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2021 Annuals/Perennials Availability

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The following are plants I expect to have available for pre-order/pickup for 2021. Please feel free to call me at (815) 521-9535 or email me at to place your order and pre-pay for pickup, or, if you have any questions! Don’t forget to take a look at our newly created CUCUMBER page, SQUASH page, and EGGPLANT page; and of course, our ever-popular TOMATO page and Pepper page!!!

Just a caveat….not all plants will be ready/available at the same time, and of course we do have limited quantities (ya snooze, you looze!). Keep safe and keep thinin’ sping!


Petunias (4 1/2″ pots $4.95 each)

Amore Heart and Soulmounding/trailing, yellow petals and purple hearts
Crazytunia Blackberry Jammounding compact, huge flowers dark purple, bicolor pink and white. Every bloom unique!
Crazytunia Black Mambathe BEST black petunia!
Hippy Chick Violet
Cascadia Indian Summertrailing, flower color ranges from orange to salmon to pink
Mainstage Glacier Skymounding, with HUGE blooms that are deep blue with white stars and white picotee edges
Superhero Fiona Flash
Superhero Miss Marvelous
Superhero Suzy Storm

Coleus (4 1/2 ” pots $4.95 each)

Maaahvelous Coleus for sun AND shade!

Chocolate Covered Cherrycompact, only 12″ tall!
Le Freakshaggy, textured and unusual!
Jupitermedium upright, out of this world!
Kingswood TorchBIG Bold and Bodacious
Mainstreet Alligator AlleyBushy and Compact with teeth
Mainstreet Sunset Boulevard
Mainstreet Wall Streetmedium upright and stunning
Stained Glassworks Golden Gate
Wild Limemedium, upright, and glowing

Other Annuals

(Individual Pots)

Canna Cannova Bronze Scarlet$ 6.95
Cardinal Vine   $ 5.95  –  a “Gotta-have” for hummers!
Dorotheanthus Mezoo Ted   $ 5.95
Pilea Baby Tears $ 5.95 – bright light/shade
Pilea Red Stem$ 5.95 – bright light/shade
Rex Begonia Fireworks $ 6.95  (4″ Pot)
Rex Begonia Misty Island$ 6.95  (4″ Pot)
Salvia Black & Blue$ 5.95   –  a MUST for hummingbirds!
Sedum Ogon $ 5.95
Zinnia Envy$ 5.95 – These unusual Zinnias will compliment any colors! Chartreuse to green, with both double and semi double flowers that are 4″ across, she stands about 30″ tall and beckons pollinators to your garden!
Zinnia Polar Bear$ 5.95 – 30-36″ tall – Icy white huge blooms with hints of green. Attracts pollinators including hummers like crazy!


We have a limited amount of other varieties also.

Chick Charms Cherry Berry$ 6.95
Chick Charms Cotton Candy$ 6.95
Chick Charms Cinnamon Starburst$ 6.95
Chick Charms Cosmic Candy           $ 6.95
Sedum Firestorm $ 7.95
Echevaria Topsy Turvey $ 7.95
Echevaria Perle VonNurnberg$ 7.95
Pepporomia terreyrae $ 7.95
Pachyphytum bracteosum$ 7.95
Crassula lycopodiodes$ 7.95
Sedum Carnicolor $ 7.95


The following herbs will be available in 3 1/2″ pots for $4.95. I may have them in other sizes too! Feel free to ask. I may also have other herbs available, so if you don’t see what you are looking for, just ask (ya never know WHAT else I may have up my sleeve!)

  • Basil Large Leaf
  • Basil Siam Queen
  • Basil Lemon
  • Basil Genevive
  • Dill Fern Leaf
  • Rosemary
  • Thyme Lemon
  • Parsley Curled
  • Parsley Flat
  • Chives

Other Veggies

  • Kohlrabi   4 pack/$4.95
  • Celery (A Contrary FAVE …. MUST try!!!)   4 pack/$4.95
  • Brussel Sprouts   4 pack/$4.95
  • Lettuce — I possibly will have several varieties … please call or email in May if interested!
  • Okra Red Burgundy  4 pack/$4.95  (possibly will have … needs a warm soil so not ready until at least Mid-May)
  • Strawberry Tristan – A Gotta-have!!!  4 1/2″ pot $5.95


The following Peonies will be available in pots for the spring and can safely be planted now! Remember, Peonies can only safely be dug UP in the fall!

  • Peony Burma Midnight
  • Peony Coral Charm
  • Peony Miss Congeniality

Hemerocallis (Daylillies)

The following are NEW Darling Dramatic Daylilies! Many others that are on my DAYLILLY PAGE are also available now.

Daylily Angel in Disguise$10.95    25″ Early/rebloommer, Very fragrant, 6″ lavender pink blooms with green throat, very textured!
Daylily Charlie’s Dream$12.95   30″ late, FANTASTIC and jaw-dropping, he has 6″ apricot pink blooms with yellow crimping
Daylily Grandmother $10.95   32″ mid/rebloomer, VERY fragrant, with 6 1/2″ pink very ruffles blooms!
Daylily Old Time Rock N’ Roll$10.95   30″ mid/late, A STANDOUT red with green throat will have ya singin’!
Daylily Royal Lace Sampler$10.95   30″ mid/rebloomer, Very fancy deep purple with white ruffled edges…she has her party dress on!

Other Perennials

Hardworking Honeybee on Asclepias
Hardworking Honeybee on Asclepias
Asclepias Cinderella $ 10.95  A necessary Milkweed for butterflies!
Asclepias Tuberose$ 10.95  Another Gotta-Have Milkweed for butterflies!
Calamintha Montrose White$ 10.95  Ever-blooming!
Coreopsis Early Sunrise$10.95 Another butterfly magnet, ever-blooming!
Echinacea Atomic Orange$ 12.95  16″ GLOWING orange!
Echinacea Green Twister$ 12.95  24″ Truly Contrary and unusual!
Echinacea Sombrero Lemon Yellow$ 12.95  18″ Showy yellow!
Heuchera Grape Expectations$ 13.95 A STUNNER for the shady garden!

Hibiscus Midnight Marvel
$ 19.95  Hardy Hibiscus with HUGE red blooms and dark foliage; blooms July to September and attracts hummingbirds. Truly Show-stopping!
Hibiscus Starry Starry Night$ 19.95  Tie-Dye pinks and white flowers with dark foilage….another remarkable Gotta-have!
Kalimeris Blue Star
$ 10.95  NO garden is complete without this beauty! Small blue flowers bloom almost continuously!!! Attracts butterflies, hummers, and pollinators.
Polemonium Touch of Class$ 12.95  A beacon in the shade!
Sedum Atlantis$ 10.95  Paradise found!
Stachys minima$ 10.95  A wee bloomin’ machine!