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Cucumbers are some of my FAVORITE veggies and they are oh so easy to grow! I have become quite the cuke connoisseur as, believe it or not, they all have their own distinctive flavors and nuances. Currently, the Japanese and Chinese varieties are my favorites as they REALLY have cucumbery flavor….strong, crisp, and fresh tasting….the REAL taste of summer!

Cucumbers yummy! (my pic)
Cucumbers yummy! (my pic)

Most people think that cukes need to be grown in full sun….au contraire, I find that they do MUCH better with just morning sun or just evening sun or just a bright light! If they get TOO much sun they can get burnt and bitter! They do adore extra worm castings incorporated when you plant them.

Cucumber Chicago Pickling (courtesy Baker creek)

How does a cucumber become a pickle?
It goes through a jarring experience.

Cucumber ‘Armenian’

(AKA Snake Melon)

Vining 4″ Pot (50-70 days) This striking Eastern European heirloom produces distinctive light green fruits best eaten when 12-18” long; tender and yummy! Botanically it is a melon but it tastes tender and crisp and like a cucumber! When trellised it will grow straight, otherwise it will curl.


Cucumber ‘Beit Alpha’

Cucumber Beit Alpha (courtesy Baker Creek)

(55 days)- A VERY early variety from Israel that is burpless, crunchy, and oh-so-very productive! As it is also a parthenocarpic (doesn’t require fertilization/pollinators) variety, can also be grown in a greenhouse! Photo courtesy Baker Creek.

Cucumber ‘Bush Crop’

Cucumber Chicago Pickling (courtesy Baker creek)

 (55 days)- Well ya KNOW this one does well here! It has been around since 1888 and is disease resistant and highly productive! Photo courtesy Baker Creek.

Cucumber ‘China Jade’

Cucumber China jade (top) and Early Russian (my pic)

 (65 days)- Thought to have been around since the Han Dynasty in 266 (!!!), this one produces very long and slender burpless cukes; it is also parthenocarpic!


Cucumber ‘Dar’

Cucumber Dar (customer Chris)

(60 days)- From Poland, this one is a favorite of my customers that want a versatile cuke for both pickling and fresh eating. She also is great for small spaces/containers as her vines only get to be about 18” long. She’s also Downey Mildew tolerant, and her fruit holds very well on the plant! Photo from customer Chris.



Cucumber ‘Diva’

Vining 4″ Pot (58 days) This hybrid was the 2002 AAS winner, so ya know it’s awesome! A quintessential seedless and burpless cuke, they are best harvested at 4-8”. Ideal fresh eater/slicer! Photo courtesy Totally Tomatoes.



Cucumber ‘Dragon’s Egg’

Vining 4″ Pot Doesn’t this just SOUND like a Contrary veggie?! A unique AND yummy cuke that kids will ADORE, it is creamy white and the size of a large egg—sweet tasting and mild! An heirloom from Croatia, and VERY limited!

Photo courtesy Baker Creek.


Cucumber ‘Early Fortune’

Cucumber Early Fortune

(55 days)- AKA Special Dark Green, this slicing cuke grows to about 7-8” long and only 2” in diameter. Around since about 1906, he is very dependable and rarely bitter!



Cucumber ‘Early Russian’


Cucumber Early Russian (my pic) excellent

  (55 days)- Around since about 1854, this early producer is excellent for both pickling AND fresh eating as it produces tons of fruit starting early and continuing for the whole season! After trying Early Russian for the first time in 2020, we have decided that he is a MUST GROW! Crispy, very prolific, few seeds….what’s not to love!

Cucumber ‘Early Spring Burpless’

Vining 4″ Pot (58 days) A delicious hybrid with 10-12” burpless, bitter-free fruits; no need to even peel! Early and a heavy yielder. (photo courtesy Totally Tomatoes)


Cucumber ‘Mexican Gherkin’

Cucumber Mexican Gherkin (from customer Deb)

(70 days)- This absolutely adorable creature is a MUST TRY!!!! Just look at the picture—-they look like tiny little fairy watermelons, and when ripe taste zingy and lemony and like they have already been pickled! VERY addicting to eat while you are toiling away in the garden and they are VERY nutritious (ancient Aztecs made the cucamelons a big part of their diets).

I grew mine in my Veg Trug on my back patio, trellised, and my Sheltie Finnegan figured out how to oh so carefully stretch himself to reach them to pick. It was a daily struggle to get my share (good thing they produce like crazy!!!) I will ALWAYS grow these little marvels! Photo from customer Deb.


Cucumber ‘Miniature White’

Cucumber Mini White


Bush-Like various (50 days) An EXCELLENT bush-type baby cuke, adorable and delicious! Great as a pickler or fresh eater, very productive, and can even be grown in containers! Did I mention how cute it is too?!



Cucumber ‘Muncher

Cucumber Muncher

Vining Various (60 days) A Burpless tender variety that you can pickle with (pick when 4-6” long) or us as a fresh eater (pick at 6-8” long). Great producer, non-bitter! (photo courtesy Baker Creek)


 Cucumber ‘Poona Kheera’

Cucumber Poona Kheera (courtesy Baker Creek)


(60 days)- This variety from India is sweet and mild and is very popular juiced or fresh as a treat to beat the heat! Skin turns brown as it ripens; very productive.

Photo courtesy of Baker Creek.



Cucumber ‘Sikkim’ 

Vining 3.5″ Pot Geography lesson—do ya know where Sikkim is?! I didn’t, but do now; it is on the slopes of the Himalayas, between India and Tibet. This odd creature was first discovered in 1848 by Sir Joseph Hooker (you know, the English Botanist!). This one can reach several pounds in size, and is a pretty rusty red. It is great eaten raw OR cooked (yes, in Asia cukes are often stir fried….try it, ya know I will!) VERY unique and a conversation starter; as yummy as it is weird looking!

Photo courtesy of Baker Creek.


Cucumber ‘Snow’s Fancy Pickling’ 


Vining 3 1/2″ Pot (55 days) This one is actually from the Famous Snow Pickle Farm in Rockford, Illinois! (o.k., so it WAS famous in 1905!) Produces longish skinny fruits (5” x 1½”), thin fleshed and crunchy.


Cucumber ‘Suyo Long’

Vining Various (65 days) This is hands-down my absolute FAVORITE cuke EVER! Produces long skinny fruits in abundance that have a very rich taste (no blandness or bitterness!). I would advise peeling them as they have lots of spiny bumps, but you will thank me for recommending this one!

What did the pickle say to the cucumber?
Come on in the water’s brine!