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WoooHoooo ……Can ya believe it, Spring is oh so close to Sprunging and our Opening Day for the 2024 season is Friday, April 26,2024!!! I can HARDLY wait to see all of my Plantheads and share some of our gardening stories from last year. I’m always looking for feedback on how my babies did in their new homes (hopefully they behaved and flourished!). Also, I HIGHLY encourage everyone to pre-order , as although I grow many many varieties (some might say a tad over the top and too many), I do not grow huge numbers of all of the varieties. Feel free to email, call or text your orders at (815)521-9535. If you are looking for suggestions I of course can give you many! PLEASE REMEMBER THAT NOT EVERYTHING WILL BE READY FOR “ADOPTION” AT THE SAME TIME! MANY OF THE PLANTS WILL NOT BE BIG ENOUGH TO GO TO THEIR NEW HOMES UNTIL AFTER MAY 1ST…..THE GROUND WILL NOT BE WARM ENOUGH FOR THE BABIES TO FLOURISH AND THERE IS ALWAYS A POSSIBILITY OF FROST UNTIL AT LEAST MID-MAY!!!!!!!!!

WARNING……..TEASER AHEAD………I am also going to be growing a VERY limited amount of exotic and tropical annuals, tons of herbs and pollinator attractors, and of course our extensive offering of Heirloom, open pollinated, organically grown (not certified) tomatoes, peppers, and other yummy veggies. MORE TO COME SO PLEASE STAY TUNED AND CHECK BACK OFTEN!!!!!!!!

Our hours will be as follows (please note we are CLOSED both Mondays and Tuesdays):

Hours of Operation




I just wanted to showcase these Microtomatoes and rave about how mahhhhhhvelous they are! I have been growing them for a few years now and they are becoming some of my absolute FAVES (dare I say like little Shelties in a pot, that’s how adorable and outstanding they are!). Look, just look at the gobs and gobs of fruit they produce on wee little munchkin plants! And they are not just adorable, they taste as splendid as they look! Mine produce from mid June to frost with sometimes a slight pause for breath when it gets super hot (just a week or so). Just make sure you have a container that has holes in it and you put a goodly amount of Tomatotone and Worm Castings incorporated in the soil. I also site mine where they have a tad of shade during the hottest part of the day. There is absolutely NO EXCUSE why EVERYONE can’t grow at least one of these Tomato Machines! I double-dog dare ya!!! All of the feedback that I’ve gotten has been positive. And I’m trying many more varieties this year, so hopefully I won’t sell out like I’ve done the last few years and everyone will get a chance to try these Little Wonders!

And please remember….if you are coming for anything special, CALL OR EMAIL FIRST!!!!!!!!!! Just because it is listed on the website does not mean it is currently available. WE DO SELL OUT AND I DON’T WANT YOU TO BE DISAPPOINTED!

In the meantime, check out our ANNUALS 2024 page, TOMATO page (over 100 varieties available….I know, a wee bit over the top, plus I finally updated my new top ten-ish list), PEPPER page, our egg-celent EGGPLANT page, our Mountains of Marvelous MELON page (with a new introduction), our Gobs of Crispy and Quirky CUKES page, our Herds of Handy HERBS page, our Sassy and Stupendous SQUASH/ZUCCHINI page, and our miscellaneous (but of course “gotta-have”) OTHER VEGGIESpage.

I am soooooo looking forward to hearing from and seeing (safely) my precious Plantheads! PLEASE take care of yourselves, and remember to be extra kind. We so very much appreciate and are grateful for your support and patronage. Chins Up, Trowels Out, and Smiles On….Stay Safe and Think Green!!!

2024 Summary:

Our opening day for the season is Friday April 26, 2024



9:00 am to 5:00pm (CLOSED Mondays and Tuesdays).

Appointments CAN be made outside our normal opening hours.

You can place a text or phone order at (815) 521-9535 or,
order via email [email protected]

Order pickups can still be arranged even when we are open for walk-ins.

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