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Hostas P-Z

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‘Pandora’s Box’ 

Picture: Hosta Pandora's Box

Hosta Pandora’s Box

(4” ht x 10” w – $16.00 This pocket-sized beauty is another “gotta have”! She is a sport of ‘Baby Bunting’ with green streaking between bluish margins and a white center—adorable tiny leaves (2” x 1½”). WOW!


Picture: Hosta Paradigm

Hosta Paradigm

(20” ht x 24” w – $12.00) The 2007 Hosta Growers Hosta of the Year! It has very corrugated leaves that are golden with blue green streaked margins…variegation pattern intensifies as the season progresses! Light lavender flowers, very slug resistant…lives up to its name!

‘Paradise Island’

Picture: Hosta Paradise Island

Hosta Paradise Island

(14” ht x 18” w – $15.00) This brilliant sport of ‘Fire Island’ has glowing yellow foliage with dark green margins bleeding into the center…stunning and eye-catching! To complete its draw, it has red petioles whose color actually come up through the base of the leaf! Utopiaforic! Photo courtesy Walters Gardens.

‘Paradise Sunset’

Picture: Hosta Paradise Sunset

Hosta Paradise Sunset

(Mini – $10.00) This little slice of heaven is a variegated sport of ‘Hydon Sunset’ with adorable green leaves that have yellow borders and dark purple flowers. Great grower for your mini collection…can take a fair amount of sun too! Photo courtesy Naylor Creek Hostas.


Picture: Hosta Parhelion

Hosta Parhelion

(36” ht x 70+” w – $14.00) This GIANT Hosta has bright chartreuse foliage with creamy white margins; seer suckered and HUGE! Photo courtesy Walters Gardens.


Picture: Hosta Pathfinder

Hosta Pathfinder

(16” ht x 36” w – $11.00) A sport of ‘Francee’ that is white centered and has many speckles with dark green margins…great vigor! Lavender flowers. Photo courtesy Naylor Creek Hostas.

‘Patriot’s Fire’

(18” ht x 40” w – $10.00) This one has an unusual color change throughout the season; starts apple green with a narrow white margin and then changes to gold with white margins. The cool thing is that the immature foliage is one color and the older foliage the other….nice! Lavender flowers.

‘Paul’s Glory’

Picture: Hosta Paul's Glory

Hosta Paul’s Glory

(25” ht x 55” w – $13.00) 1999 hosta of the year—brilliant gold leaves with wide blue edge brighten as season progresses. Lavender flowers—wow! Photo courtesy Green Hill Nursery.


Picture: Hosta Peanut

Hosta Peanut

(Mini – $14.00) A cute as the dickens little squirt with heavily corrugated ovate leaves that are lemony yellow with dark green margins that jet into the center. Bright purple buds and flowers contrast nicely against the foliage…pair it with ‘Popcorn’ for a delicious treat! Photo courtesy Walters Gardens.


Picture: Hosta Pebbles

Hosta Pebbles

(24” ht x 40” w – $22.00) I just love the cupped, corrugated creatures with character and this one sure has it! A slowish grower with near white flowers. Photo courtesy Q & Z Nursery.

‘Peppermint Ice’                                                 

(10” ht x 18” w –  $14.00) A Contrary Mary fave that has thick substanced creamy yellow to white centers and wide, very dark green edges…very vivid and eye-catching! Dark purple flowers too!

‘Pete’s Dark Satellite’

Picture: Hosta Pete's Dark Satellite

Hosta Pete’s Dark Satellite

(24” ht x 40” w – $16.00) A real out-of-this-world gem with very dark green cupped and rounded foliage and lavender flowers. Flank it with bright gold ones like ‘Abiqua Recluse’, ‘Faith’ or ‘Dawn’s Early Light’ for an unbelievable display! Photo courte

sy Naylor Creek Hostas.


Picture: Hosta Phantom

Hosta Phantom

(16” ht x 28” w – $12.00) I REALLY love this one—it has grey-green foliage with a waxy white veneer on both sides of the leaves. Very textured and seems to move ghostlike through the garden…woooo! Lavender flowers.


Picture: Hosta Picasso

Hosta Picasso

(16” ht x 28” w – $12.00) This picture of beauty has foliage with smooth, thick, bluish centers framed by yellow; near white flowers too! Photo courtesy Q & Z Nursery.


Picture: Hosta Pilgrim

Hosta Pilgrim

(12” ht x 22” w –  $9.00) A darling little Hosta with yellow margins on heart-shaped leaves turning to cream in summer and a grey-blue center. Lavender flowers in July. Photo courtesy Walters Gardens.

‘Pineapple Juice’ 

Picture: Hosta Pineapple Juice

Hosta Pineapple Juice

(10” h – $12.00) A great, all gold sport of ‘Pineapple Upside Down Cake’ that is very distinctive. Lavender flowers in July. Photo courtesy Q and Z Nursery.

‘Pineapple Poll’ 

Picture: Hosta Pineapple Poll

Hosta Pineapple Poll

(15” ht x 24” w – $7.00) We’ve had this one a while and I keep forgetting to list it! It is a sport of ‘Pineapple Upside Down Cake’ with lime foliage that has the same hurdy-gurdy wavy foliage and lavender flowers. Great for leaf shape contrast and great grower! Photo courtesy Q and Z Nursery.

‘Pineapple Upside Down Cake’ 

Picture: Hosta Pineapple Upside Down Cake

Hosta Pineapple Upside Down Cake

(18” ht x 45” w – $13.00) A really different looking hosta with brightly variegated, narrow, rippled foliage and lavender flowers in August. Photo courtesy Walters Gardens.

‘Pitch Black’ 

Picture: Hosta Pixie Vamp

Hosta Pixie Vamp

(16” ht x 30” w – $16.00) This outstanding sport of ‘Prince of Darkness’ boasts almost round, VERY deep green somewhat cupped foliage that is very textured and has lots of character! It would pair perfectly with a Hosta like ‘Rainforest Sunrise’, ‘Maui Buttercups’, ‘Designer Genes’, ‘Fire Island’, and ‘Brother Stefan’ (or really any bright Hosta!) pale lavender flowers.

‘Pixie Vamp’

Picture: Hosta Pixie Vamp

Hosta Pixie Vamp

(7” ht x 16” w – $15.00) A great NEW intro that is a seedling of ‘Pin Stripe’ with heart-shaped leaves that have a medium-green center with a ½” wide margin that changes from yellow to creamy white and purple flowers in July. A real cutie!


(19” ht x 35” w – $10.00) This hosta with AWESOME slug resistance has a bluish leaf center changing to dark green later in the season, and creamy white margins that streak towards the leaf center. The leaf tends to cup or pucker downwards giving it a very distinctive, unruly character…that’s right, lots of “pizzazz”! White flowers too!


Picture: Hosta Plantaginea

Hosta Plantaginea

(24” ht x 60” w – $8.00) Known as the “August lily” due to its large, heavily scented flowers, no garden should be without this hosta. Shiny, huge, light green leaves, its wonderful scent will perfume your whole yard. Photo courtesy Shady Oaks Nursery.


Picture: Hosta Playmate

Hosta Playmate

(?18” ht x 30” w?- $24.00) A real hottie out of ‘Striptease’ that’s quite different; forms an energetic mound of blues, greens, yellows, with the typical white bolt zigging between. She’s  real looker (and very limited). Photo courtesy Naylor Creek Hostas.

‘Plug Nickel’                                                      

Picture: Hosta Plug Nickel

Hosta Plug Nickel

(7” h x ? – $10.00) ‘Plug Nickel’ is a petite darling with very shiny very dark green foliage; great combo with ‘Rainbow’s End,’ ‘Tickle Me Pink’ and/or ‘Coconut Custard’! Pale purple flowers. Photo courtesy Q & Z Nursery.

‘Plumb Bob’ 

(16” h x 36” w – $13.00) ‘Plumb Bob’ has long, narrow, waxy and wavy green foliage and VERY unusual CLOSED bright purple flowers!

‘Pocketful of Sunshine’ 

Picture: Hosta Pocketful of Sunshine

Hosta Pocketful of Sunshine

(9” ht x 14” w – $16.00) You all KNOW how much I adore ‘Rainforest Sunrise’ (just come and drool over ours in the display bed and you’ll see why….I may have to put that plant on a commission!) Well, this is a brand new sport with wider green margins, and the same cupped, thick, distinctive foliage. Light lavender flowers too! Photo courtesy Walters Gardens.

‘Pooh Bear’

Picture: Hosta Pooh Bear

Hosta Pooh Bear

(9” ht x 15” w – $9.00) A honey of a hosta with green margins bordering a yellow leaf; a sport of ‘Gold Drop’. Beary nice (sorry, I couldn’t resist!)


Picture: Hosta Popcorn

Hosta Popcorn

(12” ht x 15” w – $15.00) A lovely little hosta with rounded yellow foliage with blue borders. As it matures, it develops great cupping. Pale lavender flowers. Photo courtesy Walters Gardens.

‘Potomac Glory’

Picture: Hosta Potomac Glory

Hosta Potomac Glory

(20” ht x 38” w – $34.00) This outstanding sport of ‘Potomac Pride’ (a Contrary Mary FAVE for a long time), its foliage is shiny with intense greenish-yellow centers with dark green edges that cup DOWNWARD to show off their great coloration. VERY limited (and ya know one’s going right in the display bed!) Photo courtesy Green Hill Nursery.

‘Potomac Pride’

Picture: Hosta Potomac Pride

Hosta Potomac Pride

(24” ht x 50” w – $15.00) A FANTASTIC HOSTA – Incredibly glossy, black-green leaves that are puckered and have inverted cupping of mature leaves, this one’s very unusual. Has small, spidery-shaped lavender flowers-WOW!


Picture: Hosta Poseidon

Hosta Poseidon

(20” ht x 40” w – $18.00) This is a sport of plantaginea ‘Athena’, with very shiny apple green foliage that has yellow to white borders. The REALLY cool attribute, though, is its DOUBLE , very large, VERY fragrant flowers! Get him while ya can; VERY limited! Photo courtesy Q & Z Nursery.


(11” ht x 18” w – $15.00) A sport of ‘Halcyon’ x ‘Blue Dimples’ with very glaucous (lots of white wax) blue leaves causing it to have a “powdery” appearance. Creamy white flowers.

‘Prairie Moon’

Picture: Hosta Prairie Moon

Hosta Prairie Moon

(15” ht x 26” w – $16.00) A VERY bright eye-catcher, this one shines in the garden with glowing wedge-shaped bright yellow foliage that has silver backs. Great substance and slug resistance, lavender flowers too! Photo courtesy Shady Oaks Nursery.

‘Prairie Sky’

Picture: Hosta Prairie Sky

Hosta Prairie Sky

(14” ht x 28” w – $16.00) This hybrid of ‘Blue Jay’ has cup shaped powdery blue foliage with lots of substance and texture like its parent. Pale lavender flowers. May not be available until later in summer. Photo courtesy Green Hill Nursery.

‘Prairie Sunset’

(18” h x 33” w – $20.00)‘Prairie Sunset’ has rather narrow bright golden foliage with irregular green margins; a lovely contrast with ‘Rainforet Sunrise’ (for some ying and yang goin’ on!), ‘Prairie Sky,’ ‘High Society,’ and/or ‘Day’s End’ (very apropos!). Near white flowers.

‘Praying Hands’ 

Picture: Hosta Praying Hands

Hosta Praying Hands

(14” ht x 28” w – $14.00) Yup, this one’s a real bizarro, worthy of Contrary Mary! It has narrow, cupped/folded, wavy foliage that is very dark green with a narrow white margin…a real collector’s oddity! Slowish growth rate and odd, narrow, funnel-shaped lavender flowers also! A Contrary Mary Top 10 pick!


‘Prestige and Promise’

(16” h x 16” w – $18.00) ‘Prestige and Promise’ lives up to its name with very bumpily thick, nearly round foliage that has very dark green margins and wide irregular gold centers. Non-burning too! A stunner paired with ‘Maui Buttercups,’ ‘Autumn Frost,’ and/or ‘Little Miss Sunshine’! Light lavender flowers.

‘Prince of Darkness’

(17” ht x 26” w – $22.00) This is a really way-cool, quite distinctive newbie with very stiff, upward and outward reaching very dark green foliage with creamy white centers that jet into the green. Foliage is nearly round and looks as if nothing could hurt it! I could really see this one paired up with linear and more twisted foliage like ‘Praying Hands’, ‘Ringtail’, ‘Totally Twisted’, and ‘Marrakech’. Don’t wait too long as he’s gonna go fast! Pale lavender flowers.

‘Prince of Wales’

(36” ht x 50” w –  $20.00) A HUUUUGE ‘Elegans’ sport that has blue-green foliage that measures 14” x 10” (yes, that’s EACH leaf!) and is very veiny and textured. White flowers too!

‘Princess Anastasia’

Picture: Hosta Princess Anastasia

Hosta Princess Anastasia

(12” ht x 18” w – $15.00) This sport of ‘Ryan’s Big One’ has thick, corrugated golden foliage with narrow dark blue margins…a hosta worthy of royalty! Pure white flowers too! Photo courtesy Walters Gardens.

‘Puddles and Bumps’

Picture: Hosta Puddles and Bumps

Hosta Puddles and Bumps

(14” ht x 30” w – $20.00) A cross between ‘Ogon tachi’ and ‘Lily Pad’, with vary dark green dimpled and bumply foliage….very Contrary! Definitely something different; purple flowers. Photo courtesy Q & Z Nursery.

‘Purple Haze’

Picture: Hosta Purple Haze

Hosta Purple Haze

(15” ht x 28” w – $22.00) This rockin’ hosta is extremely unusual. It has blue foliage which is held aloft by purple petioles; the purple continues into the leaf veins creating a hazing effect into the center of the leaf—AWESOME! Most evident in spring, it fades some as the season progresses. VERY, VERY limited (but ya know there’ll be one in the display bed you can drool over!) Photo courtesy Naylor Creek Hostas.

‘Pure Heart’                                                       

Picture: Hosta Pure Heart

Hosta Pure Heart

(mini – $20.00) The reverse of ‘Mighty Mouse’ (of course) with bright yellow foliage and blue-green borders. She’s loyal, adorable, and must be planted next to ‘Mighty Mouse’!!! Photo courtesy Naylor Creek Hostas.

‘Queen of the Seas’

Picture: Hosta Queen of the Seas

Hosta Queen of the Seas

(24” ht x 40” w – $15.00) This Seaver intro won “Best of Show” at the 1997 Hosta convention, and you’ll soon see why! It has very large, thick pointed blue foliage that is heavily piecrusted and rippled and near white flowers…a real royal lady! Photo courtesy Walters Gardens.

‘Quilting Bee’

Picture: Hosta Quilting Bee

Hosta Quilting Bee

(8”h x 15” w – $10.00) This small hosta has distinctive deep green, heavily puckered, heart shaped leaves and lavender flowers.

‘Rain Forest’

Picture: Hosta Rain Forest

Hosta Rain Forest

(15” ht x 20” w – $14.00) This seedling from rupifraga is a Contrary Mary FAVE! It has undulating, glossy (almost glassy) medium green foliage and light purple flowers. I just love its texture and the feeling of motion it emits! Very short supply…. Photo courtesy Naylor Creek Hostas.

‘Rainbow’s End’

Picture: Hosta Rainbow's End

Hosta Rainbow’s End

(6” ht x 10” w – $16.00) A sport of ‘Obsession’ with thick, rubbery, shiny foliage that has dark green leaves with a yellow flare in the middle, turning white by midsummer. Great contrasting red flower scapes and lavender flowers. Photo courtesy Green Hill Nursery.

‘Rainforest Sunrise’

Picture: Hosta Rainforest Sunrise

Hosta Rainforest Sunrise

(8” ht – $18.00) An absolutely charming sport of ‘Maui Buttercups’ that has very thick, crinkly, yellow leaves with very dark green edges. A great grower too!

‘Raspberries and Cream’

(8” ht x 20” w – $22.00) A lovely sport of ‘Raspberry Sorbet’ with very shiny and wavy foliage that is apple green with chartreuse edges; also has pinkish flowers on purple scapes. Yum!

‘Raspberry Sorbet’

(10” ht x 22” w – $10.00) A NEW ADORABLE HOSTA—Smooth, shiny, dark green foliage with the most fantastic 20” reddish flower scapes and flowers that are bluish—this is a standout in the garden. See pictures at Hosta Library!


Picture: Hosta Rebecca

Hosta Rebecca

(20” ht x 36” w – $18.00) This beauty has distinctive smooth, slightly ripped bright yellow foliage with an icy cast; very unique! Very pale lavender flowers, and very limited! Photo courtesy Q & Z Nursery.

‘Red Bull’

Picture: Hosta Red Bull

Hosta Red Bull

(?18” ht x 30” w? – $24.00) Another AWESOME newbie from Danny Van Eechaute (he does fantastic stuff!) that has large, piecrusted, veiny and textured apple green foliage and red legs (I just can’t resist them!!!) VERY limited. Photo courtesy Danny Van Eechaute.

‘Red Dog’

(?12” h x ? – $18.00) ‘Red Dog’ is a real looker with rippley and wavy shiny green foliage held in a vase shape in order to show off its cherry red petioles. VERY distinctive (and our “red dog” Duncan agrees!) He won’t hang about long, so don’t delay! Lavender flowers.

‘Red Dragon’

(?” h x 30” w- $18.00) ‘Red Dragon’ is a great beastie with shiny bright green deeply veined rippled foliage and bright red petioles that extend into the leaf stalks. GREAT flowers too that are deep red and cascade across the foliage creating an unusual effect. Some discrepancy in height, so I’m guessing between 13-20”!

‘Red Hot Flash’

(7” ht x 12” w – $15.00) A tetraploid form of ‘Peedee Gold Flash’ with a great growth rate! It has wide green margins that streak somewhat into the bright gold center. Top this off with red petioles and scapes and VIVID purple flowers …smokin’!

‘Red October’

Picture: Hosta Red October

Hosta Red October

(12” ht x 18” w – $15.00) This unusual hosta has foliage that is green with a bluish tint and a white back and deep red petioles that extend into the leaf blade. Very intriguing! Photo courtesy Walters Gardens.

‘Regal Supreme’

(36” h x 60” w – $16.00) ‘Regal Supreme’ is an outstanding vase shaped sport of ‘Krossa Regal’ with frosty blue foliage that has wide cream edges. I’m afraid it’s yet another “gotta-have”, especially when paired with ‘El Nino,’ ‘Blueberry Muffin,’ and/or ‘Rhino Hide’! Lavender flowers.

‘Remember Me’

Picture: Hosta Remember Me

Hosta Remember Me

Picture: Hosta Remember Me

Hosta Remember Me

(15” ht x 20” w – $18.00) We’ve had this hosta before and it always sells out quickly…maybe that’s due to the really remarkable specimen we have in the display bed! The breeder, Walters Gardens, donates $.25 for each plant sold to the Susan Komen for the Cure in honor of an employee who died of breast cancer. This plant is a sport of ‘June’ with the same great thick substance. It emerges in spring an intense yellow with blue-green margins jetting toward the midrib, with the center lightening to cream in summer. Lavender flowers too! Photos courtesy Walters Gardens.

‘Restless Sea’

(10” ht x 20” w – $13.00) A “moving” hosta with wedge-shaped leaves that are serrated and undulating and are a unique grey-green color. An upright, somewhat stiff grower with pale lavender flowers.


(18” ht x 30” w –  $16.00) A “revolution” in color patterns on this “Loyalist’ sport! This dark green foliage has a cream center that has a speckling of soft green in its center in spring that darkens by summer. A very different hosta for the collector!    Photo courtesy Walters Gardens.

‘Rhapsody in Blue’

(15” ht x 40” w – $12.00) This rupifraga seedling has very wavy and thick blue foliage that turns a medium green in August. It is very distinctive and very slug resistant; I’m sure you’ll sing about this one!

‘Rhino Hide’

Picture: Hosta Rhino Hide

Hosta Rhino Hide

(20” ht x 30” w – $18.00) Now THIS one is truly a collector’s plant! Its rounded foliage is unruly, deeply cupped and has a bright green center strip with a wide blue puckered border. ??Texture is just like a rhino’s hide?? (At least that’s what they claim!) Has white flowers and is EXTREMELY limited, so get yours before he charges out of here!

‘Rhythm & Blues’

(11”h x 25” w – $15.00) This outstanding new cultivar forms a dense mound of very wavy, blue-green foliage. Very distinctive! See pictures at Hosta Library!


Picture: Hosta Ringtail

Hosta Ringtail

(16” ht x 30” w – $16.00) This one’s like no other! It has elongated medium green, glossy foliage that has miniature ripples along the leaf margins and curls at the end of the leaf tips…stunning! Blooms late and goes dormant late too! Another VERY LIMITED creature!

‘Rising Sun’

Picture: Hosta Rising Sun

Hosta Rising Sun

(36” ht x 36” w – $13.00) Impressive mounding vase-shaped plant with golden heart shaped leaves whose sides and ends are turned slightly down, this is a great specimen hosta. It glows in the shade.

‘Risky Business’

Picture: Hosta Risky Buisiness

Hosta Risky Buisiness

(17” ht x 36” w – $17.00) A daring sport of ‘Striptease’ with dark green leaves that have a pure white center…mature plants have a twist at the tip of their leaves. Great grower and lavender flowers…whoo-hoo!

‘Rock Island Line’

(6”h x 15” w – $14.00) A rare, NEW mini with great variegation—a green center with 1/8” wide creamy white margin. Great for your fairy attracting garden, it also has white flowers late June into July.

‘Rocket’s Red Glare’ 

Picture: Hosta Rocket's Red Glare

Hosta Rocket’s Red Glare

Picture: Hosta Rocket's Red Glare

Hosta Rocket’s Red Glare

(12” ht x 22” w – $15.00) I do so like the ones with red legs, and this one is no exception! VERY shiny foliage has wavy margins and very red petioles, and the flower scapes are very red also; lavender flowers. A real bang for your hosta bed! Photos courtesy Bev Stegman.

‘Roller Coaster Ride’

Picture: Hosta Roller Coaster Ride

Hosta Roller Coaster Ride

(8” ht x 14” w –  $14.00) This newbie is full of movement with undulating, narrow, medium green foliage with a rippled narrow white line at the edge of each leaf. Topped off with spidery purple flowers…this is one ride to catch! Photo courtesy Q and Z Nursery.

‘Rootin’ Tootin’

Picture: Hosta Rootin' Tootin'

Hosta Rootin’ Tootin’

(14” ht x 24” w – $16.00) This sport of ‘Abba Irresistible’ has very thick leaves that are dark green with lime green jetting into a creamy white center that has some green speckling. Foliage cups downward; lavender flowers. This is one to cheer for! Photo courtesy Walters Gardens.

‘Rosedale Golden Goose’

(26” ht x 56” w – $15.00) This one is bright (and I mean BRIGHT) gold with tons of texture and substance. Shows good sun tolerance and has lavender flowers.

‘Roy Klehm’

Picture: Hosta Roy Kllehm

Hosta Roy Kllehm

(21” ht x 24” w? – $18.00) A FANTASTIC Hosta (come see ours in the display bed….he’s one of my FAVES!) that is a standout in the Hosta garden with bright golden yellow centers framed by wide green margins. VERY limited!

‘Royal Wedding’

Picture: Hosta Royal Wedding

Hosta Royal Wedding

(12” ht x 18” w – $17.00) This regal beauty is a new Contrary FAVE and forms a showy mound of shiny apple green foliage with wide creamy margins. The star in her crown, however, is her HUGE and FRAGRANT pure white flowers (see how Duncan is enjoying them?!) Imagine the Charms of Hummers they will attract!

‘Rubies and Ruffles’

Picture: Hosta Rubies and Ruffles

Hosta Rubies and Ruffles

(15” ht x 22” w – $14.00) This one calls out “lookie here”, with upright ruffled light green foliage with creamy margins that have showy deep red legs, very easily seen! A real gem for your Collection; pale flowers on red scapes. Photo courtesy Walters Gardens.

‘Ruby Slippers’

(16” ht x 30” w – $20.00) A seedling of ‘Iwa’ and a longpipes type, she had shiny, medium green smooth foliage and purple petioles; flowers late (September) with medium purple flowers.

‘Ruffed Up’

(18” ht x 34” w – $16.00) This baby will take quite a lot of sun, up to half a day! It has VERY ruffled foliage that is mottled gold and green, becoming much brighter yellow with more sun. VERY dark purple flower scapes hold lavender flowers—striking and unusual!

‘Ruffled Mouse Ears’

Picture: Hosta Ruffled Mouse Ears

Hosta Ruffled Mouse Ears

(Mini – $18.00) Another adorable ‘Blue Mouse Ears’ sport with rippled and frilled blue-green thick-substanced foliage; very different looking than her cousins! Thick purple flowers; not available until late summer.

‘Sahara Nights’

Picture: Hosta Sahara Nights

Hosta Sahara Nights

(?9” ht x 15” w? – $20.00) This one has bluish, rippled foliage that grows upright…..very hot! (photo courtesy Naylor Creek)

‘Saint Elmo’s Fire’

Picture: Hosta Saint Elmo's Fire

Hosta Saint Elmo’s Fire

(16” ht x 30” w – $16.00) A Sea Fire’ sport with a tricolor effect! New leaves are bright eye-catching yellow with white margins, then age to green centered and white margined…electrifying! Pale lavender flowers.


(10” ht x 15” w – $10.00) An upright grower with narrow, wavy, glaucous, powdery-blue foliage and near white flowers with long drooping scapes.

‘Sandhill Crane’

Picture: Hosta Sandhill Crane

Hosta Sandhill Crane

(12” ht x 30” w – $22.00) A seedling from H. longissima that has very long, narrow, white margined foliage and is an upright grower. It also has deep purple flowers on very tall scapes.

‘Sara’s Gold’

Picture: Hosta Sara's Gold

Hosta Sara’s Gold

(920” ht x 40” w – $18.00) This standout Hosta is an all gold sport of ‘Sara’s Sensation’….FANTASTICALLY slug resistant! Near white flowers. Photo courtesy Q & Z Nursery.

‘Sara’s Sensation’

Picture: Hosta Sara's Sensation

Hosta Sara’s Sensation

(22” ht x 48” w – $22.00) This very unique sport of ‘Frances Williams’ has a blue-green center surrounded by very wide gold margins. Has great substance and corrugation when mature and forms dense clusters of white flowers. A slowish grower but well worth the wait! Hate to say it yet again, but another scarce one! Photo courtesy Q & Z Nursery.


(26” h x 60” w – $12.00) ‘Satisfaction’ is a large lovely sport of ‘Piedmont Gold’ with eye-catching dark green foliage that has large bright gold rippled margins. Ya won’t be singin’ the Stones song with this one! Near white flowers.

‘Savannah Supreme’

(25” ht – $19.00) A great STREAKED form of ‘Savannah’ with fragrant lavender flowers—forms a large, impressive mound!

‘Scallion Pancakes’                                             

(?12” ht x ?20” w – $20.00) This is truly a Collector’s Hosta that is a 10 yarder! Has flat, pancake-like deep green paddle foliage held upward and outward allowing you to view her sexy red legs—OUTSTANDING!!! Purple flowers too….VERY limited!

‘Second Wind’

Picture: Hosta Second Wind

Hosta Second Wind

(18” ht x 45” w – $15.00) One of my FAVORITES—it goes with any other hosta because it has leathery, round, shiny dark green leaves and it acts as a GREAT foil. You NEED this one too! Lavender flowers midsummer.

‘Secret Love’

Picture: Hosta Secret Love

Hosta Secret Love

(11” ht x 18” w – $15.00) This sport of ‘Fragrant Blue’ (a Contrary Mary fave!) has heart-shaped leaves that are a bluish green with bright yellow borders. Great grower too! White flowers. Photo courtesy Naylor Creek Hostas.

‘Shade Parade’

Picture: Hosta Shade Parade

Hosta Shade Parade

(6” ht x 15” w – $16.00) A great new mini with rounded foliage that is apple green with a creamy margin and had lavender flowers. Add this to your “little guy” collection! Photo courtesy Q and Z Nursery.

‘Sharp Dressed Man’

Picture: Hosta Sharp Dressed Man

Hosta Sharp Dressed Man

(15” ht x 30” w – $22.00) Who doesn’t need a Sharp Dressed Man in their life??! This handsome devil has wide blue green margins with white centers and a medium green in between….go crazy over him!


Picture: Hosta Shazaam

Hosta Shazaam

(12” ht x 18” w – $15.00) A hosta with lots of substance and corrugation, it has pointed foliage that is dark green and has a wide creamy border and lavender flowers…gollllly…lots of wow factor!

‘Shimmy Shake’

(?15” h x ? – $20.00) ‘Shimmy Shake’ is a real mover and shaker…absolutely FABULOUS rippley and twisty light green foliage that’ll set your garden all aquiver with its flat spreading dancing form. With red petioles and star-shaped lavender flowers, ya KNOW it’s a “gotta-have” (and dancin’ right outta here soon!)

‘Silver Bay’

Picture: Hosta Silver Bay

Hosta Silver Bay

(14” ht x 28” w – $15.00) This has been described as one of the BEST blue Hostas! It forms a medium sized mound of heavily corrugated, unruly, intensely blue foliage with near white flowers…lovely! Photo courtesy Walters Garden


‘Silver Moon’

Picture: Hosta Silver Moon

Hosta Silver Moon

(10” ht x 15” w – $15.00) This cross between ‘Blue Moon’ x ‘M aekawa’ has the powdery blue, cupped foliage of one parent and the silvery coloration on the leaf undersides of the other parent…what a combo! Pale lavender flowers. Photo courtesy Shady Oaks Nursery.

‘Silver Serenity’

(?28-30” ht x 38” w? – $20.00) This calm creature has arching silvery blue ruffled foliage; very stately and magnificent as a specimen!

‘Silver Threads and Golden Needles’

Picture: Hosta Silver Threads and Golden Needles

Hosta Silver Threads and Golden Needles

(5” ht x 10” w – $18.00) A rare sport of ‘Cheatin’ Heart’ with golden foliage that is flecked and streaked with green. Lavender flowers. Photo courtesy Walters Gardens.

‘Sky Dancer’

(14” ht x 24” w – $14.00) This pycnophylla hybrid (I know, I never heard of it either but get an education about it in The Hosta Handbook page 353…VERY interesting!) has thick, spade-shaped bluish gray foliage with ruffled margins and forms an upright spreading clump…moving!


(19” ht x 38” w – $14.00) A son of ‘Unforgettable’, he has his mama’s upright growth habit, but in a BRIGHT yellow, very textured foliage! Lavender flowers.

‘Sleeping Beauty’

Picture: Hosta Sleeping Beauty

Hosta Sleeping Beauty

(16” ht x 24” w – $14.00) This sport of ‘Halcyon’ has frosty blue-green, almost grayish pointed leaves with white to creamy white borders. She has the same thick (almost rubbery!) texture of her parent and light lavender flowers.

‘Smash Hit’

Picture: Hosta Smash Hit

Hosta Smash Hit

(14” ht x 30” w – $20.00) A sport of the fabulous ‘Or

ange Marmalade’ with wider green margins—VERY eyecatching! Pale lavender flowers Photo courtesy Q & Z Nursery.

‘Smiley Face’

Picture: Hosta Smiley Face

Hosta Smiley Face

(7” ht x 16” w – $20.00) A happy little guy from Bob Solberg, he has small ,nearly round, very light yellow foliage atop pinkish petioles; a cutie for sure! Reddish purple flowers. Photo courtesy Q & Z Nursery.

‘Smoke Signals’

Picture: Hosta Smoke Signals

Hosta Smoke Signals

(17” ht x 30” w – $16.00) If you want a striking blue Hosta that really hold its color, you’ve found it!!! Holds his arms up to the skies so he really draws your eyes! Lavender flowers. Photo courtesy Naylor Creek Hostas.

‘Smooth Sailing’

(24” ht x 45” w- $20.00) This hybrid of ‘Fascination’ x ‘Daybreak has deeply veined gold centered foliage with streaks of dark green at its margins. Forms a superb arching mound…lavender flowers too!

‘Snake Eyes’

Picture: Hosta Snake Eyes

Hosta Snake Eyes

(?16-18” ht x 30” w? – $24.00) Luck will be with you if you manage to snag one of these fabulous sports of ‘Striptease’! VERY impressive, distinctive, and limited! Photo courtesy Naylor Creek Hostas.

‘Snow Mouse’

Picture: Hosta Snow Mouse

Hosta Snow Mouse

(mini –  $18.00) I seem to be collecting a lot of mice around here, don’t I! This little dude has a white center that stays white all season surrounded by a blue green border. Another cutie! Photo courtesy Naylor Creek Hostas.

‘Solar Flare’

Picture: Hosta Solor Flare

Hosta Solor Flare

(32” ht x 80” w – $16.00) This GIANT hosta has large broadly ovate leaves (14” x 10”) starting chartreuse and morphing to bright gold. Great substance and pale lavender flowers; probably not ready until late summer. Photo courtesy Q and Z Nursery.

‘Something Else’

(19” h x 50” w – $12.00) ‘Something Else’ is a bright golden, non-burning sport of ‘Olive Bailey Langdon’; extra nice! Near white flowers.

‘Spacious Skies’

(24” h x 48” w – $12.00) ‘Spacious Skies’ is a ‘Sagae’ seedling that forms an upright mound of cupped and corrugated nearly round blue foliage; ya just HAFTA try her with ‘Prairie Moon,’ and/or ‘Northern Exposure’! Pale lavender flowers.


Picture: Hosta Sparkler

Hosta Sparkler

(Mini – $18.00) A baby sport of ‘Fireworks’ with losta bang for your buck! It has long slender deep green leaves with streaks of white bursting from the center….bazinga! Light lavender flowers. Photo courtesy Walters Gardens.


‘Sparkling Burgundy’

Picture: Hosta Sparkling Burgundy

Hosta Sparkling Burgundy

Picture: Hosta Sparkling Burgundy

Hosta Sparkling Burgundy

(12” ht x 24” w –  $12.00) This is one of my FAVES—look at the deep, dark, glowing, green shiny leaves and image that as a foil to a bright, light Hosta! As if that wasn’t enough, check out the flower buds and scapes; scrumptious and awesome and belongs in EVERYONE’S garden!

‘Spinach Patch’

(22” ht x 50” w – $12.00) Another oddity, this one resembles large clump of spinach! Unruly, shiny, dark green foliage, whitish flowers in July. Yum! See pictures at Hosta Library!


 ‘Splendid Sarah’                                                

Picture: Hosta Splendid Sarah

Hosta Splendid Sarah

(18” ht x 30” w – $20.00) This is a real sweetie with minty-green foliage that has wide white borders; very nice! Pale purple flowers; photo courtesy Q & Z nursery.

‘Spring Fling’

Picture: Hosta Spring Fling

Hosta Spring Fling

(17”h x 40” w – $14.00) Hosta guru Mark Zilis calls this “one of the best Hosta introductions from the last decade”, so ya KNOW it’s another “gotta-have”! A hybrid of ‘Christmas Tree’ x ‘Donahue Piecrust’, it has a medium green center with heavily rippled yellow to white margins. Good substance and good growth rate make for a great plant—also has pale lavender flowers on tall (30-40”) scapes in July. Photo courtesy Q and Z Nursery.


Picture: Hosta Spritzer

Hosta Spritzer

(20” ht x 40” w – $9.00) A seedling of ‘Green Fountain’ with very shiny, rippled, narrowly ovate foliage that has a bright gold center with thin green margins that streak into it. It forms a distinctive, eye-catching flowing mound! Pale lavender flowers.

‘Squash Casserole’

(24”h x 48” w – $12.00) Large, wavy, chartreuse leaves form a large distinctive clump—purple flowers early summer. This hosta can take ¾ sun with ample moisture. See picture at top of page!

‘Stained Glass’

Picture: Hosta Stained Glass

Hosta Stained Glass

(20”h x 45” w – $15.00) This sport of ‘Guacamole’ is an eye-catching specimen with brilliant, gold-centered foliage and heavy veining giving it an almost “stained glass” effect. Top this off with very fragrant, pale lavender flowers on 36” tall scapes in August and you’ve got (you guessed it!) Another “gotta have”! 2006 Hosta Growers Hosta of the Year!


‘Stand Corrected’

Picture: Hosta Stand Corrected

Hosta Stand Corrected

(?18” ht x 36” w?- $18.00) (Not too often do I admit to this!)A nice Hosta with VERY deep vein-y foliage that is shiny medium green with irregular yellow margins….lotsa texture! Photo courtesy Naylor Creek Hostas.


(24” ht x 50” w – $20.00) A streaked sport of ‘Flower Power’ with mottled green and yellow streaks on a medium to dark green leaf. A great specimen plant as it becomes a semi-upright mound and has fragrant pale lavender flowers…very limited!

‘Stephen King’

Picture: Hosta Stephen King

Hosta Stephen King

(??15” ht x 28” w?? – $24.00) An outstanding Hosta named for one of my favorite authors, with extraordinarily dark red, very long petioles (??darkest ever??) that are highlighted by his twisting, curved mint green foliage. Scary awesome!!! Purple flowers too. Photo courtesy Naylor Creek Hostas.

‘Stepping Out’

(16” ht x 36” w – $16.00) Blue green, round foliage with wide yellow bands highlight this outward facing/downward cupped Hosta. Near white flowers.


Picture: Hosta Stiletto

Hosta Stiletto

(6” ht x 12” w – $8.00) This little guy has distinctive long narrow wavy knife-shaped foliage that is green with chartreuse edges. A stoloniferous grower, he also has unique medium purple striped flowers! Photo courtesy Shady Oaks Nursery.


Picture: Hosta Sting

Hosta Sting

(15” ht x 30” w – $22.00) A sport and mirror image of ‘Anne’ with white centered foliage and deep green very wide margins.

‘Stir it Up’

Picture: Hosta Stir it Up

Hosta Stir it Up

(??16” ht x 28” w?? – $22.00) A moving Hosta with VERY shiny dark green piecrusted foliage held by very red petioles…..foliage has icy white backs too! I just ADORE red legs, and can’t seem to get enough of them! Lavender flowers.

‘Stolen Ability’

Picture: Hosta Stolen Ability

Hosta Stolen Ability

(18” ht x 40” w – $20.00) A sport of ‘Vivacious’ with mid-green pebbled foliage and purple petioles. Also has beautiful bright purple flowers! Photo courtesy Q & Z Nursery.

‘Stormy Dance’

(Mini – $15.00) This tiny hosta looks like a wiggle worm! It has long narrow wavy bright yellow foliage that looks like it’s undulating! A great grower with good substance too!


Picture: Hosta Stringbean

Hosta Stringbean

(7” ht x 15” w – $20.00) A squiggly, wriggly little guy…..very distinctive mid-green string bean shaped foliage. Our display bed plant is always commented on!


Picture: Hosta Striptease

Hosta Striptease

(20” ht x 50” w – $15.00) Ooh-la-la! A dark green leaf with a chartreuse center with white streaks between the colors, the leaf is also slightly wavy; pale lavender flowers July/August. Make room for her! 2005 Hosta Growers Hosta of the Year!


‘Sugar and Spice’

(20” ht x 42” w – $12.00) A sport of ‘Invincible’ with its parent’s very shiny, luminescent, glowing foliage that is green centered with a gold to cream margin. Fragrant, pale lavender flowers and a great grower!

‘Sugar Snap’

Picture: Hosta Sugar Snap

Hosta Sugar Snap

(22” ht x 40” w – $18.00) A sport of ‘Sweet Sunshine’ with very FRAGRANT white flowers and cupped, white edged, distinctive foliage. (photo courtesy Bob Solberg)

‘Sum and Substance’

Picture: Hosta Sum and Substance

Hosta Sum and Substance

(33” ht x 80” w – #2) Yup, this one’s massive. Slu

g resistant, glossy chartreuse to gold huge leaves; lavender flowers in August.

‘Sum of All’

Picture: Hosta Sum of All

Hosta Sum of All

Picture: Hosta Sum of All

Hosta Sum of All

(36” ht x 80” w – $16.00) This giant sport of ‘Sum & Substance’ has HUGE leaves with green centers and 1-2” wide gold margins. Good sun tolerance and great substance! Not ready until late summer. Photos courtesy Walters Gardens.

‘Sum Cup O’Joe’

Picture: Hosta Sum Cup O'Joe

Hosta Sum Cup O’Joe

(22” ht x 40” w – $18.00) An oddity for the Hosta Collector, this sport of ‘Sum and Substance’ has thick substanced greenish-goldish-yellowish foliage with a VERY narrow white margin. Unique and different! Pale lavender flowers.

‘Sum it Up’

Picture: Hosta Sum it Up

Hosta Sum it Up

(32”h x 80” w –  $16.00) A sport of ‘Sum & Substance’ with huge, shiny medium green leaves with gold margins and lavender flowers on 4’ scapes in August make this a real standout specimen…WOWZERS!

‘Summer Breeze’

Picture: Hosta Summer Breeze

Hosta Summer Breeze

(22”h x 50” w – $16.00) A lovely sport of ‘Summer Music’ that has a rich green leaf center with wide gold margins on an almost heart-shaped leaf. Good growth rate and pale lavender flowers in July will make you feel fine….! Photo courtesy Naylor Creek Hostas.

‘Summer Lovin’

Picture: Hosta Summer Lovin'

Hosta Summer Lovin’

(18” ht x 40” w – $17.00) This ‘Summer Breeze’ sport has dark green leaf centers and gold margins—very bright and perky! Pale lavender flowers too. Photo courtesy Q & Z Nursery.

‘Sun Kissed’

(14”h x 30” w – $16.00) A lovely newbie with creamy edge and dark green center and fragrant white flowers in July.

‘Sun Power’

Picture: Hosta Sun Power

Hosta Sun Power

(28” ht x 70” w –  $9.00) An oldie but goodie and still one of my favorite hostas—a bright gold, vase shaped mound that jumps out at you…make her a focal point. Give it morning sun for best coloration; she’s a necessary plant for all hosta collections!

‘Sun Shower’

Picture: Hosta Sun Shower

Hosta Sun Shower

(14” ht x 30” w – $18.00) A ‘longiana’ with VIVIDLY bright yellow foliage and great substance….cheerful and welcoming! (photo courtesy Bob Solberg)

‘Sun Worshipper’

Picture: Hosta Sun Worshipper

Hosta Sun Worshipper

(10” ht x 22” w – $13.00) This beauty is SHOCKINGLY bright in the spring with glassy foliage (it has yingeri in its parentage!) and RED petioles. Good substance, lavender flowers.

‘Sunlight Child’

(Mini – $14.00) This tiny creature has thick, leathery, shiny leaves that are elongated and twisted at the tip. A very unusual mini! Lavender flowers.

‘Sunset Grooves’

Picture: Hosta Sunset Grooves

Hosta Sunset Grooves

(?12” ht x 18” w? –  $22.00) Aaah….my favorite time of day and a sport of one of my absolute FAVE Hostas, ‘Rainforest Sunrise’, so ya KNOW ya gotta love this one! VERY round, distinctive foliage has a cheery yellow center and wide minty-green borders; great substance and a real sweetie! Photo courtesy Naylor Creek Hostas.

‘Sunshine Glory’

Picture: Hosta Sunshine Glory

Hosta Sunshine Glory

(24” ht x 36” w – $12.00) A gorgeous mid-to back border plant with large corrugated green leaves that are edged with a wide gold margin. Very textured and striking and has near white flowers.

‘Super Nova’

Picture: Hosta Super Nova

Hosta Super Nova

(24” ht x 48” w – $15.00) Very puckered with wide blue-green margin and chartreuse to gold center. Must see to believe! Near white flowers.

‘Surfer Girl’

Picture: Hosta Surfer Girl

Hosta Surfer Girl

(Mini – $13.00) A cute little vixen with heavily wavy, pointed, undulating dark green foliage that will “surf” your garden as she is stoloniferous! Ya just NEED her for the Garden Fairies to ride on! Adorable pale purple flowers too!

‘Sutter’s Mill’

Picture: Hosta Sutter's Mill

Hosta Sutter’s Mill

(24” ht x 48” w – $20.00) This bright gold corrugated specimen Hosta is described by its breeder as a “gold-leaved version of ‘Big John’. Photo courtesy Q & Z Nursery.

‘Sweet Home Chicago’

Picture: Hosta Sweet Home Chicago

Hosta Sweet Home Chicago

(18” ht x 40” w – $11.00) A great grower that was introduced in 1999 at the Midwest Region Hosta Society convention, it forms a bright mound of bright gold-centered, green-margined hostaness—colors intensify during the growing season. Ya gotta get this hometown favorite!

‘Sweet Standard’

(22” ht x 30” w – $16.00) I’ve had the mother plant for many years and can say that it is a stable streaked plant! Nearly white flowers top this beauty…very limited!

‘Tea and Crumpets’

Picture: Hosta Tea and Crumpets

Hosta Tea and Crumpets

(8” ht x 20” w – $15.00) Forms a very dense, perky mound of cupped, medium green foliage with yellow to creamy white margins. We have a nice one in a display bed so you can see how delightful it is! Pale purple flowers.

‘Tea at Betty’s’

Picture: Hosta Tea at Betty's

Hosta Tea at Betty’s

(?16” ht x 24” w? – $18.00) She’s a sweetie with graceful rippled, satiny green foliage that has light yellow borders; fragrant lavender flowers too! Photo courtesy Naylor Creek Hostas.

‘Teacher’s Pride’

Picture: Hosta Teacher's Pride

Hosta Teacher’s Pride

(?18” ht x 36” w? – $20.00) This sport of ‘Halcyon’ reportedly acts like ‘Guardian Angel’—has foliage constantly morphing from bluish to greenish with highlights of white. Very interesting, different, and entertaining (and limited)!

‘Tears of Joy’

(mini – $13.00) This little gem reminds you of a miniature ‘Praying Hands’ with medium green lance shaped foliage that folds…adorable! A sport of ‘Tiny Tears,’ it has itsy little purple flowers too!


Picture: Hosta Teatime

Hosta Teatime

(16” ht x 32” w – $17.00) A sport of ‘English Sunrise’ with very sturdy and thick blue-green foliage (turning to dark green) with yellow edges. Seems to always look great! Pale lavender flowers. Photo courtesy Q & Z Nursery.


Picture: Hosta Teaspoon

Hosta Teaspoon

(11”h x 24” w – $10.00) This new cutie has roundish, cupped corrugated leaves of green and forms a dense, very distinctive little mound and has pale lavender flowers in July.

‘Teeny Weeny Bikini’

(Mini – $16.00) We ALL need one of these, and it always fits just right ( in the Hosta bed that is!) An enchanting mini with somewhat shiny pointed leaves that are pale yellow with green streaky margins. Loads of Awwww factor! Dark purple flowers.

‘Templar Gold’

Picture: Hosta Templar Gold

Hosta Templar Gold

(12” ht x 30” w – $17.00) This one has almost heart shaped foliage that deeply veined, slightly rippled, and BRIGHT gold! AWESOME with ‘Pete’s Dark Satellite’, ‘Lakeside Lollipop’, ‘Potomac Pride’ and ‘Spinach Patch’! Lavender flowers.

This hosta classic was Hosta of the Year in 2000 and is a must-have specimen plant! It is vase-shaped and has huge very thick leaves with dark green centers and gold changing to creamy-white margins. VERY slug resistant and an excellent background plant! Photo courtesy Walters Gardens.


Picture: Hosta Temptation

Hosta Temptation

(?28” ht x 48” w? – $18.00) A sport of ‘Elegans’ that morphs and changes during the season! Starts white-centered with blue margins, develops into light green center and dark green margins….cool! White flowers.

‘The Razor’s Edge’

Picture: Hosta The Razor's Edge

Hosta The Razor’s Edge

(9” ht x 18” w – $16.00) I know, it’s driving me nuts too but it was registered this way, so this is the way we gotta list it! Anyway, despite its funny order, it is a WAY COOL cross of ‘Atom Smasher’ x ‘Hacksaw’ that has long, very wavy green leaves with white backs. The REEEALY cool thing is that it’s an upright grower so you can see the intensely red petioles. A great grower, lavender flowers, and a real cutting edge collector’s hosta! Photo courtesy Walters Gardens.

‘The Shining’

Picture: Hosta The Shining

Hosta The Shining

(18” ht x 38” w – $17.00) The solid yellow counterpart of ‘Cathedral Windows’ with great texture and substance and fragrant pale lavender flowers! (I know, an alphabetizer’s nightmare too!) Photo courtesy Shady Oaks Nursery.

‘Three Sisters’

(16” ht x 40” w – $17.00) This sport of ‘Green Wedge’ has green foliage with nice yellow margins and lavender flowers.


Picture: Hosta Thumbelina

Hosta Thumbelina

(10” ht x 24” w – $12.00) One of the best new hostas, she has small (4” x 3”) medium green leaves with creamy white margins and forms a very attractive low mound—great for your dwarf hosta collection!

‘Thunder Boomer’

918” ht x 38” w – $20.00) A new intro from Bob Solberg, this resounding Hosta has large, bluish, very substantial wavy foliage; keeps its good looks all season! Pale lavender flowers.

‘Tick Tock’

Picture: Hosta Tick Tock

Hosta Tick Tock

(6” ht x 12” w – $13.00) A sport of ‘Gold Drop’ that has bright yellow foliage and a dark green margin. A great grower! Pale lavender flowers. Photo courtesy Shady Oaks Nursery.

‘Tickle Me Pink’

Picture: Hosta Tickle Me Pink

Hosta Tickle Me Pink

(8” ht x 20” w – $20.00) This cross of ‘One Man’s treasure’ and ‘Squash Casserole’ has BRIGHT yellow somewhat rippled foliage that is smooth and shiny and OUTSTANDING red petioles and scapes which open to deep reddish purple flowers. Truly a collector’s plant!!! Photo courtesy Naylor Creek Hostas.


Picture: Hosta Tidewater

Hosta Tidewater

(18” ht x 40” w – $15.00) This one has intensely blue, deeply veined foliage (turns greener in summer); very graceful and flowing! Lavender flowers and a good grower! Photo courtesy Q & Z Nursery.


Picture: Hosta Titanic

Hosta Titanic

(30”+ ht x 72”+ w – $17.00) Another ‘Sum & Substance’ sport that make a REAL statement in the garden! At maturity has HUGE (14 ½” x 13”) dark green foliage with a wide golden margin; THIS one is unsinkable! Not ready to sail until late summer!

‘Tokudama Aureonebulosa’

Picture: Hosta Tokudama Aureonebulosa

Hosta Tokudama Aureonebulosa

(15” ht x 40” w – $20.00) A must-have hosta, its only drawback is its SLOOOOW growth rate! We’ve let it cook a little longer here so that you’ll get a little head start—it really is fantastic and an eye-catcher with heavily corrugated, intensely-colored foliage of a mix of gold, chartreuse, blue and green with a blue-green margin. This hosta just gets better as it ages! Near-white flowers are produced in mid-June through July. Photo courtesy Shady Oaks Nursery.

‘Tokudama Flavocircinalis’

Picture: Hosta Tokudama Flavacircinalis

Hosta Tokudama Flavacircinalis

(18” ht x 40” w – $11.00) Downsized version of ‘Francis Williams’, a great foil to ‘Gold Standard’. Thick, corrugated leaves, slug resistant. Photo courtesy Naylor Creek Hostas.

‘Tongue Twister’

Picture: Hosta Tongue Twister

Hosta Tongue Twister

(8” ht x 12” w – $20.00) This vigorous and fresh hosta has shiny dark green foliage that twists upwards and outwards forming an open mound. Distinctive and limited!!!

‘Tonoko Tachi’

Picture: Hosta Tonoko Tachi

Hosta Tonoko Tachi

(19” ht x 30” w –  $17.00) A rectifolia type that will take quite a bit of sun, he has very shiny and waxy green wavy foliage with white undersides. Grows in the wild on the Japanese island of Honshu (wouldn’t THAT be a cool sight….maybe some day!) Known also as H. rectifolia pruinosa; purple flowers. Photo courtesy Q & Z Nursery.

‘Tootie May’

Picture: Hosta Tootie May

Hosta Tootie May

(??15” ht x 25” w?? – $22.00) The name makes you smile and so will the Hosta! A sport of ‘Tokudama Flavocircinalis’, with blue-green centered foliage and yellow margins; great substance! VERY rare and limited; near white flowers.


Picture: Hosta Tortifrons

Hosta Tortifrons

(5” ht x 6” w – $13.00) Another little oddity with glossy green leaves that are twisted …a really bad hair day! You want something REALLY different, here it is! Photo courtesy Naylor Creek Hostas.

‘Totally Twisted’

Picture: Hosta Totally Twisted

Hosta Totally Twisted

(14” ht x 18” w – $18.00) This bizarro creature has soft green leaves with white backs, red petioles, and a twisted and wild growth habit! Some of its leaves twist at the edges, others at the midpoint so nothing is uniform; often develops  yellow flecks and speckles. Likes some sun (morning) and has fertile seed pods. VERY, VERY LIMITED collector’s hosta!

‘Touch of Class’

Picture: Hosta Touch of Class

Hosta Touch of Class

(16”h x 30” w  – $20.00) A sport of ‘June’ with blue green leaves with yellow-gold centers of a very heavy substance. Lavender flowers in July. A Contrary Mary Top 10 pick!

‘Toy Soldier’

Picture: Hosta Toy Soldier

Hosta Toy Soldier

(10” ht x 18” w – $13.00) A rare hosta with grea

t substance and a light edge and lavender flowers in July…another for the collector! Photo courtesy Naylor Creek Hostas.


(20” ht x 40” w – $12.00) A Tokudama ‘Aureonebulosa’ sport that emerges chartreuse, then really turns a deep yellow. Likes morning sun, has intense corrugation, is a fantastic grower, and has white flowers!


Picture: Hosta Tremors

Hosta Tremors

(14” ht x 20” w –  $14.00) A very “moving” hosta with medium green foliage that juts out in all direction and folds and twists but ends up forming a neat dense clump. Lavender flowers. Photo courtesy Walters Gardens.

‘Tropical Storm’

Picture: Hosta Tropical Storm

Hosta Tropical Storm

(9” ht x 16” w – $20.00) This INCREDIBLE sport of ‘Rainforest Sunrise’ (one of my faves!) is the reverse of its parent with dark green leaf centers and bright yellow margins. The nearly round foliage has great pebbling and forms a dense eye-catching mound. Pair her with ‘Rainforest Sunrise’ and ‘Maui Buttercups’ for unbelievable contrasts! Photo courtesy Walters Gardens.


Picture: Hosta Twilight

Hosta Twilight

(20” ht x 30” w – $12.00) This one has very vivid coloration and catches your eye while still in the pot! Wide, dark green center streaks into the chartreuse edges; great substance and deep veination. Photo courtesy Walters Gardens.

‘Twilight Time’

(7” ht x 24” – $14.00) A ‘Spritzer’ type with very rippled blue leaves and pale lavender flowers.

‘Tyler’s Treasure’

(24” ht x 40” w – $13.00) A sport of ‘Piedmont Gold’ with a very dark green center and bright gold margin….very thick venation and good substance. It has white flowers and would appreciate morning sun for best coloration.


Picture: Hosta UFO

Hosta UFO

(?22” h x ? –  $22.00) ‘UFO’ is a weird and different hosta with rounded foliage that is dark green with a narrow yellow border. It then morphs into an enigmatic yellowy-greeny color (like ‘Gunther’s Prize’ without the mottling?!) Far out and limited in this galaxy! Lavender flowers?


(22” ht x 24” w –  $14.00) That’s what you are…oops, sorry! (Now it’s in your head too!) Anyway, this beaut has round very dark green foliage that is slightly cupped with golden yellow margins. It is vase shaped and has lavender flowers…memorable!


Picture: Hosta Uprising

Hosta Uprising

(??20” ht x 32” w??? – $16.00) This sport of ‘Rising Sun’ has awesome substance just like his mama (and I ADORE his mama!) Dark green, highly textured foliage has a yellow border; lavender flowers. Photo courtes

y Naylor Creek Hostas.

‘Valley’s Chute the Chute’

Picture: Hosta Valley's Chute the Chute

Hosta Valley’s Chute the Chute

(7” ht x 10” w – $14.00) This hosta has a very unique growing habit in that it lays almost flat to the ground! Foliage is pointed, wavy and starts a light, almost bronzy yellow changing to apple green. Likes morning sun and has lavender flowers. Very limited!

‘Valley’s Glacier’

(15” h x 30” w – $14.00) ‘Valley’s Glacier’ is a sport of ‘First Frost’ (one of MY personal faves!) with extremely thick, frosty blue foliage that has wide creamy margins. Cool and refreshing and great with yellow forms like ‘Lettuce Salad,’ ‘Madam,’ and/or ‘Fat Cat.’ Pale lavender flowers.

‘Valley’s Vanilla Sticks’

Picture: Hosta Valley's Vanilla Sticks

Hosta Valley’s Vanilla Sticks

(10” ht x 12” w – $14.00) This one has light blue foliage held upright to show off its purple spotted petioles and flower scapes! Tight grower; lavender flowers. Photo courtesy Naylor Creek Hostas.

‘Vanilla Cream’

(94” ht x 10” w – $7.00) A great teeny-weeny with heart shaped leaves that are a very odd color—kind of a cross between yellow, parchment, and almost a light olive. A definite Contrary kind of hosta!


Picture: Hosta Victor

Hosta Victor

(?14” hts x 28” w? – $30.00) A VERY unusual sport of ‘Whirlwind’ with very glossy, very deep green foliage that has a streaky yellow lightning bolt in the center. MUST have bright light/morning sun for coloration, so site him appropriately…..VERY LIMITED! Photo courtesy Naylor Creek Hostas.


Picture: Hosta Victory

Hosta Victory

(32-38” ht x up to 80” w!!!  $18.00) (WOWZERS! A true giant, this sport of ‘Elatior’ will NOT be ignored! An OUTSTANDING Hosta, it is vase shaped and has shiny, HUGE (up to 17½” x 13”) variegated foliage (dark green center and creamy margin). I’m afraid it is a necessity for all good Hosta Collectors! Near white flowers on SIX FOOT scapes! Photo courtesy Q & Z Nursery.

‘Virginia Reel’

Picture: Hosta Virginia Reel

Hosta Virginia Reel

(8” ht x 12” w – $18.00) You will dance with joy for this showy, refined Hosta that has pointed elongated blue foliage with distinctive yellow margins; a great contrast for rounded minis! (photo courtesy Walters Gardens)


(8” ht x 15” w – $24.00) This one intrigued me from the very start….looks awesome in a pot or in the garden! VERY thick and distinguished green edged Hosta that makes a full small mound. VERY limited; pale lavender flowers.

‘Waiting in Vein’

Picture: Hosta Waiting in Vein

Hosta Waiting in Vein

(18” ht x 40” w – $20.00) This one is REALLY eye-catching with bright gold foliage that has distinctive veining (coloration better with bright light or a couple hours of morning sun). A Collector’s “gotta-have” for sure! Photo courtesy Q & Z Nursery.

‘Warwick Comet’

Picture: Hosta Warwick Comet

Hosta Warwick Comet

(14” ht x 28” w –  $18.00) A very flashy hosta with cup shaped, very textured foliage that has a white center that streaks down the leaf petiole and a very dark green margin. Destined to be on Contrary Mary’s top ten hostas! Pale lavender flowers.


(?15” h x ? – $22.00) ‘Wheee’ is a truly remarkable plant, with curly, twisty, writhing foliage that is mint green with cream edges. It will have you squealing with joy! VERY, VERY, VERY limited and NOT AVAILABLE UNTIL LATE SUMMER!!! Don’t wait to order it though, ‘cause it definitely won’t stick around long! Lavender flowers.


Picture: Hosta Whirlwind

Hosta Whirlwind

(8” ht width 20” –  $12.00) A great classic that has streaky white center and a very dark green margin…yet another “gotta-have”! Photo courtesy Walters Gardens.

‘Whirlwind Tour’

Picture: Hosta Whirlwind Tour

Hosta Whirlwind Tour

(17” ht x 28” w – $15.00) This sport of ‘Whirlwind’ has dark green margins  with its centers starting light green and turning creamy white in summer. Forms a wavy and unruly mound and is distinctive like its parent! Photo courtesy


Picture: Hosta Winsome

Hosta Winsome

(8”h x 24” w  – $12.00) Another new mini tha

t forms a dwarf-sized mound of white margined foliage with lavender flowers in July. Photo courtesy Q and Z Nursery.

‘Winter Snow’

Picture: Hosta Winter Snow

Hosta Winter Snow

(36” ht x 80” w – $18.00) Looking for a biggie? Look no further! This ‘Sum & Substance’ sport has chartreuse foliage with white edge; mature leaves can measure 16” x 12½” !!! Now if THAT’S not impressive, I don’t know what is! Great contrast and immense presence makes this a “gotta-have”!

‘Wishing Well’

Picture: Hosta Wishing Well

Hosta Wishing Well

(24” ht x36” w – $22.00) This large, VERY blue Hosta exhibits lots of upward cupping and has scads of substance; can take more sun than other blues and still stays lovely! Near white flowers. Photo courtesy Walters Gardens.


Picture: Hosta Wolverine

Hosta Wolverine

(18” ht x 34” w – $11.00) Long, spear-shaped leaves that are blue-green with a creamy margin; very eye-catching mound! Check out the photo of ours in the display bed! Photo courtesy Walters Gardens.


Picture: Hosta Wonderland

Hosta Wonderland

(8” ht x 16” w – $18.00) This little munchkin has little dark green foliage with perky chartreuse edges; lovely purple flowers compliment the small mound!

‘Woop Woop’

Picture: Hosta Woop Woop

Hosta Woop Woop

(13” ht x 20” w? – $24.00) This is one unique Hosta that goes with its name! You’ll be “wooping” with joy when you see this rare and unusual sport of ‘Pathfinder’. It has thick green foliage that has a creamy white center that continues down the petiole. If that wasn’t weird enough, the leaves twist at the end and the white goes all the way to the tip! Need I say this is VERY limited?! Photo courtesy Naylor Creek Hostas.

‘Worldly Treasure’

Picture: Hosta Worldly Treasure

Hosta Worldly Treasure

(12” ht x 18” w – $15.00) This robust Hosta has cupped, rounded, medium green foliage and forms a tidy mound; cute! Photo courtesy Q & Z Nursery.


Picture: Hosta X-Rated

Hosta X-Rated

(4” ht x 15” w – $18.00) A BRAND SPANKIN NEW hosta with a striking white center and heavily rippled green margins—a good grower and good substance. Good companion for ‘Cheatin Heart’ and ‘Striptease’ perhaps?!


Picture: Hosta X-Ray

Hosta X-Ray

(8” ht x 15” w – $18.00) ANOTHER BRAND NEWBIE with misted green and white foliage in spring that turns light green in summer and has a heavily-rippled green margin. Great grower and has tall flower scapes with bright purple flowers in August.

‘Yellow Polka Dot Bikini’

Picture: Hosta Yellow Polka Dot Bikini

Hosta Yellow Polka Dot Bikini

(9” ht x 15” w – $24.00) This charmer is a sport of ‘Striptease’ that has bright yellow borders in spring (eventually turning apple green), a dark leaf center, with a thin white line separating them. The whole plant twists and cups early, then flattens out somewhat later. This magnificent creature is definitely a “gotta-have” (after all, who WOULDN’T want a yellow polka dot bikini?!) In oh so limited quantities, ya better act FAST! Photo courtesy Naylor Creek Hostas.

‘Zebra Stripes’

Picture: Hosta Zebra Stripes

Hosta Zebra Stripes

(12” ht x 28” w – $20.00) A wild and wacky creature that comes up white, then develops green veining, then turns a textured green by late summer…..a Collector’s dream!!! Photo courtesy Q & Z Nursery.

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