ‘Lakeside Cupcake,’ along with VERY dark green borders surrounding wide, pure white centers. How absolutely FABULOUS it would look paired with ‘Hands Up,’ ‘Irish Luck,’ ‘Invincible’ and/or ‘Pete’s Dark Satellite’! Lavender flowers. Photo courtesy Walters Gardens.

‘Hanky Panky’                                                      

Hosta Hanky Panky

(13” ht x 30” w – $18.00) A sport of ‘Striptease’, this is definitely a Contrary “gotta-have!” In the spring it emerges dark green with pale lime margins and a white thread that separates the two. In the summer it changes to white edged with a pale green overlay. A vigorous grower (love mine in the display bed!) with lavender flowers.

‘Happy Dayz’ 

Hosta Happy Dayz

(18” ht x 28” w – $16.00) A sport of the vibrant ‘Orange Marmalade’ with wider and darker margins and more cupping at maturity….Woo Hoo! (photo courtesy Walters Gardens)







‘Harry Van de Laar’                                                

Hosta Harry Van de Laar

(10” ht x 18” w – $15.00) A medium, almost olive green hosta with wavy and smooth upward-facing foliage and red pets that go into his leaf midrib, VERY different! Lavender flowers. Photo courtesy Naylor Creek Hostas.



‘Heart of Chan’

(17” ht x 50” w – $28.00) A VERY hard to find open pollinated seedling of ‘Han Chu Han’ with heart shaped, slightly cupped medium green foliage; forms a dense mound with lots of lavender flowers.


‘Heat Wave’                                                             

Hosta Heat Wave

(12”h x 16” w – $15.00) This sport of ‘Bright Lights’ has thick chartreuse foliage with blue margins in spring, evolving to a bright golden center. Near white flowers; can take a fair amount of sun. Photo courtesy Naylor Creek Hostas.





‘Her Eyes Were Blue’                                               

Hosta Her Eyes Were Blue

(12” ht x 20” w – $20.00) I really love blue ones that have a unique shade of blue, and this one does! It has an intense silvery blue foliage with much rippling and serration; leaf tips twist and curl downwards creating great texture! Near white flowers. Photo courtesy Naylor Creek Hostas.




‘Herbal Tea’ 

Hosta Herbal Tea

(18” ht x 24” w – $19.00) This sport of ‘My Cup of Tea’ has bright gold, cupped foliage and red scapes—good growth rate and pale lavender flowers too! Very limited! Photo courtesy Q & Z Nursery.






‘Hi Ho Silver’                                                           

Hosta Hi Ho Silver

(8” ht x 16” w – $12.00) This is a very striking plant, with lance-shaped wavy foliage that is dark green with pure white margins. Vivid purple flowers in summer…limited quantities!






Hosta Hideout

(Mini – $16.00) This ‘Hidden Cove’ sport (which I love!), this cutie has curly, white centered foliage with dark green margins. A great grower and adorable for your fairy garden!






‘High Society’                                                          

Hosta High Society

(8” ht x 18” w – $14.00) A sport of ‘June’ with blue margins and a warm yellow center that changes to white. Great substance and pale lavender flowers…she’s as lovely as her sister! Photo courtesy Walters Gardens.






‘Hillbilly Blues’ 

Hosta Hillbilly Blues

(18” ht x 50” w –  $16.00) A hybrid of ‘Hadspen Blue’ x kikutii with waxy, smooth, blue-green foliage and near white flowers; great name too!








(18” ht x 38” w –  $17.00) This one out of ‘Christmas Tree’ x ‘Halcyon’ has round dark bluish green leaves that are edged in creamy white. The margins are ruffled and the leaves are deeply veined; white flowers too! Fabulous beast!


‘Hoar Frost’ 

(32” ht x 50” w –  $15.00) A seedling of sieboldiana Aureo-marginata that is blue, nearly round, convexly cupped, and wavy; near white flowers. Very attractive!


‘Holly’s Dazzler’                                                       

(15” ht x 25” w – $12.00) VERY glossy, heart-shaped pointed leaves…the foliage is sparkly! Fragrant purple flowers in summer.


‘Hollywood Lights’                                                   

Hosta hollywood Lights

(23” ht x 26” w – $17.00) This one’s a sport of ‘On Stage’ with arching, heavily-substanced foliage of dark green with a bright yellow flare that streaks towards the center. Show stopping! Photo courtesy Walters Gardens.




‘Holy Mouse Ears’ 

Hosta Holy Mouse Ears

(6” ht x 15” w – $16.00)  Yep, that’s what you’ll say when you meet this cutie! Same substance as her cousins, but with yellow to creamy white centers and blue-green margins. Again, not ready ‘til late summer, but I’m sure will squeak outa here fast! Photo courtesy Green Hill Nursery.



Hosta Hope

(5” ht x 12” w – $15.00) Another little cutie for your fairy garden, this one’s a sport of ‘baby bunting’ with golden edges.




‘Humpback Whale’                                                  

Hosta Humpback Whale

(36” ht x 48” w – $17.00) Yikes, this colossal Beastie is aptly named! Forms a GINORMOUS mound of blue-green heart shaped, heavily textured foliage with near white flowers. Not ready to migrate out of here until late summer; I’m afraid it’s another “gotta-have” though! Photo courtesy Walters Gardens.





‘Hush Puppy’                                                           

(mini – $14.00) The awesome growth rate of this sport of Venusta make this little guy a real performer! He features bitsy heart shaped leaves that are grey-green with creamy white margins and dark purple flowers…a darlin’ y’all!


‘Hyuga Urajiro’                                                       

Hosta Hyuga Urajiro

(8” ht x 15” w – $15.00) A nice new import from Japan with frosty blue spear shaped leaves with yellow streaks. The underside of the leaves have a silver sheen! Near white flowers are displayed almost horizontally…a gem! Photo courtesy Naylor Creek Hostas.






(13” ht x 29” w – $12.00) This Hosta is also known as ‘Kisuji’, and is an eye-catching streaked and mottled plant of yellow and green bright foliage. It has a thin substance and may be more prone to slug damage, but is well worth protecting (try “Escargo” from Garden’s Alive) as it is a real looker! Medium to deep purple flowers.



(21” ht x 52” w – $16.00) This is “da-bomb” with elliptical shaped smooth and deeply veined dark green shiny foliage and lavender flowers. Distinctive and a great foil for bright hostas!



Hosta Independence

(22” ht x 30” w – $13.00) A great NEW reverse sport of ‘Revolution’ with dark green leaves with creamy-white margins that are SPECKLED with green! Lavender flowers in summer and great slug resistance.




‘Inspire Greatness’                                                   

(26” ht x 40” w – $15.00) This stable form of ‘Brave Attempt’ has broadly ovate, almost heart-shaped foliage that is blue-green with creamy white edges and great substance. Pale lavender flowers too!


Hosta Invincible

(18” ht x 30” w – $12.00) I really like this hosta classic as it always catches my eye with its VERY glossy, wavy-edged leaves and FRAGRANT white flowers.





‘Irish Eyes’

(17” ht x 40” w – $10.00) Gosh and begorrah, you’ll be smilin’ at this green centered, streaky white margined beautiful lass with nearly white flowers!


‘Irish Luck’ 

(18” ht x 24” w – $18.00) A VERY new seedling from ‘Invincible’ (one of my personal FAVES!) with VERY shiny (on top and underneath) VERY dark green foliage that is rippled and piecrusted; has an impressive vase-shaped growth habit and fragrant lavender flowers too! Great substance…also VERY limited! Photo courtesy Naylor Creek Hostas.


‘Island Breeze’ 

Hosta Island Breeze

(12” ht x 18” w – $17.00) A REAL beauty with bright sunny yellow centers and very dark borders—give her some bright light or morning sun for best and brightest coloration! Oh, did I mention her red legs too??!





‘Iszat u Doc’                                                             

(11” ht x 30” w – $10.00) Cool name, huh?! It forms a dense mound of VERY rippled narrow dark green leaves; medium purple flowers on tall scapes.


‘Ivory Coast’                                                            

Hosta Ivory Coast

(20” ht x 6” w – $16.00) This smaller sport of ‘Sagae’ has grey-green leaves with yellow margins, maturing to ivory margins with blue-green centers. Lavender flowers top this distinctive beauty! Photo courtesy Walters Gardens.





‘Ivory Queen’

Hosta Ivory Queen

(12” ht x 18” w – $15.00) A sport (and mirror image) of the terrific ‘Blue Ivory’ with VERY thick ivory foliage and blue-green feathered edges with a thin green border between the two. LOTSA color and texture! (photo courtesy Walters Gardens)








Hosta Jabulani

(18” ht x 40” w – $20.00) You will “rejoice” about this sport of ‘Rich Uncle’ that has very corrugated yellow foliage with narrow green margins. A somewhat slow grower with near white flowers. Photo courtesy Q & Z Nursery.






(17” ht x 38” w – $9.00) Like a smaller version of ‘Gold Standard’, she has chartreuse to gold foliage with a thin deep green margin. Great growth rate and very perky in the garden, with pale lavender striped flowers.


Hosta Jaws

(10” ht x 14” w? – $15.00() This one was aptly named as it has VERY serrated and stiff deep green undulating foliage that looks like it will bite! Very dense and VERY different…collectors only! Photo courtesy Naylor Creek Hostas.


Hosta Jaz

(12” ht x 30” w – $18.00) A hybrid of ‘Sum & Substance’ x ‘yingeri’ that looks like it’s made of gold plastic! Slow grower, it’s very shiny with a thick substance and near white flowers…unique! A Contary Mary Top 10 pick! Photo courtesy Q and Z Nursery.





‘Jewel of the Nile’                                                    

Hosta Jewel of the Nile

(18” ht x 30” w – $13.00) Unusual wedge-shaped foliage that is blue-green with a yellow edge makes this a great addition to your hosta collection. It has lavender flowers in summer.





Hosta Joseph 1

Hosta Joseph 2

(20” ht x 40” w – $13.00) Even though we love Rosie, we still miss our Joey, so this one is in honor of him. A FANTASTIC Hosta with DEEP green shiny foliage that really stands out; a superb foil for bright Hostas, and very limited! Light purple flowers.






‘Journey’s End’                                                        

Hosta Journey’s End

(24” ht x 72” w – $17.00) A magnificent sport of ‘Choo Choo Train’ with huge heart shaped ruffled leaves that are yellow gold with several shades of green where the wide dark green margin merges into the gold center. Site this one in morning sun for best coloration. Pale lavender flowers. Photo courtesy Green Hill Nursery.




‘Joy Ride’ 

Hosta Joy Ride

(16” ht x 36” w – $18.00) A happy and vigorous Hosta that looks like it’s on the move with his wild and wavy blue folded foliage—a perfect contrast to roundy moundy Hostas! (photo courtesy Walters Gardens)






Hosta June

(12” ht x 30” w – $16.00) Creamy centered foliage changing to chartreuse, blue margins. A real standout in the garden. Needs morning sun for best coloration. Photo courtesy Naylor Creek Hostas.





‘June Fever’  

Hosta June Fever

(15” ht x 26” w – $13.00) Now we all know how fantastic ‘June’ is, and this offspring is no exception! It is a nearly all yellow sport with narrow bluish green margins; stays very bright if grown in morning sun. Has the fabulous texture and substance from its parent and pale bluish-lavender flowers. Photo courtesy Walters Gardens.




‘June Spirit’ 

Hosta June Spirit

(14” ht x 26” w – $18.00) A very shiny and showy sport of ‘June Fever’ with chartreuse to yellow foliage framed with deep green feathered margins. Photo courtesy Walters Gardens.





‘Jurassic Park’  

(40” ht x 90” w!!! – $22.00) I truly hope you’re ready for this monster (with a name like that what would you expect??!) A GIANT with humongous deep green highly textured foliage capable of fending off T-Rexes!!! Foliage may eventually get to be 17” x 12”; now THAT’S a Hosta! Lavender flowers and will stomp out of here fast!



Hosta Justine

(12” ht x 24” w – $21.00) A tetraploid of ‘June Fever’ with very bright yellow centers and wide deep green margins; substance is almost plastic-like! More sun means a yellower center; pale lavender flowers. Photo courtesy Q & Z Nursery.





‘Katie Q’                                                                  

Hosta Katie Q

(18” ht x 45” w – $14.00) A sport of ‘Marilyn’ with a good growth rate, she has vivid coloration with bluish center early, changing to dark green, and gold edges. Pale lavender flowers. Photo courtesy Q and Z Nursery.





‘Katsuragawa Beni’                                                  

Hosta Katsuragawa Beni

(12” ht x 15” w – $15.00) This hosta from Japan has narrow, shiny, deep green foliage with very unique red petioles that merge into the foliage and fleck into the leaves. Deep lavender flowers; a real collector’s hosta! Photo courtesy Walters Gardens.







‘Kempen Red Twist’                                                 

Hosta Kempen Red Twist

(?18” ht x 30” w? – $22.00) Another frilly fruffily one with red legs (ya KNOW how I love ‘em!) This newbie holds up her skirts to show off; produces very fertile pods for all of you Hosta breeders out there! Lavender flowers.






‘Key Lime Pie’                                                         

(23” ht x 48” w – $16.00) A sport of ‘Squash Casserole’ that produces heavily ruffled medium green leaves with wide yellow edges. It leaves are held horizontally so it forms a flat mounded clump and is a great grower. Pale lavender flowers.

‘Key West’ 

Hosta Key West

(28” ht x 36” w – $17.00) What torture it is to write about a Hosta evoking a tropic paradise in the dead of winter with 7” of snow on the ground! (Just remember this in August!) Anyway, this Hosta is aptly named for it has intense bright yellow heart shaped foliage with pronounced veining; bright shade or morning sun is best for intense coloration. All you Jimmy Buffet fans/Contrary Mary Plantheads NEED this one! Photo courtesy Walters Gardens.





(5” ht x 10” w – $14.00) This mini’s name translates from Japanese as “gold button”,so you know what it’s as cute as!! It has tiny green leaves that are edged with a narrow gold margin…growth habit is like ‘Venusta’. Tiny purple flowers adorn it in summer.


‘King of Spades’ 

Hosta King of Spades

(16” ht x 30” w – $16.00) I’m betting that this ‘Neat Splash’ x ‘Blue Moon’ cross will win a place in your garden! He has spade-shaped medium blue foliage with LOTS of puckering and lavender flowers…a winner! Photo courtesy Green Hill Nursery.



‘Kiwi Full Monty’                                                    

Hosta Kiwi Full Monty

(22”h x 35” w – $18.00) A new sport of ‘Striptease’ (one of my very faves!) with blue-green leaf margins and a leaf center with chartreuse to yellow and a narrow white line meandering between the center and margin. A must for your risqué collection….I think it will put on as good of a show as its parent does! Photo courtesy Naylor Creek Hostas.





‘Kiwi Golden Thimble’                                             

(5” ht x 10” w – $16.00) Another mini, this one’s pure gold!


‘Komodo Dragon’                                                     

Hosta Komodo Dragon

(28” ht x 72” w – $16.00) This monster produces a huge mound of piecrust-edged heart-shaped grey-green leaves that are of fantastic substance! Near white flowers. Photo courtesy Walters Gardens.

‘Korean Snow’                                                      

Hosta Korean Snow

(12” ht x 30” w – $14.00) Wow, this is one unusual new hosta! Spectacular, misted young foliage that changes to a shiny medium green with smooth texture, and spidery, bright purple flowers in August-September—a gotta have! A Contary Mary Top 10 pick!




‘Lady in Red’                                                           

(12” ht x 20” w – $22.00) A doll with very shiny, very dark green foliage that is piecrusted and held aloft by bright red petioles that reach into the foliage; they have white backs too which add to her elegance! Woo Hoo! Lavender flowers.

‘Lady Isobel Barnett’                                            


Hosta Lady Isobel Barnett 1

Hosta Lady Isobel Barnett 2

 28” ht x 80” w – $18.00) A ‘Sum & Substance’ mutation, she may be destined to surpass her parent’s immense size—lovely large green shiny leaves with narrow gold margins, lavender flowers—A MUST. A Contary Mary Top 10 pick!




‘Lady Luck’ 

Hosta Lady Luck 1

Hosta Lady Luck 2

(?16” ht x 32” w? – $24.00) A new one from Danny Van Eechaute (I LOVE his stuff!) that has shiny, upright, medium green foliage with streaky white edges and white leaf backs; red legs too! She is a winner! Lavender flowers (photos courtesy of Danny Van Eechaute)



Hosta Lladybug

(8” ht x 16” w – $13.00) A cheeky little fella with round, cupped, and crazy chartreuse foliage (and we all NEED more Ladybugs in our gardens!) Photo courtesy Q & Z.





‘Lakeside Butterball’                                                

(18” ht x 40” w – $18.00) This rare hosta has heavily corrugated, golden foliage that is almost round. White flowers top this cheerful plant!


‘Lakeside Cha Cha’                                                  

(22” ht x 36” w – $12.00) This one’ll make ya dance for joy with lime-green foliage that changes to glowing yellow, and creamy white margins. Heavy substance, vase-shaped mound, and orchid color flowers too!


‘Lakeside Coal Miner’                                              

(15” ht x 28” w – $13.00) This newish hosta has very dark, shiny, undulating leaves that can be up to 10” long….very eye-catching! Dark purple flowers in July.


‘Lakeside Cranberry Relish’                                     

(?16” ht x ?30” w – $15.00) Very nice and distinctive! Stands upright and is vase-shaped which allows you to more easily view her red legs! Foliage is medium to deep green with clean yellow margins.


‘Lakeside Dragonfly’                                                

Hosta Lakeside Dragonfly

(12” ht x 24” w – $14.00) This baby forms a lower mound of elongated medium minty green foliage with cream edges—a great contrast to cupped and puckered varieties! (photo courtesy Bob Solberg)






‘Lakeside Foaming Sea’                                            

(18” h x 40” w – $24.00) Lakeside Foaming Sea’ is a “gotta-have” if you need a brilliant gold hosta! Its foliage stays a nice lemon yellow and is corrugated with good substance. Limited availability! Pale lavender flowers.


‘Lakeside Hula Hoop’                                               

(9” ht x 22” w – $13.00) This newbie has bright green, gleaming, lance-shaped foliage with heavily ruffled yellow edges and lavender flowers.


‘Lakeside Iron Man’                                                 

Hosta Lakeside Iron Man

(18” ht x 40” w – $18.00) A distinctive new hosta that has very shiny dark green smooth-textured foliage with rippled margins and great substance. Pale lavender flowers. Photo courtesy Q and Z Nursery.

‘Lakeside Kaleidoscope’                                            

Hosta Lakeside Kaleidoscope

(16” ht x 40” w – $12.00) A good grower from Mary Chastain, this has leaves that have creamy-white margins that often produce grey-green streaks into the medium green center and near white flowers July into August.






‘Lakeside Legal Tender’                                           

Hosta Lakeside Legal Tender

(8” ht x 20” w – $13.00) A great small Hosta with heart-shaped foliage that is deep green with yellow margins; cupped and lightly corrugated. Near white flowers too!






‘Lakeside Lollipop’                                                   

(20” ht x 48” w – $12.00) Shiny, dark green foliage, heavily corrugated, VERY eye-catching; white flowers July. See pictures at Hosta Library!


‘Lakeside Looking Glass’                                          

Hosta Lakeside Looking Glass

(12” ht x 28” w – $13.00) A new Mary Chastain intro from a yingeri seedling—wide, flat, rippled medium-sized mound of shiny green leaves and lavender flowers in August/September.




‘Lakeside Meadow Ice’                                             

Hosta Lakeside Meadow Ice

(10” ht x 24” w – $17.00) This distinctive hosta features very shiny dark green foliage with white margins and pale lavender flowers. Very leathery and polished looking! Photo courtesy Q and Z Nursery.





‘Lakeside Old Smokey’                                             

Hosta Lakeside Old Smokey

(15” ht x 38” w – $19.00) This one has smokey-blue foliage with great substance and lavender flowers. Another limited edition! Photo courtesy Q & Z Nursery.





‘Lakeside Premier’                                                   

Hosta Lakeside Premier

(22” ht x 40” w – $13.00) Another great hosta from the ‘Lakeside’ series, this one has dark green heart shaped leaves with white margins and near white flowers. Photo courtesy Naylor Creek Hostas.





‘Lakeside Slick Chick’                                              

Hosta Lakeside Slick Chick

(6” ht x 12” w – $20.00) This wee chickadee has VERY shiny dark green foliage that has a tiny band of gold along the edge—great growth rate and a real looker! Again, limited and not ready until late summer! Photo courtesy Q & Z Nursery.



‘Lakeside Storm Watch’                                           

Hosta Lakeside Storm Watch

(7” ht x 15” w – $18.00)  This is from originator’s stock, and has extremely unique shiny dark green, wavy “fingers” of foliage reaching upward…can spot this baby from WAY across the garden! A true collector’s hostas and VERY, VERY limited! Get her before she passes you by! Very pale lavender flowers too. Photo courtesy Q and Z Nursery.




‘Last Dance’                                                             

(12” ht x 26” w – $14.00) This sport of ‘Summer Music’ has a dark green center with streaky yellow margins and lavender flowers. Fantastic and limited!


‘Leapin’ Lizard’ 

Hosta Leapin Lizard

(12” ht x 30” w – $24.00) Great balls o’ fire, this one is a REAL doozy! A crazy and oh-so-very distinctive little creature with green foliage that goes every which way…..VERY Contrary! (photo courtesy of Bob Solberg)






Hosta Lederhosen

(17” ht x 30” w – $15.00) This is a very distinctive and aptly named Hosta! The very thick, almost rubbery foliage starts bluish and becomes a very dark waxy green. To top it off, produces VERY VERY fragrant BLUE flowers! Oh so limited!





‘Lemon Love Note’ 

(?9” ht x ?15” w – $20.00) This little cutie has iggly-wiggly smooth and shiny elongated golden foliage and lavender flowers.



Hosta Lemontini

(7” ht x 14” w – $14.00) A very smooth and wavy bright yellow Hosta—refreshing and cool! Purple flowers too! (photo courtesy Q & Z)





‘Lettuce Salad’

Hosta Lettuce Salad

(20” ht X 40” w – $14.00) This scrumptious sport of ‘Summer Breeze’ has flipity-flopity unruly bright green corrugated foliage like a patch of lettuce just waiting to be harvested! Has the great substance and texture of its mom, good grower, and looks just yummy in your hosta patch! Very pale lavender flowers. Photo courtesy Q and Z Nursery.





‘Lewis & Clark’

Hosta Lewis & Clark

(14” ht x 30” w – $14.00) A reversed sport of ‘Marquette Park’ that has tousled, ruffled, yellow- centered, green margined foliage; definitely one to stake your claim on!!! Pale purple flowers on tall scapes too. Photo courtesy Q & Z Nursery.





‘Lily Pad’                                                                 

Hosta Lily Pad

(12” ht x 18” w – $11.00) I love this hosta as it is a real standout with dark green, almost glassy foliage…great as a foil or just as a really different kind of hosta! Very Limited.







‘Limey Lisa’                                                             

Hosta Limey Lisa

(12” ht x 26” w – $8.00) This small groundcover hosta has unusual spoon-shaped foliage & forms a wide-spreading, low, flat mound. Lavender flowers July. Photo courtesy Naylor Creek Hostas.



‘Lipstick Blonde’ 

Hosta Lipstick Blonde

(?16” ht x 28” w? – $24.00) Another sexy and vivacious beauty from Danny Van Eechaute that is a new fave of mine! A cross between ‘Granny’s Rouge’ x ‘Designer Genes’ with bright yellow elongated foliage and bright red legs! VERY limited too! (photo courtesy Danny Van Eechaute)





‘Little Black Scape’                                                  

(10” ht x 12” w – $12.00) This one’s a real winner with multi-interesting features! It has glowing, apple-green to chartreuse foliage and AWESOME black scapes that really stand out above the foliage!


‘Little Devil’ 

(mini – $13.00) This little imp is a sport of ‘Venusta’ and has long green fingers with white margins—perfect for your fairy garden collection! Not ready until late summer.


‘Little Hobber’ 

Hosta Little Hobber

(8” ht x 18” w – $15.00) A plucky little gent who is as cute as a button with VERY round and VERY puckered deep green foliage that zings out at you! (photo courtesy Naylor Creek)





‘Little Miss Sunshine’                                               

Hosta Little Miss Sunshine

(11” h x 14” w – $14.00) ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ is aptly named–instead of turning limey later in the season, her foliage actually gets a more intense yellow as the season progresses! Likes some morning sun and has purple flowers on DEEP red scapes. Photo courtesy Walters Gardens.




‘Little Red Rooster’                                                  

Hosta Little Red Rooster 1

Hosta Little Red Rooster 2

(5” ht x 10” w –  $12.00) This little chick is a cross between ‘Wiggle Worms’ and ‘Red Sox’ and has very wavy and shiny medium green foliage and red scapes and petioles. It needs some sun for the petioles to redden (and can take quite a bit of sun too!). Lavender flowers. Photos courtesy Naylor Creek Hostas.





‘Little Starlet’ 

Hosta Little Starlet

(Mini – $16.00) A cute little diva with petite and dainty chartreuse to yellow foliage with pure white margins (and ya KNOW ya can ALWAYS fit more minis in!)






‘Little Treasure’ 

Hosta Little Treasure

(Mini – $16.00) ‘Little Treasure’ is a real find; has narrow pointed foliage with blue-green margins and white centers with improved vigor over his parent ‘Little Jay.’ Good substance too! Lavender flowers. Photo courtesy Walters Gardens.






‘Little White Lines’                                                  

(7” ht x 15” w – $7.00) A sport of ‘Venusta’ with white margins and purple flowers.


‘Lizard Lick’ 

Hosta Lizard Lick

(10” ht x 18” w – $15.00) This bizarre creature forms an unruly, spiky mound of long narrow deep green foliage with narrow margins, and has lavender flowers in summer. A very distinctive seedling from ‘Pineapple Poll’! Photo courtesy Green Hill Nursery.







Hosta Lollapalooza

(18” ht x 33” w – $20.00) This festive looking Hosta has nearly round shiny foliage that has dark green centers and bright yellow margins that change to white in mid-summer! Near white flowers and another rare creature! Photo courtesy Q & Z Nursery.






‘London Fog’                                                           

Hosta London Fog

(12” ht x 30” w – $20.00) This sport of ‘Allegan Fog’ is completely misted, with apple-green foliage that has white freckles and speckles! Good substance and a somewhat slow grower when young, I’m SURE you’ll say Blimey, I need it! Pale lavender flowers. Photo courtesy Q & Z Nursery.




‘Lothar the Giant’ 

Hosta Lothar the Giant

(24” ht x 50” w – $20.00) This big boy has deep dark green foliage with immense texture and substance…a monster of a specimen plant! Great slug resistance and near white flowers too! Photo courtesy Q and Z Nursery.




‘Love Pat’                                                                

Hosta Love Pat

(20” ht x 45” w – $12.00) A CLASSIC- Thick, blue, quilted leaves with pale lavender flowers; this is an excellent specimen plant.






(10” ht x 25” w – $14.00) A seedling of ‘Spritzer’ with luminescent yellow foliage in spring and rippled margins…great texture! Pale lavender flowers.


‘Luna Moth’ 

Hosta Luna Moth

(18” h x 20” w – $15.00) ‘Luna Moth’ is another of those intriguing Hostas that evolve during the season. It starts out with dark green foliage that has light green margins; the margins then lighten to yellow in summer. Terrific substance also! Lavender flowers.






Hosta Madam

(?12” ht x 18” w – $18.00) This seductive hosta has foliage that is spade-shaped and emerges chartreuse, then brightens to a glowing yellow (needs some sun). Deep red scapes snake out from under the foliage, causing this to be a standout plant in any collection. Fertile pods are also a deep red!




‘Made You Look’ 

(20” h x 40” w – $22.00) ‘Made You Look’ is a definite eye catcher (who’d guess?!) with deeply veined pale yellow leaf centers that have limey green margins; distinctive and striking! VERY limited too! White flowers, 20” ht.


‘Magic Fire’                                                             

Hosta Magic Fire

(21” ht x 40” w – $17.00) This sport of ‘Sagae’ has thick, very heavily substanced deep green foliage with wide yellow borders that streak toward the leaf center. The leaves are folded and somewhat twisted and very distinctive…VERY limited (get it before it disappears!) Photo courtesy Naylor Creek Hostas.




‘Major Tom’ 

Hosta Major Tom

(?16” ht x 24” w? – $20.00) Ground Control, we have a winner! This is one awesome Hosta, with VERY thick dark green foliage with white backs that contort and twist; looks like he’s ready for takeoff! Almost forgot to mention the cool purple petioles; purple flowers too! Limited! Photo courtesy Naylor Creek Hostas.





Hosta Majordomo

(17” ht x 48” w – $18.00) This fella has wedge-shaped foliage of great substance that is “steely blue” until late summer when it morphs to deep dark shiny green. Lovely near white flowers also! Photo courtesy Q & Z Nursery.







Hosta Malabar

(12” ht x 30” w – $18.00) This good grower has medium green centered foliage with white margins. Photo courtesy Q & Z Nursery.





‘Mango Tango’ 

Hosta Mango Tango

(18” ht x 30” w – $22.00) This sport of ‘Dance With Me’ has rounded, shimmery leaves that are mango yellow in the center and have wide, apple-green edges. Almost puckery in the center, it’s been called the reverse of ‘Stitch in Time’ and would look awesome next to each other (hint, hint!) Good grower, lavender flowers, and EXTREMELY limited!






Hosta Manhattan

(15” ht x 34” w – $18.00) A very corrugated, bustling, and busy Hosta with yellowy-green leaves that have gobs of substance and character! A verrrry slooow grower with very unusual pinkish/raspberry flowers!




‘Marilyn Monroe’  

Hosta Marilyn Monroe

(14” ht x 20” w – $15.00) This superstar has thick, gray-green foliage with white backs; edges are piecrusted (think of Marilyn’s famous ruffley skirt!) Red petioles and lavender flowers complete the picture! Photo courtesy Naylor Creek Hostas.






Hosta Marrekech

(9” ht x 15” w –  $16.00) This exotic beauty from Ken Terpening has lance-shaped bright yellow foliage with deeply pie crusted, wavy edges (a trademark of the breeder). Morning sun or very bright shade for best color…another VERY unique feature is its PINK flower scapes and PINK buds opening to very light lavender flowers…a collector’s dream!




‘Maui Buttercups’                                                    

Hosta Maui Buttercups

(10” ht x 18” w – $16.00) A real looker with heavily cupped, puckered, round yellow leaves—very slug resistant and glows in the shade!






Hosta May

(7” ht x 22” w – $10.00) The all gold form of ‘June’ with the same thick substance. Brighter light (morning sun) draws out a richer coloration! Pale lavender flowers with stripes. Photo courtesy Shady Oaks Nursery.





‘Maya Tritone’                                                         

Hosta Maya Tritone

(10” ht x 15” w – $18.00) This is one bizarre creature! No, it’s not from ph imbalance or a virus…it almost looks like it has watermelon stripes with creamy veins on chartreuse to yellow smooth foliage and red speckling on its petioles….very much a “gotta have”, and of course in short supply—it’s a stop-in-your-tracks kinda hosta!






‘Mayflower Moon’ 

Hosta Mayflower Moon

(18” ht x 24” w – $16.00) A strong grower with chartreuse, rounded, rugged foliage; should DEFINITELY make a landing in your collection! Lavender flowers. Photo courtesy Carol Brashear.





‘Mellow Mood’ 

Hosta Mellow Mood

(?10” ht x 20” w? – $22.00) A sport of one of my faves, ‘Whirlwind’, this copacetic creature has twisted deep green foliage with a feathering, striking, creamy-white center….VERY distinctive and Zen! Lavender flowers; photo courtesy Naylor Creek.





Hosta Merlin

(13” ht x 30” w – $18.00) A magical Hosta with very showy blue foliage that has wide yellow margins; shazaam! Photo courtesy Q & Z Nursery.





‘Midnight at the Oasis’                                             

Hosta Midnight at the Oasis

(16” ht x 28” w – $18.00) This ‘Pathfinder’ sport starts out like its parent with thick, heavily substanced foliage that have a white center with a dark green border. As the weather gets warmer, it morphs into a flecked white center with swirls of dark streaking. Distinctive, and practically guaranteed not to attract camels! Photo courtesy Naylor Creek Hostas.





‘Midnight Ride’ 

Hosta Midnight Ride

(20” ht x 40” w – $15.00) This sport of ‘Paul Revere’ has glossy, intense, deep green foliage and lavender flowers. A great growth rate, and looks absolutely fab with ‘Pathfinder’, ‘Peppermint Ice’, or a bright gold like ‘Key West’!






‘Mighty Mite’ 

Hosta Mighty Mite 1

Hosta Mighty Mite 2

(7” ht x 18” w – $15.00) This VERY distinctive collector’s Hosta has wavy and twisted dark green glossy foliage that looks plastic…AWESOME! Has speckled dark red scapes and flowers that are striped and speckled lavender. A good grower and does well with morning sun. Photos courtesy Naylor Creek Hostas.



‘Mighty Mouse’ 

Hosta Mighty Mouse

(6” ht x 12” w – $16.00) This sport of (who else?!) ‘Blue Mouse Ears has blue-green foliage with creamy yellow edges that turn creamy white in summer. An absolutely ADORABLE creature for your mini/small collection!







(22” ht x 40” w – $16.00) This was a 2005 AHS convention plant and has medium gold, deeply veined leaves, a mounding habit, and lavender flowers. Caused a sensation then, and hasn’t stopped!



(28” ht x 54” w – $16.00) A shiny, blue-green specimen Hosta that eventually turns a very dark green. Produces SCADS of seed pods too!



Hosta Mingo

(22” ht x 50” w – $15.00) This rare duck forms a dense mound of green slightly cupped and wavy foliage with great substance; produces lots of lavender flowers and looks great! Photo courtesy Q & Z.





‘Mini Skirt’

Hosta Mini Skirt

(Mini – $18.00) A marvelous mini with mucho moxie! She is a sport of ‘Mighty Mouse’ and struts her stuff by forming a swirling mound of heavily substanced blue foliage with yellow margins. IMPOSSIBLE not to adopt! Photo courtesy Walters Gardens.





‘Miss Linda Smith’                                                   

Hosta Miss Linda Smith

(16” h x 30” w – $15.00) ‘Miss Linda Smith’ is quite the gal–she has really distinctive grey green slightly wavy foliage and deep PURPLE petioles! Very Striking! Light purple flowers on deep purple scapes. Photo courtesy Q & Z Nursery.





‘Miss Ruby’                                                              

(9” ht x 15” w – $16.00) Another unique new hosta that has wedge-shaped apple green veined smooth foliage and dark red petioles with the red reaching up into the leaf blade. An award winner in the “First Look” competition…she’s a real looker!


‘Miss Susie’ 

(12” ht x 20” w – $16.00) This stunner has brilliant yellow, wedge shaped foliage held aloft on crimson red petioles—a real knockout! Purple flowers.


‘Mississippi Delta’                                                    

(32” ht x 60” w – $15.00) HUGE blue leaves are displayed horizontally…makes a stunning focal point! White flowers.


‘Mister Watson’                                                       

(7” ht x 15” w – $15.00) A bright sport of ‘King Tut’ with intensely golden foliage and green margins. Near white flowers.



Hosta Monsoon

(20” ht x 45” w – $18.00) A sport of ‘Great Lakes Gold’ with vivid gold centers and green margins on wavy foliage; pale lavender flowers and a nice grower. Photo courtesy Q & Z Nursery.



‘Monster Ears’  

Hosta Monster Ears

(?15” ht x28” w? – $18.00) A sport from ‘Sunset Grooves’ that has very round very thick green foliage that forms a unique clump in the garden—awesome and unusual!






‘Moon Dance’  

(?18” ht x ?30” w – $18.00) This one is really cool….has very puckered and textured foliage that starts out a yellow/chartreuse with white margins, then new foliage emerges a bright yellow with white margins. VERY striking!


‘Moon River’                                                            

(11” ht x 22” w – $8.00) Now that the song is in your head, buy the hosta! It forms a nice mound of blue foliage with white edges…nice! Violet flowers.


‘Moonlight Sonata’                                                  

Hosta Moonlight Sonata

(22” ht x 50” w – $12.00) This hosta from ‘Invincible’ x ‘Northern Halo’ has bluish cupped foliage that becomes shiny green in summer and gorgeous fragrant white flowers…you’ll be singin’ for sure!





‘Mount Tom’                                                            

Hosta Mount Tom

(19” ht x 40” w – $15.00) An Eleanor Lachman intro with intensely blue leaves that have a wide creamy white margin…outstanding specimen plant! Pale lavender flowers.





‘Mourning Dove’                                                      

Hosta Mourning Dove

(18” ht x 40” w – $16.00) A hosta with great texture, this brand new cross of ‘Mikawa-no-yuki’ streaked x ‘Blue Jay’ has blue-grey leaves with silvery white backs and creamy yellow margins. Pale lavender flowers. Photo courtesy Shady Oaks Nursery.





‘Mr. Blue’ 

Hosta Mr. Blue

(12” ht x 18” w – $22.00) VERY blue foliage is held atop deep red petioles that creep up into the foliage; vivid and distinctive! Lavender flowers.






‘My Cup of Tea’ 

Hosta My cup of Tea

(18” ht x 32” w – $17.00) A very civilized, proper Hosta with unusual coloration…..greenish-yellow centers with lighter margins; leaves are cupped, wavy, and somewhat narrow and are held somewhat horizontally. VERY heavy substance and VERY limited! Pale lavender flowers on purple scapes.






Hosta Nancy

(13” ht x 24” w – $15.00) A small hosta with lotsa moxie!! She’s got very waxy, heavily substanced heart shaped leaves that are slightly cupped and are brilliant gold, especially in the spring. Lavender flowers. Photo courtesy Green Hill Nursery.




Hosta Neptune

(22” ht x 40” w – $16.00) This new ‘Salute’ cross has wedge-shaped blue-green foliage that are rippled and cascade downward. Lavender flowers on arching stems compliment this stunning sensational specimen! May not be available until later in summer. Photo courtesy Shady Oaks Nursery.






‘Niagara Falls’                                                         

Hosta Niagara Falls

(20”h x 40” w – $12.00) This specimen hosta has heart-shaped spinach-green leaves with deep veins and pie crust edging that intensifies with age. Award winner and impressive! Photo courtesy Walters Gardens.






‘Nifty Fifty’                                                             

Hosta Nifty Fifty

(26” ht x 40” w – $16.00) They say fifty is the new forty, right….well what could be niftier than that??! A great Hosta with a catchy name, this “oldie but goody” forms a large mound of large bluish foliage with margins that are yellow in spring, turning creamy white in summer. Great substance, and near white flowers. Not available until late summer! Photo courtesy Q & Z Nursery.





‘Night Shift’ 

Hosta Night Shift

(22” ht x 50” w – $17.00) This is a sport of the wonderful ‘Daybreak’, with BRIGHT yellow foliage that has dark green margins; a perfect specimen plant! Lavender flowers. Photo courtesy Q & Z Nursery.






Hosta Nightlife

(18” ht x 40” w – $15.00) A great new cross between ‘Invincible’ and ‘Elegans’ with thick-substanced bluish to dark green glossy foliage and fragrant pale-purple flowers. Photo courtesy Q & Z Nursery.






Hosta Nippers

(?10” h x ? – $18.00)‘Nippers’ has TONS of character, with puckery, rowdy, very deep green round foliage held upright and horizontal. Absolutely FABULOUS combined with ‘Alakazaam,’ ‘Hands Up,’ ‘Curly Fries,’ and/or ‘Rainforest Sunrise’! He’ll make a quick getaway, so don’t wait! Unusual near pink flowers.






‘Northern Exposure’ (Sieboldiana)                           

Hosta Northern Exposure

(27” ht x 70” w – $14.00) A sport of ‘Elegans’, white margins sharply contrast the blue-green center. Very impressive!






‘Northern Halo ’                                                      

Hosta Northern Halo

(27” ht x 74” w – $13.00) A Sieboldiana that is a sport of ‘Elegans’, it has white leaf margins that contrast sharply with the blue-green center; it is heavily corrugated and slug resistant, and makes a huge impact as a specimen!





‘Obscene Gesture’                                                   

Hosta Obscene Gesture

(?15” ht x 25” w? –  $24.00) Of course a sport of ‘Kiwi Full Monty’, give this one some morning sun for most distinctive coloration; will bring out more blue in the center that is framed by a wide off-white border and typical white dividing line. Very, very, very limited!








(12” ht x 18” w – $12.00) A striking hosta with shiny foliage that has dark green margins streaking into its lighter green center. Worthy of its name, it has lavender flowers!


‘Ocean Isle’ 

Hosta Ocean Isle

(20” ht x 40” w – $16.00) This sport of ‘El Dorado’ has blue turning to dark green centers and wide gold margins—a winner of the 2004 “First Look” competition so ya know it’s a beauty! Photo courtesy Naylor Creek Hostas.






‘Okazaki Special’                                                     

(16” ht x 28” w – $10.00) Pointed grayish-green leaves have a glaucous underside…forms a somewhat upright clump. Lavender flowers.



‘Old Glory’                                                              

Hosta Old Glory

(14” ht x 24” w – $13.00) A sport of ‘Glory’ with heart shaped leaves that have yellow center and irregular, streaky 1” wide dark green margins. Very prominent veins and a rippled edge make this a must have! Light lavender flowers. Photo courtesy Walters Gardens.






‘Olympic Sunrise’ 

Hosta Olympic Sunrise

(18” ht x 30” w – $14.00)  This winner has elongated foliage that is smooth and thick and starts out with a yellow center with a blue-green border. As the season progresses the center turns parchment color and the edge a deep green. Vivid contrast! Lavender flowers.





‘One Iota’                                                                

(Mini – $15.00) ‘One Iota’ is a charming sport of ‘Blue Mouse Ears’ that has thick blue-green foliage and creamy margins. Oh so limited too! Lavender flowers.



‘One Man’s Treasure’                                               

Hosta One Man’s Treasure

(11” ht x 30” w – $15.00) A h. Lonpipes seedling with the reddest petioles of all hosta cultivars and smooth, shiny, very slug-resistant foliage, purple flowers on red scapes in fall. This one is eye-catching! Photo courtesy Naylor Creek Hostas.







Hosta Ophir

(?15” ht x 26” w? – $13.00) You’ll strike it rich with this bright gold upright grower that holds itself torchlike in the garden—has cherry red pets also! I LOVE this one!





‘Orange Star’                                                           

Hosta Orange Star

(?18” ht x 36” w? – $17.00) A sport of ‘June Fever’ with a very unique orangey-gold center and blue-green margins—VERY striking and different with great substance! Photo courtesy Q & Z Nursery.




‘Oreo Cream’ 

Hosta Oreo Cream

(‘11” h x 18” w – $20.00 ) Oreo Cream’ is a sport of ‘Whirlwind’ that has white centered, green margined foliage that is extremely twisted and contorted; bizarre and wondrous! Need I bother to say very limited?

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