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Ahhhhh Eggplants…..glorious creatures and with such versatility! They compliment anything you put them with, and are also a nutrition-dense food meaning that they contain lotsa vitamins, minerals, and fiber but few calories. They are also high in anti-oxidants, and help with blood sugar control. And did I mention how STUNNINGLY gorgeous they are? The leaves are velvety, soft, and dark green, and their flowers can range from a very pale lavender/white to a deep bright purple. And the fruits—-just look at the pictures below! How much more ornamental can ya get??!!!

All varieties grow extremely well, whether in a garden bed or in a medium-sized container. Just don’t forget to use organic material and worm castings! They like the sun, but can definitely grow and flourish in just morning sun/partial sun. Now ya KNOW ya just gotta try at LEAST one……

Eggplant ‘Casper’

Picture: Eggplant Casper

Eggplant Casper

(24” ht – 75 days – $4.95) A beautiful AND  tasty Eggplant, this one has medium sized ghostly-white fruit in abundance! (photo courtesy Baker Creek)




Eggplant ‘Japanese White Egg’

Picture: Japanese White Egg

Japanese White Egg

(24” ht – 65 days – $4.95) A word about eggplants….the plants themselves are VERY ornamental, having velvety foliage and showy purplish-white blooms. That being said, this one is doubly adorable as it produces 2-3” round white fruits that are rich and not at all bitter! Pick them before they turn yellow; heavy yielders! (photo courtesy Baker Creek)



Eggplant ‘Kamo’

Eggplant Kamo (courtesy Bunny Hop Seeds)

Eggplant Kamo (courtesy Bunny Hop Seeds)

(75 days  – $4.95)- This is thought of as the BEST gourmet Eggplant in Japan (high praise indeed!), and produces satiny deep purple globes with flesh that is creamy and mild. Can’t wait to try her!



Eggplant ‘Little Fingers’

Eggplant Little Fingers (courtesy Baker Creek)

Eggplant Little Fingers (courtesy Baker Creek)


(65 days  – $4.95)- I have grown this adorable little eggplant for a few years and keep forgetting to take pictures and put her on my website! She produces lots of small, long, purple (almost black) eggplants on very compact plants. PERFECT in containers, and can be harvested when just finger sized!



Eggplant ‘Nagasaki Long’

Eggplant Nagasaki Long (courtesy Baker Creek)

Eggplant Nagasaki Long (courtesy Baker Creek)


(75 days  – $4.95)- This one has exceptional tolerance to heat and humidity, and produces mild, velvety, slightly nutty tasting extra- long deep purple fruits.



Eggplant ‘Ping Tung’

Eggplant Ping Tung (customer one days harvest)

Eggplant Ping Tung (customer one days harvest)

(75 days  – $4.95)- I LOVE LOVE LOVE this eggplant….probably my favorite that I have tried thus far! I use her in my yummy ratatouille (THE taste of summer!), and in stir-fry’s, and she is a HUMONGOUS producer of stunningly gorgeous long, slender fruits. A gotta-try for sure!!!

Eggplant Ping Ting #2

Eggplant Ping Ting #2




Eggplant ‘Rosa Bianca’

Picture: Eggplant Rosa Bianca

Eggplant Rosa Bianca

 (24” ht – 80 days – $4.95) I can be a tad obsessive, and after discovering Ratatouille last year (I know, where have I been??!) I figured this would be perfect for it! Beautiful marbled pink/violet and white fruits are produced in   abundance; described as “creamy” and holding up very well on the grill (doesn’t fall apart!) A real gourmet treat! (photo courtesy Baker Creek)




Eggplant ‘Shooting Stars’

Eggplant Shooting Stars (courtesy Bunny Hop Seeds)

Eggplant Shooting Stars (courtesy Bunny Hop Seeds)

(70 days  – $4.95)- This one’s a real eye-catcher, with bright purple with white striped tear drop shaped fruits that are tender and mild in taste. Out of this World!



Eggplant ‘Thai Lavender Frog Eggs’

Picture: Eggplant Thai Lavender Frog Eggs

Eggplant Thai Lavender Frog Eggs

(24” ht – 80 days – $4.95) So hold up your hand if you are surprised that Contrary Mary would grow this one….bet no one’s hand is up, right?! How could you resist this darling that bears fruit the size of cherry tomatoes that is lavender and cream. Very high producer too! Even if you don’t like eggplant this one needs to be in a pot on your patio! (photo courtesy Baker Creek)