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A sample of Contrary Mary’s peppers (thanks, Kathy!): Merlot, Golden Treasure, Black Hungarian, and Early Jalapeno

A selection of 2013 peppers: Wrinkled Old Man, Ancho, Black Hungarian, Banana Hungarian wax

Peppers New For 2021

Chaotic Jester

Doux D’Espagne

Liebesapfel (Love Apple)

Yummy Orange


Numex Primevera

Orange Sun

Quadrato Asti Giallo



I’ve really expended my list of Heirloom peppers (I guess I can be a WEE bit obsessive!) There’s something for everyone; from the hottest hotties to the gentlest sweeties! All the peppers do FABULOUS in containers, and most of them do double duty as both useful and beautiful. Go ahead, ya know ya wanna try a bunch…!

Pepper ‘Ancho Gigantica’

Pepper Ancho (Poblano)

Pepper Ancho (Poblano)

24″ ht (85-90 days) – ($5.95) This southwestern heirloom is used for stuffing when fresh and green (called Poblano) or sauces when red and dried (called Ancho). Perfect for Chile rellenos and mole; somewhat sweet but with a bite (about 500-1000 Scovilles!).


Pepper ‘Banana Sweet’

Pepper Banana Sweet

24 ” ht (78 days) – ($5.95) A 6-7” long sweetie that is perfect pickled, stuffed, or fresh….yum!



Pepper ‘Biquino’

Pepper Biquino

Pepper Biquino

Pepper Biquino #2

Pepper Biquino #2

24″ ht. (75 days) – ($5.95) These peppers from Brazil are absolute cuties! The name means “little beak”, and they produce gobs and gobs of bright red and glowing yellow spicy peppers with beaks! I thought they were delicious with just the right amount of heat (about 1000 Scoville Units). They are traditionally pickled, but are so adorable make great ornamentals in a pot also!

Pepper ‘Black Hungarian’

Pepper Black Hungarian

30″ ht (75-80 days) – ($5.95) This gorgeous heirloom produces lots of shiny black fruits that look like Jalapenos; foliage is also ornamental with purple veining. Spicy but not hot with a yummy flavor! Perfect for containers, and ya know I’m gonna have one in a pot for you to envy! Photo courtesy Totally Tomatoes.



Pepper ‘Buena Mulata’

Pepper Buena Mulata

24″ ht (80 days) – ($5.95) A HOT beauty with complex flavors! This rare pepper changes from purple to pink to yellow to orange and finally ends up red; she is gorgeous AND yummy! Great for salsas and Caribbean cooking, and benefits the Dr. William Weaver’s seed saving work in the Roughwood Collection. VERY LIMITED! Photo courtesy customer Joe.


Pepper ‘Bulgarian Carrot’

(AKA Shipkas)

Picture Pepper Maule's Red Hot (top) and Bulgarian Carrot (my pic)

Pepper Maule’s Red Hot (top) and Bulgarian Carrot

18″ ht (70 days) – ($5.95) This oddity was smuggled out through the Iron Curtain (yes I love these Heirloom adventure stories!) and bears clusters of 3 ½” fluorescent orange hot and fruity peppers in copious amounts. I’ve seen the Scoville rating anywhere from 5,000 to 30,000, so your guess is as good as mine; all I know is that they are AWESOME in chutneys, salsas, or roasted (and absolutely adorable too!)



Pepper ‘Bull Nose’

Pepper Bull Nose

24-30″ ht (80 days) – ($5.95) This Heirloom from India was grown by Thomas Jefferson and produces lots of big bell shaped fruits that are sweet with a little kick and are great stuffed, pickled or fresh! Photo courtesy Baker Creek.


Pepper ‘Buran’

Sorry, Not available for 2021

Pepper Buran #2 (my pic)

Pepper Buran #2 (my pic)

24″ ht (80 days) – ($5.95) This Polish Heirloom is extremely productive and very sweet, whether picked green or red! Makes adorable 4” x 3” peppers that are great stuffed or fresh.






Pepper ‘Cabuchile’

Sorry, Not available for 2021

24″ ht (?85 days?) – ($5.95) This one from Mexico produces 3” long thin peppers that are one of the few hot peppers that won’t upset your tummy! Its “burn” fades quickly, with an estimated 6,000 Scovilles (hot but not impossible!), maturing from green to red.


Pepper ‘Canary Bell’

Pepper Canary Bell

24″ ht (70 days) – ($5.95) A pretty sweet bell that ripens to bright canary bird yellow….very thick walls and crisp and produces early and often! Has great resistance to Tobacco Mosaic Virus also. Photo courtesy Baker Creek.


Pepper ‘Chaotic Jester’

Pepper Chaotic Jester (courtesy Heritage Seed Market)

Pepper Chaotic Jester (courtesy Heritage Seed Market)

(85 days) – ($5.95) This beauty is one HHHHHOT Mama, so try her at your peril! I myself will just grow her for her gorgeous, near black stems and deep purple to yellow to fire engine red lantern shaped fruits. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya!!!





Pepper ‘Chinese Five Color’

Pepper Chinese Five Color

24″ ht (78 days) – ($5.95) This VERY hot pepper has been described as looking like “bright Christmas tree lights”….delish AND ornamental! It forms an attractive, bushy plant, with the peppers turning an array of colors from purple, yellow, cream, orange and red. EXCELLENT for salsa! Photo courtesy Baker Creek.


Pepper ‘Chocolate Beauty Bell’

Pepper Chocolate Beauty Bell

Pepper Chocolate Beauty Bell

Sorry, Not available for 2021

30″ ht. (70 days) – ($5.95) A crunchy, sweet, large bell pepper that becomes sweeter when fully ripe (a yummy chocolatey brown color)! Be patient cuz it’s worth it!

Pepper ‘Chocolate Habanero’ 

Pepper Chocolate Habanero

24″ ht (90 days) – ($5.95) We grew this one a couple of years ago and it is one of Contrary Charlie’s faves! It is an EXTREMELY productive producer of smokin’ hot (300,000 Scovilles!!!) beautiful chocolate brown 2” peppers. Use carefully! Photo courtesy Baker Creek.



Pepper ‘Craig’s Grande Jalapeno’

Pepper Craig's Grande Jalapeno

30″ ht (75 – 80 days) – ($5.95) These ones produce BIG honkin’ Jalapenos…. Perfect for stuffing and grilling!




Pepper ‘Datil’ 

Pepper Datil

Pepper Datil

24″ ht (100 days) – ($5.95) A VERY hot habanero relative (chinense species) probably introduced from the Caribbean Islands to St. Augustine Florida. Produces 3½” that ripen to a bright orange-yellow; smokin’ hot like the habaneros but more complex and fruity. Probably around 350,000 Scovilles….WHEW!




Pepper ‘Diamond Bell’

Sorry, Not available for 2021

Pepper Diamond Bell #2 (my pic)

Pepper Diamond Bell #2 (my pic)

24″ ht (75 days) – ($5.95) This is one showy and unusual bell pepper cuz she starts WHITE, then turns to a very pale yellow when fully mature!!! Crunchy, sweet, productive, and enhances your Bell pepper color palette!






Pepper ‘Dieghito Jalapeno’

Pepper Dieghito Jalapeno

Sorry, Not available for 2021

30″ ht. (75 days) – ($5.95) A Jalapeno from Italy that is WAAAAYYYY cool looking! Peppers appear to be etched and have thick flesh that is sweet/spicy with mild heat. Very prolific….can’s wait to try her!




Pepper ‘Doux D’Espagne’

Pepper Doux D'Espagne (courtesy Baker Creek)

Pepper Doux D’Espagne (courtesy Baker Creek)


(75 days) – ($5.95) This Spanish MAMMOTH sweet pepper produces 6-7” long cone shaped fruit in abundance!

Pepper ‘Early Jalapeno’ 

Pepper Early Jalapeno

Compact (60-65 days) – ($5.95) This one produces 3 ½” x 1 ½” sausage shaped fruits in abundance. 10-15 days earlier than regular Jalapenos. It starts deep green and matures to red; we had TONS of them even in 2009 with all the cool and wet weather! Very hot at 25000-30000 Scoville units! Photo courtesy Totally Tomatoes.


Pepper ‘Estanceno Chile’

Pepper Estaceno Chile (top) and Garden Salsa

Pepper Estaceno Chile (top) and Garden Salsa

Sorry, Not available for 2021

24″ ht (80 days) – ($5.95) A northern New Mexico family heirloom that produces 8-10” HOT peppers that are perfect fresh for salsas or dried for chili powder. VERY productive!


Pepper ‘Etuida’ 

Pepper Etuida (my pic)

Pepper Etuida (my pic)

30″ ht (75 days) – ($5.95) Baker Creek describes this one as “one of the best peppers we ever tasted”! A honkin’ big, sweet, juicy, blocky, Polish bell pepper can reach up to a half a pound! Turns a gorgeous tangerine orange. Photo courtesy Baker Creek.


Pepper ‘Fish’ 

Pepper Fish

24″ ht (80 days) – ($5.95) This beauty is an African American heirloom (prior to the 1870’s) that makes an OUTSTANDING ornamental due to its gorgeous foliage and fruit! The foliage is variegated green and white, and the 2-3” slightly curved fruit ranges in color from cream with green stripes to orange with brown stripes to glowing red. Perfect for containers and is traditionally used in Chesapeake Bay to flavor fish dishes or in chutneys served with crab cakes (double yum!) Medium to pretty hot!


Pepper ‘Florina’

24″ ht. (70 days) – ($5.95) My friend Jim brought these pepper seeds back with him from Greece last year, and I forgot to add her to my website! Really crunchy, sweet peppers that are reminiscent of ‘Melrose’, these turn a brilliant scarlet red when fully ripe. Grew her in my veg trug in 2019 and REALLY enjoyed her both fresh and cooked!

Pepper ‘Fooled You’ Jalapeno 

Fooled You Jalapeno

27″ ht (65 days) – ($5.95) A customer brought me one of these plants and they are AWESOME! VERY flavorful but without the heat of regular Jalapenos; perfect for sauces, salsa and stir fry! Photo courtesy Totally Tomatoes.


Pepper ‘Friariello di Napoli’

Picture Pepper Friarello (my pic)

Pepper Friarello

Sorry, Not available for 2021

18″ ht (?75 days?) – ($5.95) This is THE famous frying pepper of Naples, Italy! Produces LOTS of small, cone shaped peppers that are sweet and yummy. Fry ‘em up or pickle ‘em!



Pepper ‘Georgia Flame’ 

Sorry, Not available for 2021

24″ ht (90 days) – ($5.95) An heirloom from the Republic of Georgia that produces tons of 6-8” long crunchy peppers that are perfect for salsa — hot but not overwhelming.

Pepper ‘Grandpa’s Home’

Pepper Grandpa's Home

Pepper Grandpa’s Home

Sorry, Not available for 2021

24″ ht (80 days) – ($5.95) This is a hot pepper that originated in Siberia, so it is great to overwinter indoors as it sets fruit even under low light! Produces pretty hot (reviews range from hot to super hot) 2” bright red peppers that grow upright. Super high yielder too!


Pepper ‘Jalapeno Lemon Spice’


Pepper Jalapeno Lemon Spice #2 (my pic)

Pepper Jalapeno Lemon Spice #2 (my pic)

30″ ht.. (75 days) – ($5.95) An open pollinated created Heirloom intro from New Mexico State University, this one produces BRIGHT lemony-yellow Jalapenos…..imagine this beauty in a salsa or as a yellow hot sauce!



Pepper ‘Jalapeno Orange Spice’

Pepper Jalapeno Orange Spice (my pic)

Pepper Jalapeno Orange Spice (my pic)

30″ ht. (75 days) – ($5.95) Another created New Mex Heirloom; pair her with her sister Lemon Spice for a knockout visual feast for your eyes (and tummy too!). Takes a wee bit of time to color up, but well worth the wait!

Pepper ‘Jigsaw’

Pepper Jigsaw

Pepper Jigsaw

Pepper Jigsaw #2 (my pic)

Pepper Jigsaw #2 (my pic)

30″ ht. (80 days) – ($5.95) This is one GORGEOUS pepper!!! Stunning in flower beds and containers, this lovely dame has her fancy dress on! Tie-dye multi -color foliage compliments orange, striped, and red fruits with heat like a Jalapeno. VAVOOM!





Pepper ‘Jimmy Nardello Italian’

Picture: Pepper Jimmy Nardello Italian

Pepper Jimmy Nardello Italian

4-30″ ht (80 days) – ($5.95) O.K., get ready for a WAY cool Heirloom story… 1897 the Nardello family set sail from Ruoti, Italy to America with some great pepper seeds. They then settled in Naugatuck, Connecticut and continued to grow these peppers that they eventually named for their fourth son Jimmy (wonder why him???) It is a long (10”) thin skinned frying pepper that is so very rich in taste it was placed in ‘The Ark of Taste’ by the Slow Food Organization. Dries very easily and ripens to a rich red. Keep the great tradition going (or should I say “growing”??!) (photo courtesy customer Tim – thanks!)

Pepper ‘King of the North’ 

Pepper King of the North

28″ ht (65-70 days) – ($5.95) We grew this Sweet bell pepper in 2009 and it was AWESOME! It bears huge (6” x 4”) blocky green peppers maturing to red. Excellent for short season areas like ours; VERY prolific producers! Photo courtesy Totally Tomatoes.


Pepper ‘Liebesapfel’ (Love Apple)

Pepper Liebesapfel (courtesy Heritage Seed Market)

Pepper Liebesapfel (courtesy Heritage Seed Market)






Pepper ‘Lipstick’ 

Pepper Lipstick

24″ ht (70 days) – ($5.95) This cutie produces 4” pimento-type peppers that are very sweet, very crunchy, and very productive! Early producer too!



Pepper ‘Mahem’

Pepper Mahem #2 (my pic)

Pepper Mahem #2 (my pic)

24″ ht. (75 days) – ($5.95) A HOT and very rare pepper originally from Togo, this one is PERFECT for pepper vinegar and pepper sauce! Great producer, and maaaahvelous in containers!


Pepper ‘Maule’s Red Hot’

Pepper Maule's Red Hot (top) and Bulgarian Carrot

Pepper Maule’s Red Hot (top) and Bulgarian Carrot

24-30″ ht (80 days) – ($5.95) This hot (how’d ya guess?!) pepper is a long (10”) twisted Cayenne that is great for drying for hot pepper flakes, or just putting lotsa flavor in your hot sauce. Around 30000-50000 Scovilles (too hot for me!); VERY limited!


Pepper ‘McMahon’s Red Bird’

Pepper McMahons Red Bird

(AKA Chiletepin or Bird’s Eye Pepper) 

Sorry, Not available for 2021

30″ ht (90 days) – ($5.95) This heirloom was a gift to Thomas Jefferson in 1812 and is the official pepper of Texas (how’s that for trivia!) It produces 3/8” round green to red fruit that will knock your socks off at 80000 to 100000 Scoville’s (?hotter than a Habanero?!) WHEW…I think I’ll just grow it for the cute factor! Photo courtesy Totally Tomatoes.


 Pepper ‘Melrose’ 

Pepper Melrose

Pepper Melrose and Jilly (my pic)

Pepper Melrose and Jilly (my pic)

24-30″ ht (?65 days?) – ($5.95) OK everyone that’s been asking me to grow it, here it is! A fantastic Italian heirloom frying pepper that bears 4” rich, sweet red peppers early and often! Great fried or fresh.



Pepper ‘Midnight Dreams Bell’

Pepper Midnight Dreams Bell

24″ ht (75 days) – ($5.95) Talk about a stunner both looks and taste-wise, this phenomenal sweet bell turns obsidian-black….talk about a visual pop in your salad! Tastes as great as they look too! Our photo!


Pepper ‘Minibel’

Pepper Mini Bell Mix (courtesy Baker Creek)

Pepper Mini Bell Mix (courtesy Baker Creek)

(68 days) – ($5.95) These wee sweet mini bells produce 2” fruits in a rainbow of red, yellow, and chocolatey purple. They are VERY prolific, sweet, crunchy, and adorable!

Pepper ‘Mira’

Pepper Mira

Pepper Mira

Pepper Mira #2

Pepper Mira #2

Sorry, Not available for 2021

24″ ht. (65 days) – ($5.95) I have grown her for a couple of years and keep forgetting to put her on my site! She is a VERY early Polish Heirloom that produces crunchy, sweet, bullet shaped peppers that start a cream color and mature to orange and then fire engine red! I REALLY love this one! Very Very productive!

Pepper ‘Numex Primevera’

Pepper Numex Primavera (courtesy of Heritage Seed Market)

Pepper Numex Primavera (courtesy of Heritage Seed Market)

(70 days) – ($5.95) This MILD Jalapeno was developed by Numex University to provide the taste/flavor of a Jalapeno with mild heat (about 8500 SHU). The production is OUTSTANDING, about twice as much as regular Jalapenos!



Pepper ‘Orange Sun’

Pepper Orange Sun (courtesy Bunny Hop Seeds)

Pepper Orange Sun (courtesy Bunny Hop Seeds)

(75 days) ($5.95) I ADORE colored Bell Peppers, and this glowing orange creature is simply mahhhhhhvelous!







Pepper ‘Puma’

Pepper Puma

Pepper Puma

Pepper Puma #1 (my pic)

Pepper Puma #1 (my pic)

30″ ht. (80 days) – ($5.95) This is one HOT cat both visually and flavor-wise! These 2.3-3”peppers look like an artist painted them; foliage is black-tinged and stunning also. Beware, though, this cat BITES with Scovilles between 300,000-400,000—Habanero level!!! I will just enjoy mine visually, thank you very much!

Pepper ‘Purple Beauty’

Pepper Purple Beauty #2

Pepper Purple Beauty #1

24″ ht (75 days) – ($5.95) This yummy pepper produces small to medium crisp sweet bell peppers in abundance; an AWESOME color too! Photos courtesy Baker Creek & Totally Tomatoes.


Pepper ‘Quadrato Asti Giallo’

Pepper Quadrato D'Asti Giallo (courtesy Baker Creek)

Pepper Quadrato D’Asti Giallo (courtesy Baker Creek)

(80 days) – ($5.95) A GIANT Italian Heirloom Bell pepper, it produces yellow, thick-walled, juicy and sweet peppers in abundance! Be sure to provide support as he produces TONS of giant peppers.



Pepper ‘Rewia’

Pepper Rewia from customer Judith

Pepper Rewia from customer Judith

(80 days) ($5.95)  I have grown this outstanding Polish Bell Pepper for years but keep forgetting to put her on the site! I love her sweetness, crunchiness, productivity, and bright tangerine color.


Pepper ‘Santa Fe Grande’

Pepper Santa Fe Granda (courtesy Baker Creek)

Pepper Santa Fe Granda (courtesy Baker Creek)

24″ ht. (80 days) – ($5.95) At 500-800 Scovilles, this spicy pepper is perfect for pickles and salsas. A perky, pretty productive pepper!


Pepper ‘Serrano Tampequino’ 

Pepper Serrano Tampequino

36″ ht (75 days) – ($5.95) A hot chile perfect for salsas, it produces 2 ¼” fruit that matures to red. Photo courtesy Totally Tomatoes.



Pepper ‘Sport’

(75 days) – ($5.95) I have had several customers request this one, so here it is! This is the quintessential pepper for Chicago hot dogs, and resembles a small Tabasco pepper (about 1 to 1 ½”). Heat is about 15,000 SHU (and sometimes hotter) and have to be pickled in order to taste like the peppers you put on your dog!

Pepper ‘Sugar Rush Peach’

Pepper Sugar Rush Peach on plant

30″ ht. (80 days) – ($5.95) Another one I keep forgetting to put on my site! I really enjoyed this pepper….it has both a sweet, fruity flavor which then gives way to a smokey, medium hot, slightly zingy flavor. Produces quickly and copiously and is ornamental to boot!

Pepper ‘Sweet Chocolate Bell’

Pepper Sweet Chocolate Bell

Pepper Sweet Chocolate Bell

24″ ht. (75 days) – ($5.95) This medium sized bell is PERFECT to grow in our area as she ripens early and produces lots! Very sweet and crisp, the inside flesh is a beautiful cherry red!

Pepper ‘Sweet Pickle’ 

Pepper Sweet Pickle

Sorry, Not available for 2021

24″ ht (75 days) – ($5.95) This little darling bears UPRIGHT peppers (think bad hair day!) that are red, orange, purple, and yellow. They are 2” long and chunky and adorable….very sweet AND ornamental. Peter Piper for SURE would pick a peck of these pretties to pickle. After having tried this one for the first time in 2014 I think she is one of my most favorite peppers EVER! Crunchy, gorgeous, prolific and OUTSTANDING!!



Pepper ‘Takanotsume’ (Hawk’s Claw)

Pepper Takanotsume on plant

Pepper Takanotsume on plant

Sorry, Not available for 2021

30″ ht.. (80 days) – ($5.95)  This Japanese pepper is so cool looking…. Has talon-shaped upward facing bright red long peppers with quite a bite….between 15000-30000. WAAAYYY too hot for me, I grow him cuz he looks so cool!

Pepper ‘Thunder Mountain’

Pepper Thunder Mountain #2

30″ ht. (85 days) – ($5.95) This longhorn Chile pepper can produce peppers that get over one foot long! A cool, twisty red pepper with Scovilles ranging from 25000-40000. HOT and VERY ornamental!

Pepper ‘Topepo’

Picture Pepper Topepo (my pic)

Pepper Topepo

Sorry, Not available for 2021

18″ ht (80 days?) – ($5.95) This is a pimento-type Italian Heirloom that produces copious amounts of blood red, juicy, sweet and crisp round peppers. Perfect for fresh eating or stuffed!



Pepper ‘Yummy Orange’

Pepper Yummy Orange (courtesy of Bunny Hop Seeds)

Pepper Yummy Orange (courtesy of Bunny Hop Seeds)

(70 days) – ($5.95) This little orange snacking pepper is nearly seedless, so I have very limited quantities! Sweet, crunchy, prolific; her name sez it all! Expect larger fruits at first (3-5” long) and smaller later in the season.






Pepper ‘Violet Sparkles’ 

Pepper Violet Sparkles #2

Pepper Violet Sparkles #1

Sorry, Not available for 2021

24″ ht (75 days) – ($5.95) A sweet cutie that has small torpedo-shaped lavender fruits that have streaks of yellow; a Russian Heirloom that eventually ripens red and is crunchy and yummy. These are pictures of our first fruit in 2015…..she sure is delish (and gorgeous!), crisp and VERY few seeds; she will DEFINITELY always have a place in my garden!


Pepper ‘White Lakes Bell’

Pepper White Lakes Bell

Sorry, Not available for 2021

24″ ht (70 days) – ($5.95) A Russian Heirloom that produces LOTS of pointed bells that start ivory colored and ripen to a screaming brilliant orange; an early producer and fantastic for our area!


Pepper ‘Wrinkled Old Man’ 

Pepper Wrinkled Old Man

(AKA Japanese Shishitou)

24″ ht (80 days) – ($5.95) This Japanese favorite produces 3” shiny light green peppers (and tons of them!) that are normally crisp and mild flavored, although once in a while one will have quite a spicy kick! Perfect for tempura, shish-kebabs, or fried. A great (and easy) suggestion is to fry them in olive oil until they are slightly charred, season them with sea salt and then eat all but the stem! I’m drooling now! Our photo.

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