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As the new rave is for container growing edibles, I thought I’d tempt you with some delicious (and VERY healthy) lettuces. This is just a few of the ones we may have available; come on in to see more! Remember, lettuces and lettuce-like creatures don’t like it hot, so get ‘em early! I’ll have them in various sizes, some in pre-planted containers, and others you can plant yourself (in the ground or in your own container).

Lettuce ‘Devil’s Tongue’

(Romaine – 55 days) This open pollinated variety of Romaine is a real stunner, both in looks and flavor! The new growth is a deep red, maturing to light green to green overlaid in red. Pick ‘em small and tender!

Lettuce ‘Drunken Woman Frizzy Headed’

(Butterhead – 55 days) This Italian Heirloom (and you can BET you wouldn’t want to have been the guy that named this one!) forms 8” bright green leaves with fringey/frizzy bronze edges….bizarre! As delicious as it is unique; also very slow to bolt!

Lettuce ‘Flashy Trout’s Back’ (AKA Forellenschluss)

(Romaine – 55 days) An Austrian Heirloom  with dark green leaves that is freckled in red (my kinda plant!) Yummy and decorative all in one!

Lettuce ‘Little Gem’

(Romaine – 33 days) This adorable Munchkin makes heads that are 4” across…a perfect gourmet treat! Get ‘em before the Garden Fairies do!

Lettuce ‘Mascara’

(Loose Leaf – 48 days) This flirty variety has oak leaf shaped foliage that is VERY dark red, holding its color even when the weather turns hotter! VERY bolt resistant too!

Lettuce ‘Marveille Quartre’(AKA Marvel of Four Seasons)

(Butterhead – 58 days) Ooh, la, la for this French Heirloom dating from 1885! She is marvelous, forming red bib-type rosettes; as with any delicate lady, she does not like hot weather!

Lettuce ‘Tennis Ball’

(Butterhead) This Heirloom was grown by Thomas Jefferson at Monticello; in the 1600 and 1700’s these little cuties were pickled in brine as a delicacy! It forms perfect little 6” light green heads (but tastes MUCH better than real tennis balls!)

Lettuce ‘Tom Thumb’

(Butterhead – 34 days) This diminutive darling produces miniature heads about the size of a baseball. Tolerates warmer weather better (slow to bolt), and perfect for individual salads!

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